The Best Hammock Straps of 2019: Tree Straps for Hanging a Camping Hammock

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The best hammock straps on the market make hanging your hammock anywhere a breeze, ensure a safe and secure hang, and are durable enough to last for years.

You’ve been scrounging for chords and ropes for a while now. You’re just trying to hang your hammock and chill out!

Problem is, you seem to be doing more scrounging than lounging and everything you are using stretches and sags until your hammock is doing the beached whale in the grass.

Come on, it’s time to get real with your hang time.

A set of quality hammock straps is just what you need to hang your hammock correctly, quickly, and without worries.

There are dozens of brands making excellent hammock straps. They use high strength, but affordable materials as well as sturdy and carefully sewn stitching to keep the price low and the strength high.

Today we’re going to cover the 10 best hammock straps. There are certainly many more out there to choose from, but these are the most popular and well put together of them all.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be ready to chill. You’ll have a solid set of straps in the mail and they’ll hardly have set you back a buck.

So post up, hang out, and get ready to learn all about how to hang your hammock like a pro.


Comparison Table of the Best Hammock Straps

NameImageMaterialWeightMax WeightPriceOur Rating
Bear Butt Kodiak Hammock Straps
Polyester13 oz1000 lbs$
See It
Serac Tree Hugger Tree Straps
Polyester23 oz500 lbs$
See It
ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas Hammock Suspension System
Polyester11 oz400 lbs$$
See It
Nature's Hangout Hangtight XL Hammock Straps
Polyester14.7 oz700 lbs$
See It
ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters SlapStrap Pro Hammock Suspension System
Nylon12 oz400 lbs$
See It
Rallt Hammock Tree Straps
Polyester11.7 oz500 lbs$
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MalloMe XL Hammock Straps
Polyester16 oz700 lbs$
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Wise Owl Outfitters Talon Hammock Tree Straps
Polyester15 oz400 lbs$
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Chill Gorilla PRO XL Hammock Tree Hanging Straps
Polyester13.8 oz1400 lbs$$
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Ox Straps XL Hammock Straps
Polyester10.1 oz600 lbs$
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Hammock Strap Reviews

Bear Butt Kodiak Hammock Straps Review

Bear Butt is a brand that’s all about the simple pleasure of hanging your hammock anywhere. Founded in 2015, this is a fresh company with  a modern take on chilling out.

The Bear Butt Kodiak Hammock Straps are made from polyester and have twenty loops each. That means lots of options for adjustment.

These straps are ten feet long, so unless you live in an old growth forest, or the desert, you shouldn’t have any problem finding good trees.

Best of all, Bear Butt is committed to the best customer service in the industry. They offer a no questions asked return policy for full refund or replacement.

So if you’re not happy with these straps you can get your money back. No questions asked.

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Tech Specs

Material: Polyester

Weight: 13 oz

Length (each strap): 10 ft

Max Supported Weight: 1000 lbs

Serac Tree Hugger Tree Straps Review

The Serac Tree Hugger straps are every hammockers best friend. They are made of extra wide, one inch polyester so that they don’t damage the trees you choose to hang out in.

The Serac Tree Hugger Tree Straps can be purchased in either a 15ft or 20ft length. Just in case you find yourself slinging monster trees frequently. Given the extra long length of these, they are some of the best hammock tree straps out there for someone looking for a versatile setup.

Each strap has 24 connection points so you can easily adjust your hammock to any spot you find.

The daisy chain design of the Serac Tree Huggers make them ultra- versatile and convenient camping hammock straps. You can hang your gear from the extra loops or dry your clothes in the sun.

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Tech Specs

Material: Polyester

Weight: 23 oz

Length (each strap): 15 ft

Max Supported Weight: 500 lbs

ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas Hammock Suspension System Review

The Atlas of Greek mythology had a hard job. Holding up the whole world day in and day out takes some real strength.

Although these ENO hammock straps can’t quite hold that much weight, with a combined strength of 400 pounds, they’ll hold you up just fine.

