Best Keychain Flashlights: Ideal for Travel, Backpacking, and Everyday Adventures

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The best keychain flashlight are small and lightweight, making them ideal for travel and outdoor adventures.

When traveling and adventuring outdoors you’re sure to find yourself in situations when you need a powerful light.

From walking back to your lodging after the sun goes down to  packing your bag in the middle of the night while staying in a hostel.

Having a small and bright light source is a great tool to carry along on your travels and have at hand for day-to-day use.


Although almost all smart phones have a flashlight app or built-in function, they just don’t cut it when you need a super bright light. The brightest keychain flashlights will put a smartphone’s flashlight to shame and give you the light they need.

Plus, they don’t take up much room in your bag. Most models are under 3″ in length and only weigh an once or two.

Keychain Flashlights Comparison Table 2017

ModelImageLight Modes (Lumens)Brightness
Recharg- eablePrice

AAA Keychain Flashlights

SureFire Titan Plus Ultra
315 - 3001 - 7 hrsYes$$$
See It
ThruNite Ti3
40.4 - 1200.5 - 115 hrsNo$$
See It
UltraTac K18
35 - 360Up to 45 hrsYes$$
See It
Fenix E05
38 - 851- 14.5 hrsNo$
See It
Olight i3E EOS
11200.5 - 1 hrNo$
See It

Micro Keychain Flashlights

Streamlight 73001 Nano
1108 hrsNo$
See It
1512 hrsNo$
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Nitecore TIP BLACK 360
41 - 3600.5 - 46 hrsYes$$
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SureFire Sidekick 300
35 - 3001.25 - 45 hrsYes$$$
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Streamlight 72101 KeyMate
11096 hrsNo$
See It

Best Keychain Flashlight Reviews

While not overly complicated, there are some features and options to look for when choosing the best keychain flashlight.

In general, keychain flashlights come in two size-ranges: micro and AAA. Both of which are available as rechargeable models.

Choosing what size light and if you want a rechargeable model is the first thing to consider when comparing models. It will help narrow down you options tremendously.

  • Micro keychain flashlights  – The smallest LED flashlight option. These are tiny, yet powerful torches that fit in the palm of your hand. Most models are generally 2.5 inches or smaller.
  • AAA keychain flashlights – These models run off AAA batteries, which makes them slightly larger than micro lights. This also means they are more powerful and can have longer run-times. Typically these mini flashlights are 2.5 inches or more.
  • Rechargeable keychain flashlights – You can find rechargeable models in both micro and AAA sized lights. They are ideal for anyone who wants an practical and cost saving way to charge up their batteries. You can simply connect the light via a USB cable and recharge, but this also means you have to plan ahead. The best keychain flashlight models will have replaceable batteries as well as the ability to recharge.

I’ve made a list of my top keychain flashlight recommendations and broken them down by size—micro vs. AAA.

Best AAA Keychain Flashlights

SureFire Titan Plus Ultra

The Titan Plus Ultra comes from well-trusted flashlight brand SureFire. They also produce some of the best tactical flashlights on the market.

It is no thicker than a wide-body pen and built to last with it’s durable metal body. A removable pocket clip makes for easy carry or securing inside a interior pocket.

It offers a high level of light output and is easily actuated with its twistable headswitch. This mini flashlight offers several light modes (low, med, high) with a max output of 300 lumens. This is bright enough for almost any user.

The flashlight features SureFires proprietary reflector that ensures a beam is evenly dispersed and high-quality for both long and close-range use.

As far as AAA keychain flashlights go, this model is considerably longer and heavier than other models. It’s also a bit pricey in comparison to others.

That said, the SureFire Titan Plus Ultra offers a strong, weather-resistant keychain flashlight with various light output modes.

