$50 Free AirBnB Credit For First 'Business Stay' (Up To $75 For New Users)

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AirBnB is an apartment booking marketplace which can be a great way to fill the gap when you're traveling to a destination when it doesn't make sense (or just isn't possible) to book a hotel using points.

I've also found AirBnB super useful and a great way use the welcome bonus earned from the Barclaycard Arrival Plus Card.

The Arrival Plus Card earns miles that can be redeemed for a statement credit for any kind of travel purchases, which makes it a great welcome bonus to use towards AirBnB or non-loyalty program hotel stays.

When I was recently making a booking I was offered $50 in free AirBnB credit after completing my first 'Business Stay'.

Free $50 Airbnb credit-03

The promotion is very straightforward since it seems possible to make any booking a 'Business Stay' just by identifying a reservation as a business trip by clicking the checkbox on the payment page.

Existing AirBnB users can get a $50 AirBnB credit to use on their next booking when they complete their first 'Business Stay' on AirBnB.

If you are new to AirBnB you'll also get a free $25 credit when you sign-up. This means you'll get in total $75 in free credit---$25 off your first stay and $50 off your second stay.

Complete a 'Business Stay', Get $50 AirBnB Credit - Existing Users

Existing AirBnB users can earn a $50 credit to use towards their next stay when they book their first 'Business Stay'.

There are also reports that you can retroactively change an existing upcoming reservation to a business trip and you'll earn the $50 credit before the stay.

To qualify for the promo all you need to do is identify your stay as business travel by checking the box next to "This is a business trip" on the payment page.

Free $50 Airbnb credit-04

This can be done on any type of AirBnB booking. You'll also need to enter a work email and optional additional information when setting up your account for business travel. You'll need to use a non-free email address---any private, work or school email should work.

Free $50 Airbnb credit-02

I received the $50 credit as soon as completed my reservation, so it may be that you actually get the coupon upon booking and not actually after completing the stay.

Here are the full promo details:

"When you complete your first business stay at an Airbnb listing, we’ll give you a $50 coupon to use towards your next Airbnb trip.

How do I get the coupon code?

You’ll receive an email with your personalized $50 coupon code after you've checked in to your qualifying reservation.

Promotion details

  • The coupon code will be sent to the email address you use to log in to your Airbnb account
  • The $50 coupon is valid for one year
  • The coupon can only be used towards one reservation
  • There are no restrictions on destination or travel dates
  • Once applied, the coupon can't be refunded, even if the reservation is canceled"

Get $75 AirBnB Credit For New Users

If you are new to AirBnB you can earn up to $75 in free AirBnB credit. First you can earn $25 by signing up for an AirBnB account here.

Link: Earn $25 AirBnB Credit

Once you have signed up through someone's referral link (my link) you will earn a $25 travel credit that can be applied to your first AirBnB booking.


When you make your first reservation you should be able to identify the booking as a business trip (same as above) by checking the box next to "This is a business trip" on the payment page.

After you make your first booking you should also receive an extra $50 AirBnB credit to use towards your next stay. Earning a total of $75 AirBnB credit after two stays is a pretty good deal if you want to give AirBnB a try and use it on your next trip.

The Bottom Line

AirBnB can be a great way to book apartments in cities around the world, I especially like it when I'm traveling to a city where booking a hotel with points doesn't make sense or if there are just no loyalty program hotels in the region.

If you already use AirBnB you can earn $50 in credit after you book your first 'Business Stay'.

If you are new to AirBnB you can earn a total of $75 in free AirBnB credit. You'll earn $25 when you sign-up for AirBnB and another $50 after you make your first 'Business Stay'.


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    1. Andre, I'm not aware of a work around for the non-free email address, but if you find one let me know! If you know someone that has a work or private email address you can ask to use theirs.

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