Canada Goose vs Moncler: Who Makes the Best High End Parka?

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High-end jackets that fall apart after one season will leave you with buyer’s remorse. But when you choose between Canada Goose vs Moncler, you’ll get a great jacket that is built to last.

You expect high-end jackets to be well-made and durable enough to last for years, otherwise, you won’t want to pay those hefty prices for them.

Luckily, there are a few brands that live up to these expectations. If you’ve heard of Canada Goose or Moncler, you know they are luxury clothing brands that design some of the best high-end jackets on the market.

But it’s hard to tell which one is best just by looking at them in the store or online. That’s why we’ve broken it down for you, so you can decide for yourself which one is best in the Canada Goose vs Moncler debate.

Why Invest in a High-End Warm Winter Jacket

If you’re trying to decide which warm winter parka to buy, you may think brands like Canada Goose or Moncler are a bit too pricey to make them worthwhile. But luxury jackets like this have an advantage over other brands.


First, though they have high price tags, this usually reflects the quality of the materials used. An expensive winter jacket will use sturdy fabrics, quality insulating materials, such as down, and will likely last for a few years longer than other cheaper brands.

A high-end winter jacket will also be extra warm and have a great fit since so much extra detail goes into them. And these luxury models will also look great, fitting into your style with ease.

So, rather than buying a new jacket every year, it may be best to invest a bit more of your money into one of these great brands that will keep you cozy for years to come.



A Bit About Canada Goose

Canada Goose is a Canadian clothing company, so they know cold. They started off in a small warehouse in Toronto, Ontario, back in 1957, specializing in snowmobile suits, woolen vests, and raincoats, all designed to battle the wide range of Canadian temperatures.

Then, in the 1970’s, they invented a volume-based down filling machine, which launched a new era for the company.

They branched out into lighter parkas and outerwear but still kept the same durability and warmth that their customers needed.

But their products don’t just function well, they also look great and can be used for almost any situation.


A Bit About Moncler

Moncler was founded in 1952 in Monestier-de-Clermont, Grenoble, France, though the company is now located in Italy.

This brand has spent years perfecting their products, combining fabulous style with technological research from mountaineering experts to create products that can be used anywhere. From the highest peaks to the busiest cities, Moncler is there, keeping you warm, dry, and looking great.

But Moncler stands out from the crowd, with distinctive looks and styles. Their products also come with a high price tag, which reflects the quality of the materials used.

But while coming up with amazing products, Moncler has kept a sense of responsibility and respect for the animals and the planet that help them create their luxury clothing.


What to Consider when Choosing Canada Goose or Moncler?


When it comes to Canada Goose vs Moncler jackets, both brands have high-end prices. But Moncler generally has higher price tags than Canada Goose.

For instance, the cheapest parka Moncler carries is the Jovet, which costs $1550.00. The most expensive Moncler parkas are the Talence models, which have a huge price tag of $2740.00.

Compared to Moncler, Canada Goose parkas are pretty cheap, though still costly for those on a budget. Their Summit jacket is the cheapest in their parka lines at about $1000.00, roughly half the cost of Moncler’s cheapest model.

And their Snow Mantra parka costs just under $2000.00, which is only a few hundred more than Moncler’s cheap parka. This makes Canada Goose one of the best winter jacket brands in terms of price.


When it comes to fit, Moncler jackets and parkas tend to be a bit slimmer. They have sharper lines and edges, making them look more stylized than other brands out there. This attention to detail has given Moncler a more unique reputation that they have worked hard to achieve, by pushing the boundaries of fashion and combining designer looks with quality materials.

Canada Goose has taken a more straightforward and utilitarian approach to their jackets. Many of their down jackets look the same, with the same cut and fit, and the same goes for their other jacket styles. But there is one thing Canada Goose has added in terms of fit. They offer Fusion Fit as well as the standard fit.


Fusion Fit is designed to make it easier for those with smaller body frames to find outerwear that fits their bodies. They created this fit guide by analyzing 26 key body measurements and scanning over 16,000 people from Japan, China, and Korea.

Fusion Fit models have a smaller hood, narrower chest, and shorter hem and sleeve lengths. And there is a wide range of sizes to choose from as well, just like the standard fit models.


Style isn’t exactly Canada Goose’s strong suit. But their jackets are not meant to make you look like a fashion icon. They are as utilitarian in their look as they are in their make. The most fashionable thing they do with their coats is to add stylish fur edges on the hoods.

They also stick with pretty basic colors, with most of their jackets only coming in one or two options. Their Carson parka is the most versatile in terms of color, with 7 options to choose from, including one camo pattern.

Moncler has a variety of patterns and finishes to choose from. For instance, their Neuvic has a ski resort-inspired print that will look great on any mountain.

The Fabas shows the print of a storm, complete with rain and lightning. There are also a variety of solid colors available, with both shiny and normal finishes. Zippers, pockets, and hoods are all created to give you a unique look that stands out from the rest of the crowd.


