Whether you're just getting started with Hilton Honors or you're curious about how your benefits work, this complete Hilton Honors FAQ will help.

We'll cover everything from basics of the program to Hilton Honors credit cards, elite benefits, and how to earn and use Hilton points.

General Hilton Honors Program

What is Hilton Honors?

Hilton Honors is the rewards program for Hilton hotels. More than 5,600 properties in 100 countries and over one dozen Hilton-owned brands participate in the program, allowing you to earn Hilton points that can be redeemed for free Hilton stays, on-property rewards, and experiences. Points can also be transferred to partners.

Is Hilton Honors free to join? How do I join?

You can join Hilton Honors for free by clicking here.

What hotels does Hilton own? What are the Hilton brands?

Hilton owns more than one dozen brands ranging from economy to luxury:

  • Waldorf Astoria
  • Conrad Hotels
  • LXR Hotels
  • Hilton Hotels
  • Curio - A Collection by Hilton
  • Embassy Suites by Hilton
  • Canopy by Hilton
  • DoubleTree by Hilton
  • Hilton Garden Inn
  • Homewood Suites by Hilton
  • Tapestry Collection by Hilton
  • Hampton by Hilton
  • Tru by Hilton
  • Home2 Suites by Hilton
  • Motto by Hilton
  • Signia
  • Hilton Grand Vacations
  • TEMPO (coming soon)

What are Hilton luxury brands?

Hilton Honors includes three luxury brands:

  • Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts
  • Conrad Hotels & Resorts
  • LXR Hotels & Resorts

Upper upscale brands include Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Curio - A Collection by Hilton, and Embassy Suites by Hilton.

Learn more about Hilton Honors brands here.

Is Hampton Inn owned by Hilton?

Hampton is owned by Hilton and it's one of Hilton's largest brands with more than 2,400 hotels, most of which are in the U.S.

Do all Hilton hotels have executive lounges?

No, executive lounges are found at Hilton luxury brands, some upscale brands, and DoubleTree. Hilton hotels with executive lounges include:

  • Waldorf Astoria
  • LXR Hotels & Resorts
  • DoubleTree by Hilton
  • Hilton Hotels
  • Curio - A Collection by Hilton
  • Conrad Hotels

Do Hilton Honors points expire?

Yes, Hilton points expire after 12 months of inactivity.

How do I keep Hilton Honors points from expiring?

You can keep Hilton points from expiring by:

  • Staying at a Hilton hotel
  • Earning Hilton points through third parties, including using a
  • Hilton Honors credit card
  • Donating Hilton points
  • Buying Hilton points

Learn more about keeping your Hilton Honors account active and reinstating expired Hilton points here.

What is the Hilton Honors customer service number?

You can reach Hilton Honors customer service by calling 1-800-548-8690.

How do I check my Hilton points balance?

You can check your Hilton Honors point balance by logging into your Hilton Honors account, using the Hilton Honors app, or contacting customer service at 1-800-548-8690.

How do I retrieve my Hilton Honors number?

You can find your member number by:

  • Choosing "My Account Overview" from the app or your Hilton Honors account
  • Calling customer service at 1-800-548-8690
  • Searching for your Hilton Honors confirmation or welcome email

What are Hilton Honors base points and bonus points?

Base points are earned on Hilton stays and count toward elite status; bonus points can be earned by using a Hilton Honors credit card, through promotions, or through third parties. Other than base points counting toward elite status, there are no differences between the points.

What is Points Pooling?

Points Pooling allows you to share points with friends and family members. Points are pooled or combined in a single account to book an award stay. You can pool points with up to 10 other people.

What’s the difference between Points Pooling and Points Transfer?

Points Pooling allows you to combine points with up to 10 other Hilton members to book an award stay together; a points transfer transfers your points to someone else's account. With a points transfer, the other member will own the points in their own account.

Can I gift my Hilton Honors points?

Yes, you can gift Hilton points to someone else. You can gift 1,000 to 500,000 points per transfer without fees.

How do I combine multiple accounts?

If you have multiple Hilton Honors accounts registered under the same name, log into your Hilton Honors account and choose "Combine Accounts." You will need to log in and provide information about the account you want to merge. You can't combine accounts held by different members.

Can someone else use my Hilton HHonors number?

No, but you can book an award stay in someone else's name using your Hilton Honors member number.

How do I get my credit for a missing Hilton Honors stay?

If you are missing credit for a Hilton stay, call 1-800-4HONORS. You can also log into your Hilton Honors account and go to "Account Overview" then "Missing Stay" under "My Stays." You can submit an online missing stay request form to claim missing points.