You can read more reviews and see the latest price here

– SureFire Titan Plus Ultra Details –

Length: 3.4 inches

Bezel diameter: 0.6 inches

Weight: 2.0 ounces

Material: Brass

Lumen: 15 (low) – 75 (med) – 300 (high) lumens

Light Modes: 3

Runtime: 1 hr – 2 hrs – 7 hrs

Special Features: Removable pocket clip, rechargeable batteries, faceted reflector

ThruNite Ti3 – Best AAA Flashlight 2017

Constructed from lightweight aluminum, the ThruNite Ti3 comes with four different light modes, including a strobe option. The performance of this light is exceptional, which is why it’s often considered the best keychain flashlight.

It has a sleek body made hard-anodized aluminum and comes in a wide range of colors. This makes it a good choice if you are one who wants a specific colored keychain flashlight.

The flashlight features three brightness levels (0.4, 12, and 120 lumens) and additionally a strobe function. The lowest setting, the “firefly”mode”, is super practical when you just need a small amount of light and don’t want to waste battery life.

The drawbacks of the light include that it is not rechargeable and turns on by twisting the cap.

Overall the ThruNite Ti3 is a well-designed keychain flashlights gives you all the features you want—pocket clip, various light modes, durable body, and high light output. It’s one of my top recommendations for anyone who is looking for a reliable small LED light for traveling, outside adventures, keeping for emergencies, and really anything else.

You can read more reviews and see the latest price here

ThruNite Ti3 Details –

Length: 2.75″ inches

Bezel diameter: 0.55 inches

Weight: 0.42 ounces

Material: Aluminum

Lumen: 0.4 (low) – 12 (med) – 120 (high & strobe) lumens

Light Modes: 3 + strobe

Runtime: 115 hrs – 6.3 hrs – 0.5 hrs

Special Features: Extra strobe, reversible pocket clip

UltraTac K18

The UltraTac K18 is a bright keychain flashlight that comes with a strobe and USB recharge functionanlity.

It’s constructed to be water and impact-resistant with its hard-anondized aluminum body. This makes it durable for almost any type of use—from travel to outdoors.

This mini flashlight can run on variety of battery types, including 1.5V Alkaline/Lithium AAA batteries, 1.2V Ni-MH AAA batteries and 3.7V Li-ion 10440 batteries.

The UltraTac K18 is a longer, heavier, and pricier AAA keychain flashlight option, but it comes with a high light output of 360 lumens. If this is what you are after, I would not overlook it based on it’s size.

You’ll pay a little extra for this light, but it’s one of the brightest keychain flashlight options and comes with a handful of features, including strobe and rechargeable battery.

You can read more reviews and see the latest price here

– UltraTac K18 Details –

Length: 2.95 inches

Bezel diameter: 0.55 inches

Weight: 0.5 ounces

Material: Aluminum

Lumen: 5 (low) – 80 (med) – 360 (high) lumens

Light Modes: 3 + strobe

Runtime: Up to 45 hrs

Special Features: Extra strobe, pocket clip and keyring

Olight i3E EOS

The Olight i3E EOS comes in as one of the most well-rounded and best priced keychain flashlights. It’s small, bright, and inexpensive—which is probably what your after.

This small LED flashlight comes in two light power—90 and 120 lumens—and even more color options. The 90 lumen model comes in an array of colors, and the 120 lumen model comes in silver and copper. Both models are turned on with a twist-cap function.

In comparison to other AAA keychain flashlights, the Olight i3E EOS ranks among the smallest and lightest options out there. It’s also one of the cheapest.

One thing to note is that it does not come with a pocket clip or a USB rechargeable battery function. You’ll probably want to pack some extra batteries if you head out into the backcountry or travel to places where you are unsure about finding easy access to batteries.

If you’re after a small, durable and ultra-bright keychain flashlight that won’t break your budget, the Olight i3E EOS is a great option.

You can read more reviews and see the latest price here

– Olight i3E EOS Details –

Length: 2.38 inches

Bezel diameter: 0.55 inches

Weight: 0.4 ounces

Material: Copper/Aluminum

Lumen: 90/120 (high) lumens

Light Modes: 1

Runtime: 0.5 to 1 hr

Special Features: Color variety, keychain clip

Fenix E05

Fenix is a well-known flashlight manufacturer that makes some of the most durable torches out there. The Fenix E05 is their answer for a compact AAA keychain flashlight.