Although these straps are designed specifically for use with an ENO Hammock, they will work just fine with nearly any one on the market. If you are looking for the best ENO straps out there, the ENO Atlas suspension system is certainly a top contender to consider.

The ENO Atlas Hammock Suspension System is strong, lightweight, and at twelve feet long, you shouldn’t have any problem finding trees.

Atlas straps won’t stretch like some cheaper brand’s straps. After all, like their name sake, Atlas straps can be relied on to hold their own.

Click Here For Reviews, Ratings & Pricing on

Tech Specs

Material: Polyfilament webbing

Weight: 11 oz

Length (each strap): 12 ft

Max Supported Weight: 400 lbs

Nature’s Hangout Hangtight XL Hammock Straps

The Hangtight XL hammock straps from Nature’s Hangout are some of the longest you can find. If you’re looking to sling your hammock across the local creek or around a giant redwood, you’ll be good to go.

At fourteen feet long, each strap has twenty four loops. You can safely suspend your hammock between points that are twenty eight feet across! That’s pretty nuts. But with great power comes great responsibility. So Nature’s Hangout uses reinforced double-power stitching to make sure you’re safe.

And Although these straps are long and strong, with a 700 pound working load, they are also easy to carry. They weigh only eleven ounces and fit snugly into their carry bag. So snugly that you have to be pretty good at packing them, in fact.

Last of all, these extra long hammock straps are protected by a ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee. Send them back any time, but you probably won’t want to.

The bottom line is there isn’t much to not like about the Nature’s Hangout Hangtight XL Hammock Straps and that’s why they are a great choice of tree straps for hammocks.

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Tech Specs

Material: No-stretch polyester webbing

Weight: 14.7 oz

Length (each strap): 10 ft

Max Supported Weight: 700 lbs

ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters SlapStrap Pro Hammock Suspension System

The SlapStrap Pros are the perfect system for daily lounging in the park, taking around campus on a sunny afternoon, or rigging in your garage or basement.

They are fast, lightweight, and not so long as to become a hassle.

Although designed to pair perfectly with any ENO hammock, these ENO hammock straps can hold just about any hammock on the market.

And although they aren’t rated as strong as some of the tougher straps on this list, they will certainly hold you and your girlfriend. Or you and your dog. Hell, why not you, and your girlfriend, and your dog!

The ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters SlapStrap Pro Hammock Suspension System use an adjustable loop design with 8 combined adjustment points so you can quickly and easily get your hammock up just the way you like it. Tight, loose, anything you could imagine between trees up to 20 ft. apart.

If you are after a ENO suspension system that is versatile and easy to use, the SlapStraps are among the best ENO straps out there. They are perfect for setting up for a weekend of camping or just lounging at the park.

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Tech Specs

Material: Nylon webbing

Weight: 12 oz

Length (each strap): 7.4 ft

Max Supported Weight: 400 lbs

Rallt Hammock Tree Straps

These straps are great for taking on the trail. They pack down into a tiny stuff sack and weigh under 12 ounces.

Sturdy and reliable tubular polyester webbing provides more strength than the average strap. These hammock straps have been tested at over 2,000 pounds of combined breaking strength. Trust us, you’re not going anywhere.

Rallt used the daisy chain design to keep things simple. Just wrap your tree, clip one of the 18 carabiner loops on each of the straps and you’re good to go.

These hammock hangers also have reflective stitching to keep things easy after it gets dark.

This may not make a difference to the fair-weather hammocker hanging in the park on a sunny afternoon. However, if you are a die-hard hanger in the most remote environments, you’re sure to need a little night vision from time to time.

When it comes to a bombproof hammock suspension system that can hold more more weight than you’ll probably ever need, look no further than the Rallt Hammock Tree Straps.

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Tech Specs

Material: 3/4″ non-stretch polyester tubular webbing

Weight: 11.7 oz

Length (each strap): 10 ft

Max Supported Weight: 500 lbs

MalloMe XL Hammock Straps

These XL hammock straps from MalloMe are longer than your average life lines. That means you can find spots to hang more easily without worrying about the perfect trees.