How long does it take to transfer Hilton points?

Points transfers to another Hilton account are typically completed in less than 24 hours.

Hilton Credit Cards

What credit cards earn Hilton points?

What credit cards earn Hilton points?
There are four Hilton Honors American Express cards:

  • Hilton Honors American Express card
  • Hilton Honors American Express Surpass card
  • Hilton Honors American Express Aspire card
  • Hilton Honors American Express Business card

Learn more about all four Hilton Honors credit cards here.

What is the best Hilton credit card?

The best Hilton card depends on your spending habits and how often you travel. The Hilton Honors American Express Surpass card with a $5 annual fee is a good choice for most people as it earns 12x Hilton points at Hilton and up to 6x points on other spending with free Gold status. The Hilton Honors Aspire card has a $450 annual fee and is only recommended for frequent travelers. It includes a free weekend night stay every year, Diamond Status, and a $250 Hilton Resorts credit every year.

What are the benefits of the Hilton Honors credit cards?

The Hilton Honors credit cards offer many benefits including automatic elite status, the ability to earn bonus Hilton points at Hilton and everywhere you use your card, and depending on the card, the ability to earn free Hilton weekend night stay certificates. The welcome offers can also be enough for up to one dozen free night stays!

Can you have multiple Hilton cards?

Yes, you can have multiple Hilton Honors credit cards.

Is there a premium Hilton Honors credit card?

The Hilton Honors American Express Aspire card is the premium co-branded card with a $450 annual fee.

Is there a no annual fee Hilton credit card?

Yes, the Hilton Honors American Express card has no annual fee and earns up to 7x Hilton Honors points on spending with automatic Silver status.

Can I upgrade my Hilton Honors credit card?

Yes. You may even receive targeted upgrade offers from American Express to earn a welcome offer when you upgrade your Hilton Honors card to the Hilton Honors Aspire or Surpass card from American Express.

How do I earn a Hilton free night certificate?

Hilton Honors free night certificates are earned with any Hilton Honors American Express card with an annual fee. You can earn a certificate on your card anniversary and/or by reaching spending thresholds within a calendar year. Learn more about Hilton free night certificates.

Earning Hilton Points

How many Hilton points do I get per night?

For each night spent in a Hilton hotel, you can earn 10 points per $1 that’s spent. Guests staying at Tru and Home2 Suites can earn 5 points per $1. If you are using a Hilton credit card, they can earn 7x to 14x points on top of this as well as an additional 20% - 100% for Elite Status members.

How do I earn Hilton Honors points?

There are a few ways that Hilton Honors members are able to earn Hilton Honors points:

  • Stay at Hilton properties
  • Sign up for Hilton promotions
  • Earn Hilton points with travel partners
  • Sign up for Amex Offers
  • Dine with the Hilton Honors Dining program
  • Shop at partners
  • Transfer miles or points to Hilton

Learn more about ways to earn Hilton Honors points.

How can I earn Hilton points with a credit card?

You can earn Hilton points for all spending with a Hilton Honors credit card with bonus points at Hilton properties and bonus categories like gas stations and supermarkets. All spending with your credit card will earn points.

Can I earn Hilton Honors points by shopping?

If you sign up to one of the Hilton Honors credit cards you can earn Hilton Honors points for each dollar you spend. You can also earn Hilton points for shopping at a few partner retailers or by taking advantage of Amex Offers through your Hilton credit card.

Can I earn Hilton Honors points by dining?

By signing up for Hilton Honors Dining, you can earn points at thousands of participating locations across the country. For each dollar spent you can earn up to 8 Hilton Honors points.

Can I earn miles instead of Hilton Honors points?

As a Hilton Honors member, you can exchange your Hilton Honors points for miles with airline and rail partners. Exchanges work both ways: you can also transfer miles from partners to Hilton.

Is buying Hilton points worth it?

If you only need a small number of points to redeem for a free stay or there's a bonus offer, it may be worthwhile to buy Hilton points. Hilton Honors members can purchase as many as 80,000 points each year.

How can I earn Hilton points fast?

There are many great ways to earn Hilton Honors points quickly, such as:

  • Welcome offers from the Hilton Honors credit cards
  • Buying points
  • Staying in Hilton hotels
  • Signing up to the Dining Rewards program
  • Renting cars with partners
  • Transferring points from other loyalty programs
  • Linking your Hilton Honors account to Lyft

Can I earn points for multiple rooms if I am paying for them?

Hilton Honors members can earn points for up to two rooms per each stay in a Hilton hotel as long as all charges are paid for together on the same bill.

What qualifies as an eligible hotel stay?