This compact flashlight provides a substantial amount of light output at 86 lumens, which is enough for most casual users. It also offers decent battery light, multiple light modes, and is built with a durable aluminum body.

The light is actuated with a twist-cap switch, which can be operated with one hand. Another nice feature of this keychain light is that it can be stood on it’s end to be used as a candlelight. It’s also rated as fully waterproof, so it can survive in even wettest conditions you may find yourself in.

With a lower overall light output you gain longer run-time. This is something you will have to consider when choosing the best keychain flashlight for your needs. It’s about finding the balance between brightness and battery life.

For anyone looking for a super compact EDC keychain flashlight that offers multiple light modes, the Fenix Eo5 is one to consider. It can provide a substantial amount of light and being waterproof you won’t have to worry about it getting wet, which makes it ideal for travel, camping, or any other adventures.

You can read more reviews and see the latest price here

– Fenix Eo5 Details –

Length: 2.63 inches

Bezel diameter: 0.6 inches

Weight: 0.44ounces

Material: Aluminum

Lumen: 8 (low) – 25 (med) – 85 (high) lumens

Light Modes: 3

Runtime: 14.5 hrs – 4.25 hrs – 1hr

Special Features: Keyring/lanyard hole

Best Micro Keychain Flashlights

The Streamlight 73001 Nano is a tiny, yet super powerful LED flashlight. It’s small enough to easily be clipped clipped onto your keys, stored in your luggage or thrown in your daypack.

The Streamlight Nano is only 1.47″ in length, making it one of the smallest keychain flashlight you can find. At this size you won’t even know that it is packed away in your bag—until you need it.

It’s designed to be weatherproof, which also makes it useful and durable enough for outdoor excursions. The body on the flashlight is aluminum, which helps keep its weight down.

At 10 lumens of output the light is bright enough for almost any type of use you’ll need it for while traveling. It’s perfect for walking at night, reading, or finding something in the dark.

The flaw I see with this mini flashlight is that it has a turned on by twisting the cap. From experience, these types of lights are more prone to issues than other push-button options.

Overall, it’s one of the smallest and lightest micro keychain flashlights available. It has decent battery life for its size and its simple design make it a versatile, yet bright option for anyone looking for a keychain flashlight.

You can read more reviews and see the latest price here

– Streamlight 73001 Nano Details –

Length: 1.47″ inches

Bezel diameter: 0.55″ inches

Weight: 0.36 ounces

Material: Aluminum

Lumen: 10 lumens (high)

Light Modes: 1

Runtime: 8 Hours

Special Features: Pocket clip

LRI PII PRO – Smallest Keychain Flashlight

This incredibly small lithium battery-powered keychain flashlight packs a punch. It produces an incedibly bright light for it’s size and is small enough to attach to your backpack or carry in your pocket.

It features a very simple “quick squeeze” electronic on/off design without any twisting involved. It’s even usable if you have gloves on. In this case, simple means durable.

Designed for quick light access, the weltramil0c is well-constructed with a tough, water resistant exterior.

The keychain flashlight comes ready to use with two li-ion batteries. These are not rechargeable, but can easily be replaced.

It’s most comparable with the Streamlight Nano and the Streamlight Keymate. However, it has much more of a “thumb” feel rather than the traditional narrow flashlight shape.

It’s the most lightweight of the three, but also has the least amount of light output at 5 lumens.

The LRI PII Pro is durable and lightweight, which makes it great for travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, campers or someone who just wants to find their way to the bathroom.

If want a bright, yet affordable micro keychain flashlight that features a simple on/off switch that fits naturally in your hands, the LRI PII Pro is a great option.

You can read more reviews and see the latest price here

– LRI PII Pro Details –

Length: 2.5″ inches

Bezel diameter: N/A

Weight: 0.8 ounces

Material: Plastic

Lumen: 5 lumens (high)

Light Modes: 1

Runtime: 12 hrs

Special Features: Release ring, photon necklace docking station

NiteCore TIP 360 – Best Mini Flashlight 2017

The NiteCore TIP is one of the most popular keychain flashlights available. It’s super powerful, made with a durable body, yet still fits in the palm of your hand.

