January 30, 2020
Best Packable Sun Hats - Ultimate Sun Protection for Travel, Hiking & Outdoors

Looking for the perfect packable sun hat to take with you on you travels and outdoor adventures? Let's face it, when we travel we spend more time exposed to the sun's rays than we wish. Whether you are soaking up the sun on the beach or spending the day strolling around Rome, there is one […]

January 30, 2020
Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Sleeping - Get Sound Rest Anywhere

Looking for a pair of the best noise cancelling headphones for sleeping? We've all been there, searching for sleep on a long-haul flight or covering your ears with a pillow while trying to get some rest while sharing a room with a loud snorer. Whether you're at sleeping at home or traveling, getting quality sleep […]

April 13, 2020
RTIC SoftPak vs YETI Hopper: Who Makes the Best Soft Cooler 2020?

When it comes to finding the best soft sided cooler these days, it boils down to one question: RTIC SoftPak vs YETI Hopper---who makes the best soft cooler? Both YETI and RTIC are among the most well-known premium cooler brands on the market now. YETI is more established and was the ground breaker for introducing […]

January 30, 2020
5 Best Compression Sacks For Travel & Backpacking

When it comes to making the most of the space you have available in your luggage, sometimes rolling and folding your clothes into tidy stacks can only get you so far. Typically you usually find this out half way into your trip! Although I often can still get away with rolling my clothes on simple […]

April 13, 2020
Best Travel Backpacks 2020: Carry-On, Convertible & Rolling Backpacks

There are many different types of travel bags available in the market, each designed for a specific purpose. The reality is that each type--roller bags, daypacks, duffel bags, carry-on, backpacks--serves a different type of traveler better than others. The key is finding the bag that fits your needs. Apart from all this, not all backpacks […]

April 13, 2020
Best Travel Duffel Bags 2020 - Rolling and Duffel Backpacks for Traveling

There is a time a place for suitcases and rolling luggage, but when it comes to carrying loads of your gear around the world a durable, having the best travel duffel bag is hard to beat. Travel duffels come in every size imaginable, many feature backpack straps, and they are built super tough. Every traveler […]

January 30, 2020
Is Merino Wool Travel Clothing Worth The Money?

Merino wool is often talked about as the ultimate travel and outdoor clothing material. You've probably heard your gear-obsessed friend bragging about their merino wool shirt that they wore 5 days in a row and it didn't even smell. I'm a huge fan of merino wool and it's anti-smell and fast-wicking properties that keep you both dry and comfortable when travel activities […]

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