After all, every tree is perfect in it’s own way.

These suckers aren’t just long, they’re strong as well. Although rated at a 700 pound working load, they have a combined breaking strength of over 2,000 pounds.

That’s thanks to reinforced double-power stitching and quality polyester fabric.

These camping hammock straps use the daisy chain system and have 20 loops per strap. That’s literally 400 different ways to set up your hammock. But who’s counting?

Although they aren’t the cheapest straps on the market, they are one of the nicest. If quality is worth an extra penny to you, MalloMe XL Hammock Straps will be right up your alley… or tree…

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Tech Specs

Material: Non-stretch polyester webbing

Weight: 16 oz

Length (each strap): 12 ft

Max Supported Weight: 700 lbs

Wise Owl Outfitters Talon Hammock Tree Straps

Wise Owl Outfitters wanted to be sure that their hammock straps were as versatile as possible. That’s why they hooked the Talon Tree Straps up with 19 loops on each ten foot strap.

That’s 38 loops! I’ll spare you the math, but that’s a heck of a lot of ways to adjust your tension. And speaking of tension, these straps are made from poly filament webbing which will not stretch even under heavy loads.

Because after all, no one wants a saggy hammock.

Ten feet is plenty long to wrap around even the biggest of trees in your local park or post up. With these hammock straps from Wise Owl Outfitters you can span gaps between trees of over twenty feet!

The other nice bonus is the width of these hammock straps. Because they are a full inch wide, they will not damage the trees you choose to chill in like a rope or thin strap would. Wider straps help disperse the load and preserve the tree’s bark.

Trees do need that stuff, after all.

For this reason the Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Straps are some of the best hammock tree straps when comes to being ‘tree friendly”.

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Tech Specs

Material: Poly filament webbing

Weight: 15 oz

Length (each strap): 10 ft

Max Supported Weight: 400 lbs

Chill Gorilla PRO XL Hammock Tree Hanging Straps

Chill Gorilla knows how to chill, it’s in their name after all. And the most important part of chilling is not having to worry.

That means you’re not worried about whether your straps are strong enough, long enough, or easy to set up. The PRO XL hammock straps from Chill Gorilla take all three of these things into consideration.

Twenty total feet of strapping means you can reach all kinds of trees. 1400 pounds of strength will keep you hanging out, no matter how many tacos you had for lunch. And 15 attachment loops on each strap means you can adjust your hammock to the right tension without hassle.

These straps are one inch wide, which not only means you have some of the strongest hammock straps on the market, but you also won’t have to worry as not to hurt the trees you tie when your friends decide to jump in your hammock.

Click Here For Reviews, Ratings & Pricing on

Tech Specs

Material: Polyester webbing

Weight: 13.8 oz

Length (each strap): 10 ft

Max Supported Weight: 1400 lbs

Although made by a small company, these OX straps will make a big difference when you’re trying to sling your hammock up in the woods.

They are ten feet long and capable of holding loads up to 600 pounds without strain.

These are the only straps on our list that aren’t daisy chain hammock straps. That’s because the daisy chain design is so popular and versatile. Lots of companies are making great daisy chain hammock straps.

However, the versatility and strength of the ring-lock system on these Ox straps is really nice. I like it especially for when I am setting up a hammock or swing that will be in one place for a long time and I don’t want to pull on the stitching of a daisy chain.

It also adds extra versatility with easy extension using other straps or webbing if twenty feet still isn’t enough strap for you.

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Tech Specs

Material: Polyester

Weight: 10.1 oz

Length (each strap): 10 ft

Max Supported Weight: 600 lbs


Guide to Finding the Best Hammock Straps

Types of Hammock Suspension Systems

There are lots of ways to hang a hammock. I mean, people have been chilling out for a very long time, and they’ve developed some pretty cool ways to do it.

