Uber has a new free $45 Uber credit promo deal going on right now for new members who sign up using a referral link. Usually, first time members will get a $10 credit towards Uber rides as a “new member deal,” but currently by stacking two promos you can get $45 of free Uber credit.

First, if you sign up now using a referral link, you will receive a $20 Uber credit. This higher sign-up promo became available in December.

If you use my referral link to sign up, I’ll also receive Uber credit: My referral link so thank you in advance if you do use it! If you have one feel free to leave it in the comments for others to use.

After you have signed up and received the initial Uber credit, log back onto your new Uber account and go over to the “Promotions” tab.

Under promo code type in: Hipmunk

The Hipmunk promo is only available to new members and has to be redeemed by May 1, 2014. If you don’t use the promo code by then, you still have the $20 credit you received for signing up.


In case you didn’t know, Uber offers transportation services in major cities all over the world including Bangkok, Sydney, Lima, Rome, Vienna, Bogota and the list goes on. Uber is a great way to save on taxi fares if your traveling in any of the cities they serve, and if you just signed up now you have $45 of free Uber credits for your next trip!

Here’s a full list of all the cities you can get an Uber ride → Uber Cities

Some other things to note about Uber is that while it’s advertised as a phone app booking transportation service, you can still book online. So if you’re traveling and don’t have your phone with you or a phone that can connect to WiFi, you can book through their website.

There are four types of cars you can request when they’re available: a standard taxi, UberX, SUV or a black car. The Uber site mentions that there is no need to tip and the 20% of your metered fare will be tipped to the taxi driver. It doesn’t mention anything about the other types of vehicles so if you want to tip your driver, you are likely welcomed to do so.

Uber is a pretty reliable service. For one, it uses a GPS tracking system so you know where your car is. Unlike taxi services, you won’t be ripped off. The app shows you the rates for the city you’re in, which is what you will pay. On top of that, you never need cash riding Uber because your account will be charged automatically.

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