Update: Both offers now have a required spending of $3,000.

If you’ve been looking at applying for the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select MasterCard you’ve probably aware of the 50,000 bonus mile offer floating around. This is a great deal and the easiest way to accrue American Airlines miles, which are among the most valuable airline miles to redeem for premium cabin awards.

There are actually two slightly different offers around—the sign-up bonus is the same, but the required spend is different.

Most blogs will provide you with the link to the offer that requires you to spend $3,000 within the first to earn the 50,000 mile sign-up bonus. Heck, even Citi’s website is showing this offer.

The 50,000 AA MasterCard offer shown on Citi.com

You shouldn’t apply for this offer. Instead, you can get a better 50,000 bonus mile offer with a lower minimum spend requirement of $2,000 within three months by finding the offer through through American Airlines’ website here. The difference of $1,000 in required minimum spend is not a game changer, but hey wouldn’t you rather spend $1,000 fewer in order to earn a great sign-up bonus.

You can find the same offer with a lower minimum spending requirement on AA.com!

You can find the same offer with a lower minimum spending requirement on AA.com!

The business version of the AAdvantage MasterCard Platinum Select World MasterCard is also offering 50,000 bonus miles after spending $2,000 within three months on AA’s website.

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