These days most hammocks are hung from special hammock straps that are designed to take the load without stretching. By now we’ve talked about hammock straps plenty in this guide.

However, there are also hammock stands, freestanding and otherwise which you can purchase if you want a stationary hammock for your patio or porch.

There are also a near infinite number of ways to design custom and home-made suspension systems using hooks, straps, ropes, or whatever else you have laying around the house.

And going MacGyver on your spare time is lots of fun, but when it needs to support your weight through many heavy chilling sessions, you might opt for something simpler, stronger, and more reliable. Any of the sets of straps on this list will do, so just go ahead and pick one from our hammock straps reviews.

How To Hang a Hammock with Tree Straps

Most of the best hammock tree straps are daisy chains. This means they have reinforced woven loops at regular intervals along the length of the strap. Some straps are longer than others and some have more loops than others, but the principle method of set up is the same for all of them.

Here is one of the most to the point videos by Bear Butt showing exactly how to hang a hammock:

Simply wrap one strap around your first tree at the desired height and then clip the carabiner that is on the end of the strap to one of the loops in the daisy chain. This will create a closed loop around the tree with the strap extending outwards towards your other tree.

Now connect your hammock and repeat the same process with the other strap.

Once your hammock is set up, you can easily adjust it’s length by clipping your straps to different loops on the daisy chain. This will also help you adjust the height of your hammock so it sags more or less.

It all depends on how you like to hang out.

What to Consider When Choosing Hammock Straps


Most hammock straps are built from the same materials. Most commonly, the fabric is a no-stretch polyester, which is plenty strong enough. However some companies use no-stretch nylon or other high-tech fabrics.

Whatever material your straps are made from, you definitely don’t want it to stretch. That’s why polyester is so popular. It’s easy to manufacture polyester straps with virtually zero stretch capacity and a wicked strong weave.

The stitching on any high-quality hammock straps should be double reinforced and should never come undone for any reason short of forest fires, meteors, and possibly the death of the sun. However, they should be able to withstand just about everything else.

Unfortunately, not all brands take care to create quality stitching and some straps loose their loops over time. Be sure to read buyer’s guides like this one and customer’s reviews before buying any product, especially hammock straps. If the loops are lousy, other buyers will let you know.

After all, it’s not easy to forget when your hammock drops you on your ass in the middle of the park. Not cool.

Max Supported Weight

All hammock straps are rated to two different weights.

The first is the maximum breaking tension. This means that the strap was able to withstand X amount of weight before tearing, snapping, or pulling a loop off. You should never be working with this much weight.

The second, and more important rating is the maximum load. This is the weight that the strap is rated to hold safely and without chance of failure.

Most hammock straps are rated at between 400 and 600 pounds between the two straps. However some, like the Bear Butt Kodiak Straps are rated as high as 1000 pounds or more!

Strap Length & Thickness

Hammock straps come in various lengths and sizes, and it makes a difference as to their versatility.

Longer straps will allow you more versatility. You can span wider gaps and wrap thicker trees with straps that are 10 feet or longer. However, longer straps mean more weight. So it depends on the types of trees you tend to sling.

Most straps are less than one inch wide, and that’s ok. However, thin straps can dig into the tree bark and leave lasting marks. Straps that are one inch or wider, or that have tree padding are far nicer to your friendly neighborhood trees.

When wrapping trees with rope or thin straps, it’s best to use a towel or blanket to help pad the tree against your hammock.

Don’t kill trees while you chill please!


Do you intend to sling your hammock in your backyard, the park, or your bedroom? If you’re not going far, packaged weight won’t matter much.

However, to the backpacking hammock dweller or the traveling tree-hugger, weight and size can be a big deal. The less room your hammock takes up in your pack, the more space for other essentials.

This is great when you’re camping or backpacking as carrying your hammock eliminates the need for a bulky tent and sleeping pad.

That’s a lot of extra room to pack essentials like candy bars and ultra-lightweight layers.



