Earn 5X to 12X on $200 Visa Gift Cards at Staples.com

| Updated: May 11, 2014
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One of the best manufacture spend deals at the moment is buying $200 gift cards at Staples.com with a 5x earning credit card. Previously Staples was only selling Visa gift cards up to $100, but now you can get twice the bang for the buck when you pay the $6.95 card fee. This means you earn more back and deal with half the number of gift cards.


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The top credit cards for this are the Chase Ink Bold and Ink Plus cards (preferably Visas) that earn 5X Ultimate Rewards points at Staples. The value of the UR points along with the highest earning potential make this the best card choice in my opinion.

How to Earn 5X+ on $200 Visa Gift Cards

1. Have a 5X Earning Card at Office Supply Stores

The first place to start is by having the right card. You want one that earns 5X at office supply stores. The best cards for this include the Chase Ink cards (Plus, Bold, and Cash versions), but you can also get away with a American Express SimplyCash or Discover Business Card.


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2. Earn 1% Back Using Visa Savings Edge

If you have a Visa card you can enroll your card account with Visa Savings Edge, which allows you to earn 1% back from Staples purchase. This is in addition to the 5X you will earn on your Chase Ink Plus or Bold cards.


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It is necessary to have a Visa card to enroll in the program (hence the name). Chase used to issue its Ink cards as MasterCards, but has since switched over to Visa. If you don’t have a Chase Ink Plus/Bold card, now is a great time to grab it with its higher 60k bonus offer.

3. Earn 6X by Shopping Through a Portal

There are many shopping portals to choose from, so depending on which one offers the highest earning and what rewards you want it’s ultimately up to you.

I’ve used a few of the various shopping portals and never had any problems, but I recently gave SwagBucks a try because they are currently offering 6X rewards at Staples. As soon as my rewards post I’ll report back with a review.


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Due to the fact that promotional deals are always coming and going from these portals, you can use CashBackMonitor to find the highest earning portals. Note: SwagBucks is not a portal listed on CashBackMonitor.

Let’s do the Math

By leveraging these rewards earning cards and portals you can earn 5X to 12X back in rewards. Let’s run some numbers to see how it breaks down. The bottom line is that using these methods you can earn a profit while earning extra miles and points. Yes, you heard that correctly.

Lets assume you have a 5X earning card and purchase five $200 Visa gift cards ($1,000) through SwagBucks to get an extra 6X rewards.

If you use a Chase Ink Plus Visa card you will earn:

  • Purchase cost: $1,034.75
  • Visa Savings Edge earning (1%): $10.34
  • Shopping portal earning (6X): $62.08
  • Total end cost: $962.33
  • Ultimate Rewards points earned (5X): 5173.75
  • Profit: $37.67

Get paid to earn miles? If everything comes through you’ll earn a profit + earn points.

The maximum number of gift cards you can purchase at once is reported to be 10 ($2,000). Anything above that may result in a friendly call from Staples 😉

How to Use the $200 Visa Gift Cards?

After receiving the Visa gift cards all you will need to do is activate each card, then you can use them in various ways.

  • You can liquidate Visa gift cards by:
  • Load to Bluebird or do a money order
  • Liquidate through Amazon payments for free
  • Pay bills
  • Use for online purchases
  • Load Amex Target card for $3 per $400 and cash out via ATM or bank transfer
  • Use for regular purchases

Quick Recap

Buying $200 Visa gift cards with a 5X earning credit card while using Visa Savings Edge and a cash back portal is an easy way to make a little profit while earning extra miles and points. I’ll report back as soon as everything clears on my recent purchases through SwagBucks.

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6 thoughts on “Earn 5X to 12X on $200 Visa Gift Cards at Staples.com”

  1. Great post! I hear rumors that swagbucks may discontinue their bonus on purchases for gift cards, any truth in this?

    • James, glad you found it useful! I’ve heard some buzz about that also. Currently my last transaction was delayed a week, but I’ll update as soon as everything goes through.

  2. Nice breakdown. I believe the Target pp allows only a $400 pd maximum withdrawal. First one free, then $2 or $3 for subsequents.

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