I love infographics. They're excellent resources for visual comparisons, so I thought it would be a great idea to create a few to show different comparisons of miles, points, and credit cards. I finally got around to touching up the details on the first project I've been putting together: a comparison of the different amounts of miles you need to book saver awards on major US frequent flyer programs. I was inspired by the clarity and ease of reading the graph for A Guide to the Complex World of Airline Miles so the style is based on that design. The information on the chart can be used to compare how many miles it takes to get to a region per certain airline mile programs.



To view a larger version of the infographic click here.

For comparison purposes and to keep it simple I only compared economy saver awards and if the award chart offered Off-Peak/Peak amounts I went with Peak to keep it consistent with the programs that simply just have a Saver award chart. Undoubtedly there is probably an error in there from making line after line, so please let me know if something is off. I will edit them out ASAP if you point them out.

Let me know what you think and stay posted for more useful miles and points infographs to come! For now, there's a link to the larger image on the sidebar, but after I finish up additional ones I will create a separate resource page dedicated to visual comparisons. I will keep them updated so they can be used as a simple way to compare award charts to maximize your miles. If people find them useful I will create a similar version for Business and First Class awards.

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