Boingo Offering Half-Off 3 Months of WiFi Plus a $25 Amazon Gift Card

If you’re like me, you have the need to be constantly connected, especially so while traveling. I found out that Boingo is still offering 3 months of unlimited WiFi access and a $25 Amazon gift card at $4.98 per month. That is half-off the normal $9.95 per month. After paying the discounted rate, it really comes out to free WiFi for 3 months and a $15 gift card. This is a good deal since I can’t always rely on my 3G at airports and access to WiFi signals at different terminals is never a sure thing.

In case the Amazon gift card offer does not show up, save this screen as proof of the offer:

Boingo Offer


Also, depending on what device you’re using the offer might not appear, so if you have a smartphone and the offer isn’t showing up for you, try using a laptop if possible.

Thanks for reading! – Well Traveled Mile

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