Around a week ago we saw American Express gift cards added back to some cash back shopping portals. Shortly after that I noticed that JetBlue was offering 0 miles per dollar (?) on Amex gift cards via their shopping portal. Given that one airline site was indicating that it was even an option to buy Amex gift cards I figured it was imminent that they would again show up through various airline shopping portals.

I decided to check back today…and found that both Alaska and Delta are now offering Amex gift cards! Although not a huge earning potential it’s great to see them return as a way to earn extra miles.

Amex Gift Cards Back to Airline Shopping Portals_01

Amex gift cards are back to airline shopping portals!

The caveat for now is that the airline portals are only offering a measly 1 mile per dollar. This can still work out better than cash back portals if you value airline miles at more than 1.5 cents each. Personally I would much rather earn 1 Alaska Airline mile over 1.5% cash back given that I can quite easily redeem the miles at a value of 2.0+ cents per mile.

Amex Gift Cards Back to Airline Shopping Portals_02

Alaska Airlines is offering 1X mile per dollar on Amex gift cards

In the past some airline shopping portals have offered 3 miles per dollar on Amex gift card purchases. By leveraging the airline shopping portals to earn miles and a high earning rewards credit card like the 2X earning Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard® it was a great way to earn free travel via manufacture spend. Combining the two meant earning 3x Alaska miles + 2X Arrival miles per dollar.

It’s great new that airline shopping portals are again offering American Express Gift cards. However, time will tell if they will increase the mile/dollar earnings rate over time. Here’s to keeping your fingers crossed!

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