Airline Transfer Partner Guide

The perfect tool to quickly look up all your transfer partner options.

Transfer Partners

Hover over airline & bank logos to view transfer partner connections.

Transfer Info

Click on airline logos to view transfer time, transfer ratio, minimum transfer amount and more.

Quick Links

Find quick links in table to make a transfer and earn more points with credit cards.

(Rotate your phone or tablet horizontally for best functionality)


How do I use the transfer partner tool?

Let’s face it, it can get confusing knowing exactly how you can use your flexible points.

That’s why we made this tool.

The purpose of the tool is to provide a way to quickly find which flexible points can be transferred to which airline programs.

Earning flexible points such as Amex Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, Citi ThankYou, Capital One Rewards and Marriott Bonvoy points can be incredibly valuable.

The key is knowing how to maximize these points programs transfer partners.

Use this graphic to look up which airlines you can transfer points to and also which partner airlines are in the same alliance.

Each bank is color-coded and features corresponding colored dots next to the airline’s logo.

You can click on an airline logo to pull up transfer info including:

  • Transfer ratio
  • Transfer time
  • Alliance
  • Minimum points transfer amount
  • Alliance
  • And also links to transfer & card that earn those points

What are Chase Ultimate Reward's Transfer Partners?

Airline ProgramAllianceTransfer RatioMin Transfer AmountTransfer Time
Aer LingusN/A1:11,000Instant
British AirwaysOneWorld1:11,000Instant
Emirates SkywardsN/A1:11,000Unknown
FlyingBlue Air France/KLMSkyTeam1:11,000Instant - 1 Hour
Iberia PlusOneWorld1:11,000Instant
Singapore AirlinesStar Alliance1:11,0001-2 Days
Southwest Airlines Rapid RewardsN/A1:11,000Instant
United MileagePlusStar Alliance1:11,000Instant
Virgin Atlantic Flying ClubN/A1:11,000Instant

What are Amex Membership Reward's Transfer Partners?

Airline ProgramAllianceTransfer RatioMin Transfer AmountTransfer Time
AeromexicoSkyTeam1:11,0002-14 Days
Air CanadaStar Alliance1:11,000Instant
Aer LingusN/A1:11,000Instant
ANAStar Alliance1:11,0002-4 Days
Avianca LifeMilesStar Alliance1:11,000Instant
British AirwaysOneWorld1:11,000Instant
Cathay Pacific*OneWorld1:11,0003-7 Days
El AlN/A50:11,000Instant
Etihad AirwaysN/A1:11,000Instant
FlyingBlue Air France/KLMSkyTeam1:11,000Instant
Hawaiian AirlinesN/A1:11,000Instant
IberiaOneWorld1.25:11,0001-5 Days
JetBlue TrueBlueN/A1.25:11,000Instant
Singapore AirlinesStar Alliance1:11,0001-3 Days
Virgin AtlanticN/A1:11,0001-2 Days
*AsiaMiles includes 20 airline programs.

What are Citi ThankYou Reward's Transfer Partners?

AirlineAllianceMin Transfer AmountTransfer RatioTransfer Time
Avianca Airlines LifemilesStar Alliance1,0001:1Instant
Cathay Pacific*OneWorld1,0001:124 Hours
Etihad AirwaysN/A1,0001:16 Days
EVA AirStar Alliance1,0001:12-6 Days
FlyingBlue Air France/KLMSkyTeam1,0001:12 Days
Garuda IndonesiaSkyTeam1,0001:12 Days
Jet AirwaysN/A1,0001:1Instant
JetBlue TrueBlueN/A1,0001:1Instant
Malaysia AirlinesOneWorld1,0001:11-2 Days
Qantas AirwaysOneWorld1,0001:12 Days
Qatar AirwaysOneWorld1,0001:12 Days
Singapore AirlinesStar Alliance1,0001:12 Days
Thai AirwaysStar Alliance1,0001:14 Days
Turkish AirwaysStar Alliance1,0001:11-2 Days
Virgin AtlanticN/A1,0001:12 Days
*AsiaMiles includes 20 airline programs.N/A1,000

What are Capital One's Transfer Partners?