As a general rule, an eligible stay at Hilton is one booked directly through Hilton, not through a third party like a discount travel site.

Using Hilton Points

What can you use Hilton points for?

Not only can you use your Hilton Honors points for free nights at any Hilton hotel, but you can also spend them on Hilton Experiences, at Amazon.com, or transfer them to rail and air travel partners. It’s also possible to donate your Hilton points to charities such as the American Red Cross or even to local churches or memorial funds. Learn more about ways to redeem Hilton points here.

How do I redeem Hilton Honors points?

You can book a reward stay either through the Hilton.com website or over the phone at 1-800-4HONORS. You can use all points for an award stay or a combination of points and cash. You can also redeem Hilton points for other things through your Hilton Honors account.

How many Hilton points do you need for a free night?

The number of points needed to redeem a free night with Standard Room Rewards will vary depending on the property, the type of room and the dates. Award stays start at 5,000 Hilton points per night.

What are Hilton hotel categories?

While Hilton properties are broken down into categories, each requiring a different amount of points for a free stay, Hilton no longer publishes an award chart and uses dynamic pricing instead. You can use their Points Explorer tool to get an idea of how many points you will need for a property.

What are Hilton Honors points worth?

When it comes to rewards programs, Hilton Honors points are one of the lower valued ones when compared to other hotel reward programs. As a general rule, Hilton points are worth about 0.5 cents each.

Can you use Hilton points for Amazon?

Yes, you can use Hilton Honors points with Amazon. All you need to do is link your Hilton Honors account to your Amazon account and select Hilton Honors from your choice of payment options and how many points you wish to use when checking out. You won't get a good value, however.

How much are Hilton points worth on Amazon?

When you choose to use your Hilton Honor points as your method of payment on Amazon, 500 Hilton Honors points will equate to $1.

How do I redeem my Hilton free night certificate?

To redeem your Hilton free night certificate you’ll have to do so over the phone by calling 1-800-548-8690 or 1-877-444-9847 if you’re a Hilton Honors member with Diamond status. Learn more about redeeming Hilton free night certificates here.

Can you book premium rooms or suites with Hilton points?

Yes, you can book any type of room, whether it’s a standard room, a premium room or a suite with your Hilton Honor points. Even the most luxurious suites at locations all around the world are available. Premium rooms and suites cost more points, however.

Can Hilton points be transferred to another person?

Yes, Hilton Honor points can be transferred to another Hilton member so long as it’s in increments of 1,000 points.

Can Hilton points be transferred to airlines? Can I use Hilton points for flights?

Yes, Hilton Honor points can be transferred to airlines. Hilton has partnered with several airlines, but the transfer ratio depends on the airline. Keep in mind you usually get a poor value when transferring miles.

How do I convert Honors points to miles/travel partners?

Converting your Hilton Honors points into miles with Hilton’s travel partners couldn’t be easier. Just log into your Hilton Honors account and select the "Exchange" option under "My Points."

Can I use my Hilton points for someone else?

Yes, you can use your Hilton Honors points to book a Hilton hotel award stay for someone else, however the rules and the process can differ depending on the hotel chain. Usually you will be able to use the guest’s own name, but depending on where you’re booking, you may need to make the booking under your own name and add the other person as a guest.

Can I redeem Hilton Honors points for gift cards?

No, Hilton points can no longer be redeemed for gift cards.

Can you use Hilton Honors points for Hilton Grand Vacations?

If you’re a member of Hilton’s Grand Vacations Club, you can redeem your Hilton Honors points towards Hilton Grand Vacation stays.

Does Hilton have 5th night free?

Silver, Gold, or Diamond Elite Hilton Honors members who book a 5-night award stay, including both peak and off peak nights, receive a 5th night free. The 5 nights must be consecutive to reeive one night free.

What are Upgrade Rewards?

Hilton Upgrade Rewards aren’t really a thing anymore, having been folded into the Hilton Points & Money Rewards. You can now book an upgraded reward by using points and selecting a premium room reward. You can also use Points & Money to book an upgraded award room.

What are Points & Money Rewards?

The Points & Money rewards perk allows you to book award stays with a combination of points and cash. You may even get a better value for your Hilton points when booking a stay partially in cash.

Can I cancel or change a free night reservation?

Yes, although you can't wait until the last minute. Different Hilton chains will have different cancellation policies, ranging from 7 days in advance to 24 hours in advance to receive a refund of your points.

Do Hilton free night certificates expire?

Hilton Honors free night certificates are valid for 12 nights from the date that they were issued. Any date booked with a Hilton Honors free night certificate has to both be booked and the stay completed within the 12 months before the certificate expires.

