Ciao Luggage Review: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

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Luggage is one of the most important aspects that can inflate the costs while traveling. Most low fare airlines charge surprisingly higher charges for your checked-in luggage.

Hence it is more than important to buy a luggage carrier that lets you stay within the airline limits. Ciao Luggage is one such brand that pays emphasis on this aspect.

The company focuses on offering useful under the seat luggage options. They look smaller but have the capacity of handling much more than one expects it to carry.

Also, a carry-on under the seat luggage ensures that your belongings stay within your reach during the travel.

More importantly, it saves money spent on checked-in luggage and the time needed to check-in/check-out at the airport.

Apart from these, the company also offers luggage options for a variety of customer needs. With the aim to offer the best international travel luggage, the products are easy to lift, transport and travel.

Quick Answer: Ciao Luggage Review

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A Bit About Ciao Luggage

Over a short period, Ciao Luggage has risen to become a reliable manufacturer of a wide range of modern travelware.

The company pays emphasis to the overall design and intends to maximize its efficiency and convenience to offer the worlds lightest cases and luggage.

Ciao luggage projects itself to offer products characterized by intelligent design, hard lightweight construction, and most durable luggage.

Integrating each of these aspects, their portfolio includes products that are both a combination of style and sensibility.

The brand focuses on producing bags made from durable materials. It is their USP that sets it at par with some of the well-known global manufacturers. The 100% ballistic nylon is a much better material than the usual polyester.

Ciao luggage is presently offering luggage options to almost all kinds of traveler. Be it a vacation or business travel; they have everything for almost every kind of customer.

If you want you can skip ahead and read the Ciao luggage reviews.

Overview of Ciao Luggage

The company has come up with some smart luggage variants that are meant to suit almost every purpose.

For instance, if you are a business traveler and travel quite often with not so heavy luggage, then the Ciao 15'' Expandable Under Seat Bag is not only perfect but an affordable option as well.

On the other hand, if you are a small family that goes out for vacation twice or thrice each year, we recommend buying Ciao Luggage Voyager 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Set.

Other than these, the company features some exclusive range of luggage options for people looking to buy something premium. Ciao Luggage features different types of luggage options for different segments of customers.


We spoke about the importance of handy luggage and how much you could save with the rightly sized option.

Considering these aspects, the company features options in almost every size category. From the smallest to the best fitting under-the-seat luggage options, they have them all.

Their range starts with 15-inch luggage that is expandable and goes up to 28 inches. In between, there are multiple sizes available, i.e. 19, 20, 24, and 28 inches. Their 28'' luggage packs in enough space and is still easy to handle when traveling.

Design & Style

Speaking about the quality, CIAO Luggage has left no stone unturned. It focuses on providing products that are not only handy but made to last for a long period.

However, with a strong focus on quality, they have not compromised with the design and style options.

Integrated with Italian elements, they have integrated a protective layer through the use of ABS plastic exteriors.

It increases durability and ensures the luggage stays protected from scratches or accidental hits while you travel.

Also, the smart colors make them even more appealing. Available in multiple color options ranging from different shades of blue to red, they have them all.

If you are looking for a metallic finish, opt for the silver colored variants. But in case it’s something funky and eye-catching, opt for the striking blue colors.

Each of these products has been crafted to stand out in the crowd thanks to the stylish 360-degree revolving wheels that takes almost no effort when transporting from one place to the other.

The handles seated at the top of each variant add a touch of elegance and premium feel to the product.

Hardside vs. Softside (Materials)

Like the coconut, good luggage is something that is soft inside and hard outside. It needs to blend both the elements to ensure the things inside remain safe and protected.

Conducting a hardside luggage review, we observe the integration of the Polycarbonate lightweight scratch resistant materials and ABS plastic exteriors make it tough from outside. So even if your luggage is handled roughly, it is still well protected from the hits or blows it receives.

