Back in September, I wrote about the amazing 70,000 Ultimate Rewards point welcome bonus on the Chase Ink Plus card. Even though I already had an existing Ink Plus card that I opened in March, 2014 I decided that the deal was too good to pass up and decided to apply for a 2nd card during my last round of credit card applications.


Chase Ultimate Rewards transfer partners

Chase was offering a limited time increased 70,000 Ultimate Rewards point welcome bonus on the Ink Plus Business Credit Card after spending $5,000 within the first 3 months. This was an incredible deal for this card as the highest welcome bonus offered in the past has been 60,000 Ultimate Rewards points.

If you have already have a Chase Ink Plus business card, you probably want to know if it’s possible to get the card a second time and whether it’s worth it. First, let’s look at whether the welcome bonus was worth applying for the card.

This offer triumphed the past highest offer of 60,000 points by an extra 10,000 bonus points, but the $95 annual fee was not waived the first year. Given that I can put the extra 20,000 Ultimate Rewards points to high value use I was easily willing to pay the $95 annual fee.

Some of the highlights of the Ink Plus Business Credit Card include:

  • Earn 5x points for every dollar spent (on up to $50,000 annually) at office supply stores, internet/wifi, TV/cable, and telecommunications.
  • Earn 2x points for every dollar spent (on up to $50,000 annually) at gas stations and hotels.
  • NO foreign transaction fees
  • Transfer Ultimate Rewards points at a 1:1 ration to valuable transfer partners.

Earning 70,000 Ultimate Rewards Points on My 2nd Chase Ink Card

I ended up having to call into Chase’s reconsideration line after receiving a “pending application” status when I applied. Even after offering to shift some of my existing credit lines around, the Chase rep said it would be possible to extend some credit to me and approve the new card.

After hitting the $5,000 minimum spend in early October no bonus had posted to my account. And I’m not going to lie, even though I confirmed that I would receive the bonus with a Chase rep before applying I was skeptical if I would actually receive the bonus after hitting the spending requirement because I already had one card.

70,000 Ultimate Rewards points on my second Chase Ink Plus card

70,000 Ultimate Rewards points on my second Chase Ink Plus card

The good news is that the 70,000 Ultimate Rewards points posted to my account this last week. Since I just launched a new online business I applied under a separate business name than my previous card and this may have been a factor. I can’t say for sure how Chase distinguishes unique cardholders from unique businesses.

All-in-all it’s great to see Chase rewarding welcome bonuses if you have multiple multiples of the same business card. The Ink Plus is a great card to have for anyone that has business expenses and the card often offers a very lucrative welcome bonus of 50,000+ Ultimate Rewards points.

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