Don’t Forget to Register Your (New) Cards with Dining Programs

Signing up for new cards to earn sign-up bonuses is a regular thing for me, but sometimes I forget to register all of them with a dining program to earn extra miles. This is a simple step to take and will help you earn extra miles for everyday purchases at participating restaurants.

The way it works is by registering your card with a company called Rewards Networks. They will give you miles and points whenever you spend money at one of their participating restaurants. Once your card is registered, you can leave everything up to them–the points you earn will be deposited into you account a week or two after your purchase. You can only associate a credit card number with one program to earn miles or points. Registration is free so you should do it for each of your cards and decide where you want to earn points.

Participating airline dining programs:

American, Alaska
Delta, Southwest
US Airways

Other travel dining programs are:

Priority Club
RBC Rewards

How to maximize earning: To maximize this strategy you should use a mileage/point earning credit card so that you are double dipping and earning miles from the dining program plus the miles earned from your credit card. In general you will earn 3 miles per dollar spent through the dining program, but after you dine ten times you become VIP status where you earn 5 miles per dollar spent.

This is just another simple way to earn more miles!