The shape of this mini flashlight is different than most with it’s small slim body made from military-grade anodized aluminum. It’s compact and tough, which makes it usable in many situations.

The light is powered with a li-ion battery pack that can be recharged with a USB port. This is a great feature to have when traveling as you can just connect it to a laptop, TV, or any USB connection to quickly charge the battery.

The NiteCore TIP operates with a duel switch design. One for turning the light on and off, the other for selecting the light mode—low, med, high, and ultra-high. The light also saves the last power setting you used, so you don’t always have to cycle through the light modes.

Battery life on this small LED flashlight is great when operated on low (46 hours) or medium brightness. You’ll find yourself mostly using these modes. On high and ultra-high (360 lumens) you’ll get much shorter run-time, but you also get some of the highest light outputs among any micro keychain lights.

The NiteCore Tube is a great choice for someone who wants a one of the most powerful, yet rechargeable keychain flashlight that is versatile and simple to use.

You can read more reviews and see the latest price here

– Specs –

Length: 2.40 inches

Bezel diameter: 0.85 inches

Weight: 0.75 ounces

Material: Plastic

Lumen: 1 (low) – 35 (med) – 150 (high) – 360 (ultra-high) lumens

Light Modes: 4

Runtime: 46 hrs – 6.5 hrs – 1.5 hrs – 0.5 hrs

Special Features: Power indicator with USB charging

SureFire Sidekick 300

The SureFire Sidekick 300 is not your average micro keychain flashlight.

It’s versatile high-powered compact light ready for anything from outdoor activities, emergencies, or more mundane daily flashlight needs.

The light has three light mode output options, which makes it useful in a variety of situations. It’s also rechargeable with its micro-USB charging port that you can easily connect to a laptop or computur.

It’s constructed with a weather-resistant polymer body and small enough to fit in small pockets in your pack or purse. That said, as a higher powered model it’s not the smallest micro-sized or lightest keychain flashlight out there. It’s actually quite a bit larger in comparison to the Streamlight Nano and LRI PII Pro.

On the other hand its ultra brightness is only rivaled by the Nitecore TIP. The battery life on both models are comparable.

The SureFire Sidekick is a solid option for anyone who is looking for an extra powerful, versatile and rechargeable keychain flashlight. It’s durable and easy to use, making it a good option to use for anything from outdoor adventures to global travels.

You can read more reviews and see the latest price here

– SureFire Sidekick Details –

Length: 2.5 inches

Bezel diameter: 0.58 inches

Weight: 2.0 ounces

Material: Plastic

Lumen: 5 (low) – 60 (med) – 300 (high) lumens

Light Modes: 3

Runtime: 45 hrs – 4 hrs – 1.25 hrs

Special Features: 3 brightness levels, micro-USB charging port, split keyring

Streamlight 72101 KeyMate

This mini flashlight offers unparalleled run-time in a small and durable design. It can easily be attached to your bags, clothing, or other gear.

Made from machined aircraft aluminum, it’s nearly unbreakable and likely one of the most durable models available. It’s a simple and tough design. This also makes it a heavier option that some models, so if you are a weight conscious packet and value lightweight gear, this may not be the option for you.

The light features some incredibly long run-times—up to 96 hours. It runs on LR44 batteries and does not have the ability to recharge. Also it turns on using a twist cap function, which is not my favorite design.

The Streamlight 72101 KeyMate only has one light mode with 10 lumens of output. This is more than enough for most uses and the long run-times are a huge bonus, allowing you to replace you batteries less often.

For a ultra-strong and simple designed keychain flashlight that offers long run-times, the the Streamlight KeyMate is one to consider. It’s a great everyday small LED flashlight to have at hand.

