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Since stumbling upon the world of credit card miles and points while in college and learning the secrets of earning over one million miles and points, I decided it was time to help others travel the world for a fraction of the cost. As the hobby of maximizing airline miles and points grew on me, adventurous international trips for next-to-nothing became the norm and I found it interesting to refine my skills of finding and taking advantage of the best deals offered a luxury travel lifestyle to be enjoyed on these adventurous trips.Well Traveled Rand

I’ve traveled to over 40+ countries, and can mostly credit traveling on miles and points earned from credit card offers. Catching onto these deals and learning better strategies, it has allowed me to travel the world at a fraction of the cost.

Today I enjoy writing Well Traveled Mile to spread the word about maximizing miles and points and Bend Explored about travel and living in Bend, Oregon.


“It is better to travel well than to arrive.”

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7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi- just found your website, very helpful as I’m narrowing down for a new personal card and new business card. Question, if i may, how much have you had to spend in order to amass all of these perks allowing you to travel worldwide ?

    • I’ve never added up the total spending, but I put all my everyday spending and bills on my credit cards so it’s money that I would be spending one way or another. If I have several new cards that I need to hit the min spend on I’ll cycle through using them or use manufacture spend to help hit the requirement.

  2. I love all your pictures of the remote places that you have gone. I don’t know how to figure out how to do this. I’m originally from WA state by the way and visit often friends in Portland and Canby and ski Mt Hood. My kids favorite mouton to ski. Anyways. I’m trying to figure a trip for this summer and I’m looking at South America and Italy. I just don’t know where to begin. We are very active and we love the beach but I love the Italy pic you posted and the Argentina Pic you posted I just have no clue how to do airlines or where to go and how to do it. But you post totally inspired me to look harder and try to figure it out. My main thing is I have tons of Airlines miles in United American US Airways and Delta but I have over 300,000 UR and we have over 400,000 in each of Hilton and Priority Club. Have you ever used a person who plans the trips for you or do you figure it out yourself. Arghhh I just find it so overwhelming but I want to go.



    Enjoyed hearing about you in MMS

    • Hi Carla! First off thank you for commenting, it’s so nice to know that you have northwest roots!

      I’ve never had a travel agent organize my trip, usually I take a couple weeks to plan out where I want to go, how long I can travel for, what I really want to see and what I would like to get out of the trip. Listing those points helps out a lot because you’re really going to end up having the trip that you will never forget rather than traveling for the sake of traveling and not seeing much!

      In terms of miles, it’s good to know that you have so many. You should check out the partners of United, Delta and US Airways after you have narrowed down the country or countries you would like to visit. For example, United and Copa airlines are partners so your points can be redeemed for either airline. Copa is a major south American airline and it flies to Buenos Aires for example.

      Let us know if you decide on where to go, we would be happy to help you plan your trip. In the mean time, you should read our Travel Destination guides. It might give you a better idea of where you would like to go!

      Cheers &
      Travel Well!

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