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Free & Quick 1,000 American Airlines AAdvantage Miles

Right now you can earn a super easy free 1,000 American Airlines AAdvantage miles. All it takes is just a few minutes and watching a few promo videos, so there’s no reason not too!

To earn the 1,000 free AA miles you need watch 6 promotional videos and complete a short 6 answer quiz (1 question after each video).

After completing all 6 videos and questions you’ll earn 1,000 AAdvantage miles which will post to your within 6-8 weeks.

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What you Need to Do

Link: Learn and Earn Promo – 1,000 Free AA Miles

  1. Enter any destination on the promotional landing page (anything works).
  2. Click on any of the 6 video options.
  3. Watch the full video or click to the end of the video to make the question appear.
  4. Answer the question at the end of the video. Next, repeat for all 6 videos.
  5. After answering the sixth question you can enter to win the Grand Prize (free First Class ticket anywhere in the world) via the giveaway. You will have to submit your name, email, and AA Advantage account number (this is also how you will earn the 1,000 free miles).

To earn the miles you don’t even have to answer the questions correctly, but at least try to get them right! If you want to know the correct answers you can see them posted on Dans Deals here.

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This super easy and quick way to bank 1,000 free AA miles and is a no brainer and only takes a few minutes. Apart from toping off you account with free miles another perk is that it will reset the expiration date on your mileage account!

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