Credit Karma is one of the few great ways to check your TransUnion credit score for free, and they just added a valuable new feature. Now you can check your full credit report whenever you log-in to your Credit Karma account.

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Normally you can only get one free credit report per year from each credit bureau through, but with Credit Karma’s new feature you will be able to check it as often as you like. In my opinion this adds a ton of value in terms of monitoring your credit report and one nice feature is that you can view your credit report by month, making it a great way to track your report over time.

It is free to sign-up and your score will be updated once per week. Now when you log on, you will see the option to view ‘Full Credit Report’ on the drop down menu under ‘My Finances’. It does say that the feature is in beta, but hopefully it will soon be a permanent tool on Credit Karma.

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One of the biggest uses of this is to keep track of your hard credit inquiries as you apply for new credit cards. Generally each hard inquiry will be removed from your credit report after two years, and even after 3 months the impacts can diminish. However, note that since this score is a TransUnion proxy the credit inquiries will also only be based on TransUnion.

The new full credit report feature released by Credit Karma is a great new free tool for anyone applying for credit cards to earn miles and points. Using it to manage your credit score and plan out your applications can be huge a benefit and it’s great to see that Credit Karma is offering this service for free.

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