Where can I use my Hilton free night certificate?

Hilton Honors free night certificates can be redeemed against a standard room in participating Hilton hotels worldwide. Learn more about using Hilton free night certificates here.

Hilton Elite Status

What are the Hilton Honors status tiers?

There are three elite tiers for Hilton Honors members: Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Hilton Honors members start at Blue status and work their way up through Silver, Gold, and finally to Diamond.

How do I earn Hilton Honors elite status?

Earning Hilton Honors elite status breaks down as follows:

  • Hilton Honors members reach Silver status after 4 stays, 10 nights per year, or 25,000 base points or have the Hilton Honors American Express card
  • Hilton Honors members reach Gold status after 20 stays, 40 nights, or 75,000 base points or with the Hilton Honors American Express Surpass card
  • Hilton Honors members reach Diamond status after 30 stays, 60 nights, or 120,000 base points or with the premium Hilton Honors American Express Aspire card

What are Hilton Silver benefits?

Hilton Honors Silver members receive the following elite benefits:

  • 12x Hilton Honors points (or 6x points at Home2 and Tru properties)
  • Free 5th standard award night
  • 2 free bottles of water with each stay

What are Hilton Gold benefits?

Hilton Honors Gold members receive the perks of Silver status plus these additional Gold benefits:

  • 18x Hilton Honors points (or 9 points at Home2 and Tru properties)
  • Members who have stayed more than 30 nights can earn milestone bonus points
  • Free upgrades an executive-level room subject upon availability
  • Complementary breakfast

What are Hilton Diamond benefits?

Hilton Honors Diamond members receive the same perks above plus additional Diamond benefits:

  • 20x Hilton Honors points (or 10 points at Home2 and Tru properties)
  • Complimentary room upgrades as high as a 1-bedroom suite subject upon availability
  • Diamond members receive access to executive lounges
  • 48 hour guarantee

How do I maintain Hilton Honors Elite status?

You can maintain elite status automatically when it's granted through a Hilton Honors American Express card. Otherwise, you must meet the eligibility requirements for your elite status to maintain your benefits.

How do I get a free breakfast at Hilton?

Hilton Honors Gold and Diamond members receive free breakfasts at all Hilton hotels worldwide.

How do I get a free room upgrade at Hilton?

You can use Hilton points for a free room upgrade at any Hilton property when available. Hilton Honors Gold and Diamond members also receive a free room upgrade on any booking, depending upon availability. You can request a room upgrade when you check in, but it's generally done at the discretion of the hotel.

Do Hilton Honors members get free water?

Hilton Honors Silver, Gold and Diamond members receive 2 free bottles of water with each stay at a Hilton hotel.

What's included in the Hilton Executive Lounge?

At the Hilton Executive Lounge, Hilton Honors Gold and Diamond members can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Dedicated executive lounge host
  • Complimentary continental breakfast
  • Complimentary snacks, water, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks and cocktails
  • Dedicated business center
  • Private check in and check out

What is executive lounge access at Hilton? How do I get lounge access?

Hilton Honors members with Diamond status, and an additional guest staying in the same room, receive complementary access to Hilton’s Executive Floor Lounge.

Do Hilton Honors members get early check in?

Hilton Honors members can check in early should rooms be available. Members of the Hilton Honors program can also take advantage of digital check in at all U.S. Hilton locations.

Do Hilton Diamond members get free parking?

Complimentary parking is not available to any Hilton Honors members.

Do Hilton Diamond members pay resort fees?

Resort fees are waived for all Hilton Honors members on award stays.

How do you get lifetime Diamond status with Hilton?

Hilton Honors Diamond members can achieve lifetime Diamond status in two ways:

  • Holding Diamond status for at least 10 years and completing at least 1,000 nights either as paid or rewards nights
  • Holding Diamond status for at least 10 years and earning at least 2 million Base Points over the course of membership

What is the Diamond Status Extension benefit?

The Diamond Status Extension benefit allows Hilton Honors Diamond members to extend the term of their Hilton Honors Diamond status for an additional year.

What are MyWay benefits?

Hilton Honors members can take advantage of MyWay benefits to choose a custom package of benefits based upon their personal preference. MyWay benefits vary by Hilton brand but allow you to choose between bonus points and perks like complimentary breakfast, a space-available upgrade, or a snack and beverage.

Do Reward Stays count toward tier qualification?

Yes! All reward nights and stays will count towards your Hilton Honors elite status qualification. Reward stays will not count towards Lifetime Diamond status, but Hilton Honors Lifetime Diamond status is not its own elite tier.