You can read more reviews and see the latest price here

Streamlight KeyMate Details

Length: 2.25 inches

Bezel diameter: 0.8 inches

Weight: 0.9 ounces

Material: Aluminum

Lumen: 10 lumens (high)

Light Modes: 1

Runtime: 96 hours

Special Features: Pocket clip, scratch-resistant, LED available in white, green or blue


Keychain Flashlight Buying Guide

What Exactly is a Keychain Flashlight?

Compact and lightweight, keychain flashlights are designed to be ultra portable and for quick access. They are easy to carry and pack which makes them an ideal tool for travel, outdoor activities, and everyday carry.

Like the name suggests, they are are small and light enough to attached to your keychain or clothing, or store in your luggage, backpack, purse, or anywhere else you think you may need them.

There many to choose from and a wide range of performance. You’ll find a wide range in features, brightness (lumen), weight, length, battery type, and run-time. All of which you’ll want to compare when choosing the best keychain flashlight for your intended use.

Advantages of Keychain Flashlights

Flashlights may be that piece of gear you don’t think you need, until you need one. The thing is, your typical flashlight is bulky and heavy, not something you want to pack with you on your trip. Or let along carry around with you all day.

Tiny and lightweight, keychain flashlights are convenient alternatives that you can have with you or easily pack in your bag for when you need a light. They are great for anything from searching for lost keys, emergencies, to nighttime bathroom trips. Plus, at just an ounce or two they weigh almost nothing.


With their simple design they can easily be turned on with a push of a button or twist of a cap. A simple and bright light is often all that you need, so you don’t have to opt for a overly complex model with tons of features.

I’ve learned that having a reliable flashlight can come in handy more than one would think. Given the huge increases in light technology it doesn’t cost much for a high-quality flashlight these days, which is why I have quite a few stashed around ready for a trip or outdoor adventure.

Trust me, you’ll be glad you have one stashed away in your pack when you stay out on the trail too long and are wandering back to your car or hotel.

Keychain Flashlight Uses

You’ll find having a keychain flashlight incredibly useful to have in your travel and outdoor gear toolbox.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of situations where you can use keychain flashlights:

  • Camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting, and fishing. If you value space and weight, a keychain flashlight is a great option for a reliable light source. At ~2.5″ long and just a few ounces they are an incredible small and light. You won’t think twice about packing a piece of gear that is this light.
  • Survival, search, and rescue. If you ever find yourself in an emergency situation, a power outage, or are lost, having a light source is one of the most useful tools. They can help guide you in the dark or search for other people in emergency situations.
  • Casual and everyday use. You don’t need to be a survivalist to take advantage of a keychain flashlight. You can keep one in your bag, car or a drawer in your home to use for any situation that requires a quick and handy light source.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Keychain Flashlight


In general keychain flashlights are small and light, but you’ll still find varying sizes and weights. For the smallest possible option you should opt for a micro sized light, which are typically under 2.5 inches in length.

For a more powerful keychain flashlight you need a model that can house a larger battery and you should look into AAA battery models. These are generally 2.5 to 3.5 inches long. You’ll also want to consider the bezel size, which is the widest part of the flashlight. On most models, bezel diameter ranges between 0.5 to 0.8 inches.

Even the smallest micro-sized keychain flashlights offer incredible light power, but if you want upwards of 200+ lumens of light you should go with a AAA flashlight.

AAA keychain flashlights are still very portable and can be easily stored in a pocket or hooked to your bags. The best way to get a real life idea of the flashlight size is to look for products that show a hand-to-product comparison.


Keychain flashlights are made in two main shapes—a tube shape and a flat block shape.

You’ll find that many micro-sized keychain flashlights come in a “flat block” shape. This is possible since they use smaller and often flat batteries. A flat and narrow shape is ideal for sliding the flashlight in your bag or pants pocket. The Nitecore Tip 360 is a top example of this shaped flashlight.

Other models are offered in the traditional “tube” shape. This is what comes to mind when you think of a household flashlight. This models are still narrow and easy to slide into pockets and they can also be stood on end for a candlelight. This is a nice feature to have when you need a hands free light source. The Streamlight Nano is an example of a small tube shaped model.

