AwardWallet and American Airlines have partnered up to bring American Airlines passengers the convenience of keeping track of AAdvantage frequent flyer miles as they’re earned.

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Award Wallet is a resource for frequent flyers to keep track of their miles from various loyalty programs in one location to prevent them from expiring or being forgotten about, for free. One of the biggest complaints about AwardWallet is that the airlines they have available for automatic point tracking are extremely limited and do not include (until now) any of the major airlines such as United and Delta. The airlines had forced Awardwallet to stop supporting their loyalty programs with a “Cease and Desist letter” which became an inconvenience for consumers.

Now that American Airlines is partnered with the program, points can be tracked immediately. To have your AAdvantage miles tracked through Awardwallet, sign in to AwardWallet and go to the add a new program. You will need your AAdvantage number and passport handy to enroll your frequent flyer mile account.

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While the programs that you can enroll and track on AwardWallet are limited, it is convenient to keep at least as many loyalty programs as you can in one place. I see this partnership between American Airlines and AwardWallet as a positive move for the convenience of frequent flyer mile tracking. Soon, we might start seeing more airline loyalty programs come back to AwardWallet.

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