Equal efforts seem evident when you look inside. The sections are well segregated to keep your belongings in place and not messed up while you travel. The easy to pull down straps and zipped dividers are made using premium materials.

The cushion from inside through the layered clothing provides a protective layer in between the outer shell and the inside. The edges of each luggage have reinforced corners that do all that’s left out regarding protecting your materials.

The Weight of Ciao Luggage

Good luggage is certainly something that fits in all your materials with ease. But efficient luggage is the one that not only does the above task but also ensures that it doesn’t make it heavy.

CIAO Luggage seems to have done a lot of research to come up with a technology that makes products compact without adding more weight. The perfect dimensions with calculated measurements are made to distribute weight evenly on all corners.

This ensures that when you pull your luggage, the 360° mobility in all directions ensures the luggage remains light on your hands. More importantly, the strong handles have been designed in a manner that reduces efforts when lifting the luggage.

Storage & Organization

Inside, the luggage comes with fully-lined roomy interiors equipped with down straps and zipped dividers. The integration of the compartmental designing facilitates separation of belongings such as liquids while allowing quick access.

Some variants feature the expandable carry-on luggage making it expand to over 50% more than its default capacity.

Spinner & Roller Wheels

Wheels being one of the most important parts of a luggage body have been given special attention too. It is evident when you look at their products that allow 360-degree smooth revolving.

They have been crafted using durable nylon materials making the product sturdy to intense traveling. The four dual spinner wheels are easy to move and make luggage light to your hands.

Other Features

In addition to the features above, the variants come fitted with sturdy ergonomic aluminium telescopic handles. On the one hand, the material makes it strong while on the other they are easy to pull.

More importantly, the strength ensures that despite being heavy, they are well-capable of withstanding the pressure when pulled.

Other worthy features include the classy handles on the outside, the spacious separators inside and the strong straps that keep the luggage in place all the time.

TSA Compatible Combination Lock

Some of Ciao's luggage comes fitted with TSA Compatible Combination Locks which is important in the States. It offers access to the Transportation Security Administration by using a master key without the passenger being present.

However, they are designed in a manner that makes them toughest of the locks around. These have been built using special alloy lock bodies in addition to sheathed steel cables that are tightly braided.

The hardened steel lock ends have patented internal mechanisms which is why the company extends unconditional lifetime guarantee to them.

Build Quality & Durability

Overall, the CIAO Luggage looks to be an affordable yet sturdy set of luggage variants that not only abide by the traveling laws and norms but for intense travel.

The quality has not been compromised and the materials used make the product durable that lasts for years. With the basic care and maintenance, you can expect to use these for several years.


Most of the products come with a three year Limited Warranty. The coverage of warranty differs from one product to the other.


Ciao Luggage Reviews

Now that we have gone through CIAO Luggage as a whole, it’s time to check out some of their best products on offer.

We have reviewed some of our favorite models below.

Ciao Carry On 100% PC Lightweight Expandable Luggage With Spinner Wheels

This luggage is made from 100% Polycarbonate lightweight scratch resistant materials. It looks premium and provides maximum protection.

The four dual spinner wheels facilitate 360° mobility in all directions ensuring the luggage remains light on your hands. Inside it comes with a fresh fully-lined roomy interior fitted with down straps and a zipped divider.

This divider is pretty handy as it separates your belongings and gives easy and quick access. Hence, you need not to worry about organizing your belongings inside.

The product is available with a 2-year warranty but lasts for years thanks to the polycarbonate suitcase shell. It is expandable and can expand 30% more than its standard size.

Another handy feature that is a must for the quick and regular travelers is its self-repairing zippers powered by the lockable pulls.

Shop The Ciao Carry On 100% PC Lightweight Spinner

Ciao Carry On 100% PC TSA Lock Lightweight Expandable Spinner

Similar to the one mentioned above this carry-on features also a TSA Compatible Combination Lock.