The LRI PII Pro is an example of one of the smallest mini flashlight options. It is built in the shape of a button and offers the easiest carry option, but is limited on power output.


Whether you are packing your bag for a longer trip or just heading out for the day, the weight of your bags matter. The lighter, the better—and ultimately more comfortable.

Most keychain flashlights only weight one to two ounces, which makes them almost unnoticeable in your pocket or bag. This is what makes them ideal for throwing in your bag for travel.

If you are looking for the lightest LED flashlight, then you should look at micro-sized models that range from 0.33 ounces to 1.2 ounces in weight. For more light power you will have to look into AAA models that are a bit heavier, but still weight only a few ounces or less. Many are made with a lightweight aluminum body to keep weight down.

Battery Type

You want a reliable and long-lasting light source, which means that battery type and quality is an important factor. With flashlight brightness, in general larger batteries are required to power larger LED bulbs. The best keychain flashlights offer a good balance of light output and run-time.

You’ll find that there are two main battery types in mini flashlights. The first is a cell type battery, which are flat and commonly used in watches and other micro electronics. An common model of this sized battery is a CR2032 cell.

More powerful keychain flashlights will require larger AAA batteries. Larger and heavier than cells, but also a common household size which makes them easy to find and buy. If you want a rechargeable option, then there are also many AAA sized lights available.

When comparing the best keychain flashlights, micro keychains with battery cells tend to offer the longest run-times. However, this is almost directly related to the lower light output that they produce. Overall for travel purposes I find that these micro LED lights offer the best balance between brightness, battery life, and size.

Rechargeable Models

If you are confident that you will always have a convenient way to recharge your light on the go, then a rechargeable keychain flashlight is a great way to save money (and the environment). You may end up paying more upfront to buy a rechargeable light, but in the end you’ll recoup your money spent when you don’t have to constantly replace batteries.

Most rechargeable models use a USB or micro USB connection, so you can easily connect to a laptop, TV, or anything else that offers a USB port. Now days it’s common that many hotel rooms and airplane seats offer a way to charge via USB.

On the other hand, if you spend a lot of time away from technology, you’re likely better off going with a high quality lithium battery and packing along replacements.


The amount of light a flashlight produces is referred to the lumen output. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light. Depending on how and where you will primarily use your flashlight you may need a certain level of light output.

If you will be mostly outdoors and in larger areas, in general the brighter the better. The brightest keychain flashlights produce around 300 lumens of light, which is enough for most casual users. Most ultra-bright models have a multiple light modes, which means you don’t always have to blast your flashlight at full power and can save battery life.


On the other hand, for mostly indoor use and occasional outside activities, a lower powered flashlight will likely be suitable. You can get away with a smaller and less powerful model that produces around 10 to 120 lumens of light.

Bulb Type

Flashight technology has improved dramatically over the last decade, which makes it possible for LED lights to be extra powerful. For several reasons you’ll find that all keychain flashlights are powered with an LED bulb.

The first is size, since LED bulbs are incredibly powerful for their small size they are ideal for small flashlights. The second is the lifetime of the bulb. LED bulbs are among the longest lasting light bulbs available. This means that your flashlight will last for years.

Lastly, LED bulbs are incredibly durable and shock resistant. Since it is likely that you keychain flashlight will be knocked around and dropped during use it’s important that it’s built with a bulb that won’t break.

Light Modes

The best keychain flashlights will come with multiple light modes, ranging from firefly (very low), low, medium, high, ultra-high and strobe.

Having a light with various light modes is a great feature to have and allows you to customize the light output in different situations. This in turn helps you save battery life when you don’t need the brightest power output.

Having a strobe function on the light can be useful for signalling friends or in emergencies.

Switch Type

Switch type plays a large role in how easy and functional your keychain flashlight will be to turn on and off. You’ll find that there are both button switches and twist-cap switches.

For durability and ease of use my recommendation is to go with a model that comes with a push-button switch. However, there are many great models that are made with twist-cap on/off switch.


