Amex Serve Now Processed As a Cash Advance by Chase

Not only is Amazon Payments ending payments through credit cards, but now there are multiple reports on Flyertalk that Chase may be processing Amex Serve as a cash advance. It appears that this change is as of today October 2, 2014.

This change means that your Amex Serve transaction will be processed by Chase as a cash advance and you’ll pay the fee. From the sounds of it Amex may have changed the transaction code that it reports to Chase, and thus the transaction is now posting as a cash advance. This may be the case since people have reported cards from other issuers also posting as a cash advance.

If you have your credit card’s cash advance limit set to $0, then the charge should just be rejected. This is always a good idea and something that I do whenever I first get a new credit card.

There is no indication as of yet if this will count towards a minimum spend, but likely not since it posts as a cash advance with fees.

Based on reports on FlyerTalk, the Chase credit cards that seem to be charging Amex Serve transactions as a cash advance include:

  • United Club
  • United Explorer
  • Ink Bold Visa
  • Sapphire Preferred

I’m sure more will unfold in the coming days as more reports come in, so it would be a good idea to set your cash advance limit to $0, to avoid paying the cash advance fee. Per the thread it also seems that Chase has also been more aggressive about shutting down accounts that are blatantly manufacture spending.

While this manufacture strategy may be out the door, it was good while it lasted for many people. In the end, not all manufacture spend methods are going to be around forever, just like the Amazon Payments method.

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4 thoughts on “Amex Serve Now Processed As a Cash Advance by Chase”

  1. How ironic that the big Chase pimping blogs didn’t even mention this. Chase probably tells them what to write. I’m now going to bookmark your blog and maybe give up visiting one of those other ones every day. I’m assuming you can still load your Serve with gift cards at Family Dollar… So it’s not completely out of the MS ring. 🙂

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