This product is also made using 100% Polycarbonate lightweight scratch resistant materials. It combines style, functionality, space, and protection to make it an innovative luggage option.

It does have the popular 360-degree mobility feature that allows movement in all directions. The smooth movement of the spinner wheels ensures that there is a limited weight on your arms.

Inside it is spacious with a fully-lined finish coupled with down straps and zippered divider. Hence, you need not to worry about easy and quick access to the materials inside.

The company backs this product with a two-year comprehensive warranty. Regarding space, you may expand it up to 30% more than the usual capacity to fit in more than usual. There are also the self-repairing zippers and lockable pulls that we spoke of before.

Shop The Ciao Carry On 100% PC TSA Lock Lightweight Spinner

Ciao Carry On Wheeled Airplane Weekender Under The Seat Bag

Made of 100% real ballistic nylon, this luggage comes powered by the dual-pole telescopic handles. These are much efficient than the traditional single pole handles and provide extra durability as well as stability.

Inside, the luggage borrows the compartmental design that helps in separating belongings like liquids and allows quick access. More importantly, the design maximizes storage space to a remarkable extent.

The bag has been designed especially for regular short trip travelers. Another feature that makes it efficient is the lightweight construction that makes portability easy when traveling.

The fully lined interiors, on the other hand, have organizational pockets that keep your belongings tidy. Its sleek design makes it easy to fit under the seats of most airlines ensuring that you don’t have to pay extra apart from your ticket.

Shop The Ciao Carry On Wheeled Airplane Weekender

Ciao Expandable Underseat Bag Carry-On Luggage

The expandable or the convertible under-seat carry-on measuring 15 inches in height fits easily under the seats of most airlines.

You may expand it to its maximum that is a height of 22 inches, and it will still fit under the seats comfortably. This expandable feature is its USP that allows almost 50% more space when fully expanded.

It comes fitted with a push-button locking retractable handle that makes it quick and easy to carry or place in areas where needed.

Speaking about the wheels, it has the inline skate wheels that allow smooth movement. It is made using fashionable and durable nylon materials that have the capacity of withstanding intense travel.

The interiors have a fully lined construction with both multiple interior and exterior packing compartments.

Shop The Ciao Expandable Underseat Bag

Ciao Voyager Hardside Luggage Spinner Wheeled 20-inch Suitcase

Combining durability and portability, it is one of the best hard-sided suitcases from Ciao. It is also available in a 2 or 3 piece set in 6 different colors.

The design facilitates effortlessly glide across the airport thanks to the smooth spinner wheels. The wheels can revolve an entire 360° making it convenient for the user to roll it smoothly and let it remain stable on the run.

Speaking about the features, it blends in durable hard-side construction with an added protection from ABS plastic exteriors.

This new feature ensures that the luggage shrugs off scratches and keeps the clothes/materials in the same position.

Other inclusions are telescoping top handles, internally zipped dividers, and reinforced corners.

Shop The Ciao Voyager Hardside Spinner


The Bottom Line: Is Ciao Luggage Right For You?

To conclude, it is evident that Ciao Luggage packs in everything needed from a good brand. The products instill some of the most recent features while blending all the contemporary elements expected to be integrated.

Overall, their range offers good value for money and integrates some unique features that set them apart. If you are looking for a luggage that is small but can be expanded to fit in a reasonable volume of materials then Ciao Expandable Underseat Bag Carry-On Luggage is the one to opt for.

For customers searching for a premium product that is also high in terms of features the Ciao Wheeled Airplane Weekender Underseat Bag is the best option.

Lastly, for an affordable product that offers the best value for money, it is best to choose the Ciao Carry On 100% PC TSA Lock Lightweight Expandable Spinner or the similar Carry On without TSA Lock.

Still want to compare more luggage? Consider looking at our Rockland and Revo luggage review or our detailed suitcase comparisons of Rimowa vs Samsonite or Briggs & Riley vs Tumi.


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