A button switch is generally more durable and easy to find and use with gloves on. They can also allow you to cycle through light modes if that feature is included. You don’t have to worry about over-twisting the cap or remove your gloves in order to get a better grip. The drawback to button switches is that they can be actuated when stored in your pocket or bag, which can kill a battery very quickly.

Twist caps work by turning the head or tail cap of the flashlight. If the model has multiple light modes you can cycle through the modes with ‘clicks’. This is a very common feature on smaller flashlights, but in my opinion it is less desirable than a button switch for durability reasons.

Beam Type/Shape

Beam types and shapes can vary between flashlights and in some cases can be focuses to produce a narrower and brighter light. Some models tend to have wide beams, which are great for outdoors or activities when you are moving around a lot.

Other lights have a narrower beam, which can be useful for shining your light over longer distances or reading, but doesn’t give you a wide range of view when used outdoors.

Material & Construction

For durability and weight purposes, keychain flashlights are most commonly made from plastic or aluminum. You will also find some models made with brass or copper bodies.

Hard-anodized aluminum is used on the many flashlights for several reasons. It is strong and durable, which makes it resistant against dents and scratches. Plus, it is more weather resistant that other materials.

Plastic versions are generally some of lightest options, but you also sacrifice some durability. Apart from material choice, the best keychain flashlight will be constructed in a strong and compact (minimal amount of pieces) design to ensure that the body stays intact after extended use.


There is no doubt that gear tends to get abused during outdoor activities and global travels. The best keychain flashlights are designed to be water and impact resistant. This means using a strong material and built with good seals to keep water out.

If you are looking for a keychain flashlight for extensive outdoor use, durability will be a key feature to consider when comparing models. Take a look at the product description and make sure that the flashlight is built to withstand water. Some models can even be submerged completely.

Price Range

When it comes to keychain flashlights, you can find models in almost any price rang from $5 to $100.

You can grab a decent quality budget light for around $10 to $20. These options are often enough for most casual users and will last for long time when taken care of.

If you want an one of the brightest keychain flashlights, the you can expect to spend anywhere from $30 to $70 to get a model with more power and multiple light options. Higher-end models will tend to offer more features, such as recharge capability and strobe functions.

The Bottom Line

Lightweight and small, keychain flashlight are perfect for travel and outdoor adventures when you need to an efficient and reliable light source. At just 2 to 3 inches in length and a only a few ounces you won’t even know they are in your bag. And you’ll have a bright light when you need one.

Whether you are frequently outdoors in the wilderness or just need a light for general daily use it’s hard to beat the size and performance of a small LED flashlight.


You can easily store them in your bag or attach them with your car keys. Use them for walking the dog, camping, hiking, hunting or fishing, for emergencies—the list is endless.

As quick overview of what to look for when choosing the best keychain flashlight:

  • Durable and weather resistant construction.
  • Capable of producing 10+ lumens if ultra-small and up to 300+ lumens for larger models.
  • Lightweight portability with an attachable clip feature.
  • A good balance of brightness and run-time  – consider how much light you need and the possible longest use time.
  • Uses efficient battery type or is rechargeable.

Our top picks?

Small, cheap and reliable: The Streamlight 72101 KeyMate is hard to beat when you’re looking for a small, cheap and reliable micro flashlight. It produces 10 lumens of light output, has a very long run-time (up to 96 hours), and is compact enough that you can carry it anywhere.

Compact and versatile: A great value for performance, the solid aluminum the ThruNite Ti3 keychain flashlight offers variable light modes (including strobe) and is still super lightweight. Plus, it runs on cheap and easy to replace AAA batteries.

Sturdy, ultra-bright and rechargeable: If looking for one of the best keychain flashlights out there that offers multiple light modes and is rechargeable, the Nitecore TIP is probably your best bet. It’s a bit pricier than other options, but you get an ultra-powerful and durable light that will last.

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Rand Shoaf

Introduced to traveling at a young age, Rand has since traveled to over 45 countries. Learning how to maximize credit card sign-up bonuses in college has allowed him to earn millions of travel miles and points. Using the same tips and tricks he writes about here has ultimately allowed him to explore the word for pennies on the dollar.

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