Though one or two of their jackets use simple fabrics, like twill, the majority of Canada Goose’s expensive winter jacket models are made using Arctic Tech materials.

This is a blend of 85% polyester and 15% cotton with a DWR finish to keep you dry on those icy winter days. You’ll find this material combo on their popular Chilliwack Bomber and their Clarence Parka, as well as many of their other winter clothing.

The down, fur, wool and shearling used in their products are all sourced ethically to ensure the animals these materials come from are being treated humanely over the course of their entire lives. And they use only the highest quality of each material, to give you the softest, warmest jacket possible.

Moncler sticks with nylon for the majority of their parka and bomber jackets, though there are a few exceptions. Both the Crepel and Talence Parka models use cotton, and the Bellentre Bomber jacket is made of wool gabardine. But no matter which one you pick, they are great quality materials that are both stylish and warm.

Moncler also ensures that the materials used for the body and insulation are of the highest quality, meeting safety standards. This includes the nylon, down, coyote fur, and all other materials, which are strictly tested to identify their chemical composition and to ensure they don’t contain any hazardous chemical substances.



When it comes to warmth, Canada Goose and Moncler are pretty evenly matched. Both brands use 90/10 down-to-feather ratio in their fashionable winter jacket models. This means they are both stuffed with high-quality down feathers, which are both lightweight and extremely insulating.

As well as keeping you extra warm inside the coat, the high fill power also helps to block out the wind in both brands, so no cold air will get in. This amazing protection is one more reason to check out Canada Goose and Moncler winter jackets.


If you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on one of the best winter jacket brands around, you want it to last. This means it must be made of durable materials that won’t fall to pieces at the slightest bit of use.

Both Canada Goose and Moncler pride themselves on using quality materials for their products. Not only are they strong, but they are also soft, making them more comfortable against your skin. But there are a few differences.

Canada Goose sources their down from Hutterite farmers in Canada. It is 90% down, 10% feathers, which makes it much warmer than other blends with higher a feather ratio. All their products are hand stitched for much closer attention to detail. And the water repellency adds to the durability.

Moncler also uses 90/10 down, which holds up well and increases the insulation capabilities. They use Japanese nylon for the outer fabric on most of their coats, which is extremely fine. This also helps to hold the feathers in rather than allowing them to poke through.


Warranty is extremely important, especially when you’re spending as much on a winter jacket as you are when buying a Moncler or a Canada Goose model. Otherwise, you may be regretting your purchase if it fails on you the first time you use it.

Canada Goose has a great warranty, which guards against defects in both the workmanship and the materials for the lifetime of the product. If there is any type of manufacturing defect, Canada Goose will repair it free of charge.

And if it can’t be repaired, they will replace it with the same product or a similar style and value if the exact model isn’t available.

Moncler doesn’t seem to have a warranty policy. There is none listed on their site, though some customers have mentioned some vague warranty timeframe.

This makes it a bit difficult to know what type of return policy they have and if they guard against any type of manufacturing defects. It could also deter people from buying their products if there is no guarantee that any defective pieces won’t come with costly repairs.

Buy a Canada Goose if You…

There are many reasons to buy Canada Goose products. They are well-built, last for years, and have that great lifetime warranty.

Their prices, though high, are still feasible if you consider the fact that you won’t have to buy a new jacket or parka every year.

But Canada Goose isn’t the most stylish brand out there, with their utilitarian look and simple colors. They are also quite common in certain areas, so you may see quite a few others wearing an identical jacket as you are.

Of course, for more rugged use, whether climbing, skiing, or just working out in your yard, they are built to handle it all and keep you warm and comfortable at the same time.

Buy a Moncler if You…

Moncler has put a lot of effort into creating great-looking jackets that look fantastic in any type of setting, modern or otherwise. They use quality materials that hold up, though are not meant for rough use. And their products keep you warm in cool temperatures, with a great fit that won’t restrict your movement.

But along with those stylish models comes high designer price tags. And though great for cool weather, they likely won’t hold up in the harshest months of the year.

Another issue with these products is that they are a bit difficult to clean, especially the jackets with shiny finishes. And, there is no lifetime warranty, so you need to be more careful with them.

Canada Goose vs Moncler Bomber Jackets

For our first Canada Goose vs Moncler product comparison, we’ll be looking at the Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber against the Moncler Barytine Quilted Bomber Jacket. There are both men’s and women’s sizes available in both brands, though the Chilliwack Bomber is quite a bit cheaper than the Moncler Barytine.

Let’s look at the Chilliwack first. It is hip length with a relaxed fit. The material is Canada Goose’s Arctic Tech, which is designed for colder climates, plus is water and wind resistant. This combination of polyester and cotton is also durable, yet soft and warm for those chilly days. The elbows are reinforced for extra durability as well. The white duck down inside has a fill power of 625.

