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Amex Gift Cards Return to Cash Back Portals!

After being pulled from cash back portals a few months ago, Amex Gift Cards have returned to many Cash Back sites! This is huge news for anyone that partakes in manufacture spending.

Amex Gift Cards Return to Cash Back Portals!_01
Amex gift cards are back in cash back portals!

Buying Amex gift cards with a top rewards earning credit card and leveraging a cash back portal is one of the most valuable ways to earn airline miles and points. In fact, when the combination is right, it is possible to earn a profit while earning miles!

Once you purchase Amex Gift Cards there are several ways to liquidate them easily:

  • Use Amazon Payments (free) for $1,000 per month (ending Oct. 13, 2014)
  • Purchase One Vanilla cards at Walgreens/Rite Aid/7-Eleven/your store of choice and load to Bluebird via Walmart OR purchase money orders
  • Load a Serve card at CVS (or online)
  • American Express for Target
  • Kiva loans

Read here for more about the basics of how to maximize Amex Gift Cards to earn miles and points.

Will Amex Gift Cards be Sticking Around?

Who knows, but take advantage of them while they last! Considering that they are once again offered through the cash back portals, they are likely here to stay for awhile. With a modest return of 1.5% (vs. 3% in the past) back on Amex gift cards it is not a game changer, but the small cash back rate can help offset the fees and shipping for manufacture spending.

How to Find the Best Cash Back Deals?

Using Cash Back Monitor is one of the quickest ways to compare which cash back shopping portals are giving the highest rates. You can compare them by clicking here or searching “American Express Gift Cards”.

Amex Gift Cards Return to Cash Back Portals!
Cash Back Monitor shows you the top cash back sites

This week we saw the reintroduction of Amex gift cards to cash back portals with Top Cash Back being the first. Now there are six cash back sites offering Amex gift cards with cash back rates from 0.75% to 1.5%. This is not a huge return, but it can help cover the cost of fees and shipping when using a high earning rewards credit card.

The Bottom Line

It’s great to see Amex gift cards return to cash back portals to maximize manufacture spending. They have yet to return to airline mile and bank point shopping portals and only time will tell if they ever reappear on them. Personally I would love to see Amex gift cards return to airline portals—specifically Barclays RewardsBoost.

If Amex Gift Cards return to Barclays RewardsBoost shopping portal it will mean the return of one of the most incredibly valuable card and manufacture spend combinations.

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