It’s important to remember that your hammock straps can be used for a wide range of purposes. At least, they can if they are strong and well made.

The more loops, length, and strength your hammock straps have, the more likely you are to find other great ways to use them. Keep the rest of your lifestyle in mind when purchasing your hammock straps.

Those extra features may come in handy later when you’re rigging up a bouncy castle for your kids birthday or devising a safe way to lower your poor cat from a tall tree. I’m not sure how you would use your hammock straps for that, but that’s the fun part! I’ll let you figure it out.


Ease of Setup

These days, almost all hammock straps come with a pair of lightweight carabiners designed to clip your daisy chain loops together. This makes setup lightning fast and easy even in the dark.

However, the trade off is that carabiners add weight. If you’re going for fast and light, you might prefer a hammock strap that uses a knot as it’s tension system.

But when your buddies are all packed up and waiting for you to untie wet, cold knots, you might regret not going with carabiners. It’s all up to you, and depends on what you value most in a hammock.


Most hammock straps are made from polyester or nylon webbing. Some companies use other materials. However, what all hammock straps have in common is that they are static, meaning that they do not stretch.

This is extremely important because if you walk into REI and ask for nylon webbing, you’ll walk out with a slackline (aka tubular nylon).

Tubular nylon is dynamic and stretches a good deal. That coupled with it’s extreme strength make it ideal for stretching across wide open spaces and bouncing around on. Not so much for hanging your hammock. You’ll be sitting on the ground in no time.

So whatever you use to hang up your hammock, make sure it’s rated to hold at least twice your body weight and that it is made of a non-stretch or ‘static’ material.


Obviously, this one’s up to you. However, color can make a bigger difference than you might at first think.

If you like to be unobtrusive and blend into the forest, go for black or green.

Personally, I’ve been clotheslined by too many straps in the night to be of that mindset. I always go with bright or reflective colors.

It makes it way easier to find my bed in the dark after a long day on the trail or a long night at a festival. The last thing I want to be doing then is tripping through the woods trying to find my hammock.

Other Features

Most hammock straps are built to be strong and simple. After all, they have one job and only need to do it well.

However, if you pay attention to details, it’s the little differences that can set on strap apart from the rest.

A quality stuff sack and draw string help keep your straps contained and convenient. Carabiner size and type has a big impact on strength and ease of setup. The size or spacing of loops on daisy chain straps can limit or enhance your hammock’s adjustability.

Just because a hammock strap seems simple doesn’t mean that all the ones on the market are. That is good in some cases and bad in others.

Good thing you’re doing your research.


And last of all, you have to compare prices. After all, if money were no object, you wouldn’t have to piddle around reading buyer’s guides to make an educated purchase. You could just do lots of purchasing.

The truth is, the most expensive straps aren’t necessarily the best. However, the least expensive straps definitely aren’t. If there’s no set that speaks to you and it comes down to price, go with something in the middle.

Good hammock straps range from $15 all the way to $40 or more. My advice is to spend more than $20 and less than $35. Personally I chill on the Serac Treehuggers, but that’s a story for another time.


The Bottom Line

It’s easy to get bogged down in comparing thread-counts and maximum working loads. No one can say how many loops are on the perfect daisy chain. There’s just no way to know.

Remember, the one thing that unites all hammock enthusiasts is that we love to chill out. So don’t forget.

Chill out bud.

Every one of the high quality hammock straps on this list are ready to do the job right. They are all fast and easy to set up and made from strong, durable materials.

Although subtle differences do set them apart, it’s nothing to sweat over.

Besides, unlike most outdoor gear, hammock straps are pretty cheap. Even the nice ones. So you’re not going to break your bank to try a set out. I know that at least one of these has piqued your interest. You probably still have the tab open in your browser.

So chill out and get yourself a pair of the best hammock straps on the market. You’ll be hanging in the park in no time.

No worries.

You can also read our guides to the best hiking watch, the best backpack rain cover and other recommended travel products here.

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