The tunnel hood has a shaping wire inside to help hold it up on windy days. There is also a removable fur ruff around the hood for extra warmth and protection when needed. Military buttons hold the storm flap closed over the main zipper, blocking out even more of the cold air.

There are 5 outer pockets and 1 inner one to hold your gear and keep your hands toasty. The Chilliwack is dry clean only, though, so it isn’t always the most convenient jacket if it gets dirty.

The Moncler Barytine Quilted Bomber Jacket uses nylon for the outer material and the inner liner, with down insulation for that extra warmth. There is an elastic hem on the bottom to keep it tight, locking in your body heat while keeping the cold out.

The fit of the Barytine is also regular, like the Chilliwack, and it has the same length. But it does lack a hood, using only an elasticized rib-knit collar to shield your neck from the icy winds. Another difference is the look of the Moncler bomber.

It is quilted, with a stylish look that will fit in almost anywhere, while the Chilliwack is built more for durability than style. The Moncler also has only two hidden side pockets, which is great for handwarming but not much else.

Canada Goose vs Moncler Parkas

For our Canada Goose vs Moncler parka comparison, we’ll look at three different parkas. These are the Canada Goose Women’s Shelburne Parka and the Men’s Langford Parka, and the Moncler Women’s Moka Down Parka.

The Canada Goose Shelburne parka for women has a slim fit and a thigh length for superior warmth on those cold days. Like many of the warmest Canada Goose jacket models, this parka also uses their Arctic Tech material for water and wind resistance and amazing durability. The insulation is 625 fill power white duck down from North America.

There is an adjustable hood with a removable fur ruff for extra protection from the elements. The chin guard is lined with tricot fabric. There are adjustable exterior cuffs with recessed rib-knit cuffs to add even more comfort and warmth. A back vent gives you some airflow, and there are even interior backpack straps to make it easy to carry the parka when the weather warms up.

The Canada Goose Langford Men’s Parka has similar features, including the slim fit, the white duck down, the tricot chin guard, and the 2-way adjustable hood with the removable fur ruff. But this one has a couple of extra pockets on the outside and replaces the backpack strap with a webbing grab strap on the upper back of the parka.

Though the men’s parka is a bit shorter, going only to mid-thigh, it is still a great choice in terms of protection and warmth. Both jackets are dry clean only and have the exact same price.

The Moncler Moka only comes in women’s sizes, with a slim fit and a long knee length. It has lacquered nylon on the outside, with down insulation inside the quilted fabric. The hood is detachable, with elastic drawstings and press-studs to hold it tight around your face while adding protection.

A die-cast zipper seals the front of the parka, but there is no stormflap like the ones on the Canada Goose parkas to give you extra protection from the wind. There are also only two hand pockets. And, most importantly for those on a budget, though extremely stylish in appearance, this parka costs over $400 more than either of the Canada Goose parkas.

Canada Goose vs Moncler Hats

As for winter hats, both brands have a variety to choose from. Many of the Canada Goose hats are unisex, such as the Fitted Beanie and the Waffle Toque.

This company tends to favor wool as well, using Merino wool for their Thermal Toque, Wool Yarn for their Balaclava, and a wool blend for the Standard Toque. They also have a variety of different styles to choose from, so you can pick your favorite.

Moncler hats also come in a variety of styles, though they have skimped on the names. If you check their website, you’ll see each one is called only Hat.

But they still have a range of styles, from balaclavas to beanies, to the popular pom-pom style. And they also come in a range of colors and patterns to choose from.

Moncler also uses different types of wool but has added a few cashmere hats to the mix, though these come with a high price tag.

And speaking of price, the Canada Goose hats top out at $350.00, while the most expensive Moncler hat costs an astonishing $1500.00.

Canada Goose vs Moncler: Is There A Clear Winner?

It’s a bit hard to choose which is the best brand when comparing Canada Goose vs Moncler. It really depends on where you’re going to be using it.

Those who spend most of their time out climbing, skiing, or doing other rigorous winter activities will likely favor the Canada Goose winter jackets, due to their durable materials and extra features.

But if you want a winter jacket that screams style, Moncler may be the better choice, so long as you stick closer to home and are all right with the higher price tag.

That being said, there is a brand in each category that wins out for a few reasons. In the bomber jacket section, the Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber has a bit more to offer than the Moncler Barytine Quilted Bomber Jacket. This includes the tunnel hood, the extra pockets, and the stormflap over the main zipper. The material is also a bit more durable, and it has a few extra pockets, which always come in handy.

The same goes for the parkas. The Canada Goose Shelburne and Langford models both have great outer material that is water and wind resistant. They also have adjustable hoods, though not detachable like the Moncler Women’s Moka Down Parka.

And as a bonus, there are straps to carry the jacket when you aren’t wearing it, which is rare on any type of parka. And though the Moka is stylish as heck, the Canada Goose parkas still fit in with the more modern crowd.

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