If you haven't heard yet, there are a handful of increased bonuses for dining rewards programs, making now a great time to sign-up if you haven't done so already. If you're a new member and sign-up for all programs, then you can grab up to an easy 12,000 bonus points across various airline and hotel programs.

In general, dining programs are always a great way to earn extra miles on purchases you might already be making. By registering a credit card to your airline or hotel dining rewards program account you can earn extra miles at participating restaurants and bars.

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If you haven’t already registered your cards with these programs, now is a great time to do so with many offering an increased welcome bonus. Most programs only allow you to link to one card at a time, so be sure to choose your typical high earning every day credit such as the Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard® or Chase Sapphire Preferred. You can always change your linked card at any time, so you’re not locked in.

Over the last week many hotel and airline dining programs bumped up their welcome bonus to 1,000 to 2,000 bonus points. When you sign-up most will require you to opt-in for the newsletter to earn the bonus, but you can always change the subscription settings after you register.

Current Dining Reward Program Bonuses

United - 500 to 3,000 Free Miles

Currently the MileagePlus Dining Program is offering 500 free United Mileage Plus miles for signing up by July 10, 2014. Only new members to the program are eligible for the bonus. After creating an account all you need to do is link up to five credit cards, and if you dine five times within the first 30 days at any of the programs participating restaurants you can earn extra 2,5000 bonus miles.

There is no minimum purchase amount, so you can simply buy a drink at five different establishments and earn a total of 3,000 United miles. Not bad, right?

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US Airways - 2,000 Free Miles

Currently you can grab an extra 2,000 Dividend Miles when you create a new account with the Dividend Miles Dining Program. To earn the 2,000 point bonus you’ll have to join by June 13, 2014 and then:

  • Spend $30 or more on a single dine at a participating restaurant using the card you registered with the program.
  • Complete a review of the restaurant within 30 days of dining

The spending amount seems to include taxes and tip, and could likely includes gift cards. You will received a email with an option to review the restaurant at which you dined.

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American Airlines - 2,000 Free Miles

You can earn 2,000 AAdvantage bonus points when you sign up for the their dining program. To earn the bonus all you need to do is sign up by August 30, 2014 and:

  • Dine at a participating restaurant within the first 30 days, spending $30 (including tax and tip).
  • Complete a review within 30 days (you’ll be emailed a review link)
  • Opt-in to received mail notifications with the program (you can change this later).

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Southwest - 1,000 Free Miles

The Southwest Rapid Rewards dining program is offering an increased bonus of 1,000 points. All you need to do is register by June 8, 2014 and:

  • Dine at a participating restaurant within 30 days and spendi at least $25 (including taxes and tip)
  • Complete a review of your dining experience (you’ll be emailed a link).
  • Opt-in to receive email notifications.

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Delta - 2,000 Free Miles

To earn an extra 2,000 Delta SkyMiles all you need to do is enroll in the SkyMile Dining program by December 31, 2014 and:

  • Spend a total of $30 (including tax and tip) at a participating restaurant.
  • Complete a review of the restaurant within 30 days of dining
  • Opt-in to receive email notifications.

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IHG Rewards Club - 1,000 Free Points

Similarly you can earn an easy 1,000 bonus IHG Rewards Club points by signing-up for the Priority Club Rewards Dining program. To earn some extra IHG points check out some other current ways to earn free points.

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Hilton - 1,000 Free Points

Currently you can also earn 1,000 Hilton HHonors points through simply signing up for the Hilton HHonors Dining.

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Through these increased dining program welcome bonus you can easily earn extra miles and it only take a couple of minutes. Plus you’ll continue to earn extra miles anytime you dine using your linked credit card.

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