The day US Airways and American Airline merger that we’ve all been anticipating has come and there is still some uncertainty as to all the changes that plan to take place, but many of the new changes have been recently announced including information about the fate of member elite statuses and miles that have been earned.

Some changes are expected to be in place sooner than others like some reciprocal benefits between the two airlines for its elite level status passengers. Not all benefits have been decided on so how the US Airways elite status holder’s will match up with American Airline’s is yet to be announced.

 Official Press Release from oneworld

The mileage programs will begin to integrate with one another beginning in January as well. Passengers will be able to start earning American Airline miles by flying on US Airways and US Airways for flying on American. This also comes with  being able to redeem miles on both US Airways and American Airlines.

The mileage programs will not be fully merged until later in 2014 or early 2015, but you will be able to earn and use miles for each others programs.

As of now, it’s unclear whether you’ll be able to transfer Dividend miles into the other the American Airline program, but miles that you earn beginning in January will count towards both airlines programs.

One thing that is clear and worth taking advantage of is US Airways’ Star Alliance Partners until it becomes a member of the oneworld Alliance with American Airlines on March 31. If you have been earning miles towards US Airways and enjoy flying with some of its partners like Delta, you have until the end of March to redeem your miles with one of the Star Alliance partners.
Stay posted because there are still more changes to come and we can expect almost all changes to go into effect by 2015.

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