Airline ProgramAllianceTransfer RatioMin Transfer AmountTransfer Time
Air CanadaStar Alliance2:1.51,000Instant
Avianca LifeMilesStar Alliance2:1.51,000Instant
Cathay Pacific*OneWorld2:1.51,0001-3 Days
Etihad AirwaysN/A2:1.51,0001-3 Days
EVA Infinity MileageLandsStar Alliance2:1.51,0001-3 Days
FlyingBlue Air France/KLMSkyTeam2:1.51,000Instant
Finnair PlusOneWorld2:1.51,000Instant
Hainan Fortune Wings ClubN/A2:1.51,0001-3 Days
JetBlue TrueBlueN/A2:11,000Instant
Qantas Frequent FlyerOneWorld2:1.51,0001-3 Days
Qatar Airways Privilege ClubOneWorld2:1.51,0001-3 Days
Singapore Airlines KrisFlyerStar Alliance2:11,0001-3 Days
*AsiaMiles includes 20 airline programs.

What are Marriott Bonvoy's Transfer Partners?

AirlineAllianceTransfer RatioMin Transfer AmountBonus Miles Earned for Every 60,000 Marriott Points TransferredTransfer Time
Aegean AirlinesStar Alliance3:13,0005,0003-10 Days
Aeroflot BonusSkyTeam3:13,0005,000Up To 20 Days
AeroMexico ClubPremierSkyTeam3:13,0005,0002-4 Days
Air Canada AeroplanStar Alliance3:13,0005,0004-5 Days
Air China Phoenix MilesStar Alliance3:13,0005,0005 days
Air France/KLM Flying BlueSkyTeam3:13,0005,0001-3 Days
Air New Zealand AirpointsStar Alliance200:13,000251-2 Days
Alaska Airlines Mileage PlanN/A3:13,0005,0002-4 Days
Alitalia MilleMigliaSkyTeam3:13,0005,0007 Days
ANA Mileage ClubStar Alliance3:13,0005,0004-7 Days
American AirlinesOneWorld3:13,0005,0002 Days
Asiana Airlines Asiana ClubStar Alliance3:13,0005,0004-10 Days
Avianca LifeMilesStar Alliance3:13,0005,0001-2 Days
British Airways Executive ClubOneWorld3:13,0005,0001-3 Day
Cathay Pacific Asia MilesOneWorld3:13,0005,0005-10 Days
China Eastern Airlines Eastern MilesSkyTeam3:13,0005,000Up To 7 Weeks
China Southern AirlinesSkyTeam3:13,0005,0003 Days
Copa Airlines ConnectMilesStar Alliance3:13,0005,0003 Days
Delta SkyMilesSkyTeam3:13,0005,0001-2 Days
Emirates SkywardsN/A3:13,0005,0003-6 Days
Etihad GuestN/A3:13,0005,0003-5 Days
Frontier Airlines EarlyReturnsN/A3:13,0005,000Up To 6 Weeks
Hainan AirlinesN/A3:13,0005,0008 Days
Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMilesN/A3:13,0005,0001 Day
Iberia PlusOneWorld3:13,0005,0002-6 Days
Japan Airlines JAL Mileage BankOneWorld3:13,0005,0002-7 Days
Jet Airways JetPrivilegeN/A3:13,0005,0007 Days
JetBlue TrueBlueN/A6:13,0002,5001-2 Days
Korean Air SKYPASSSkyTeam3:13,0005,0002-7 Days
LATAM Airlines LATAMPASSOneWorld3:13,0005,0002 days
Lufthansa Miles & MoreStar Alliance3:13,0005,0003-6 Days
Qantas Frequent FlyerOneWorld3:13,0005,0002-6 Days
Qatar Privilege ClubOneWorld3:13,0005,0003-6 Days
Saudia AirlinesSkyTeam3:13,0005,0005 Days
Singapore Airlines KrisFlyerStar Alliance3:13,0005,0001-2 Days
South African Airways VoyagerStar Alliance3:13,0005,0003 Days
Southwest Airlines Rapid RewardsN/A3:13,0005,0001-2 Days
TAP Air PortugalStar Alliance3:13,0005,000Unknown
THAI Airways Royal Orchid PlusStar Alliance3:13,0005,0004-10 Days
Turkish Airlines Miles&SmilesStar Alliance3:13,0005,0003 Days
United MileagePlusStar Alliance3:1.13,0005,5001-2 Days
Virgin Atlantic Flying ClubN/A3:13,0005,0001-2 Days
Virgin Australia Velocity Frequent FlyerN/A3:13,0005,0002 days
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