19 Best Ways To Earn Hyatt Points [2021 Guide]

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World of Hyatt -- formerly Hyatt Gold Passport before 2017 -- isn't the largest hotel loyalty programs but it's one of the best for reward-minded travelers with almost 1,000 upscale and luxury properties and resorts on six continents, four membership tiers, and great perks for members.

World of Hyatt is one of the most valuable loyalty programs for luxury travelers with some of the best hotels and resorts in the world, despite the small portfolio.

To make up for its small footprint, the World of Hyatt even lets you earn and redeem Hyatt points at partner hotels in the M life Rewards program and hundreds of Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

Ready to start earning Hyatt points to redeem for free stays and spa services at luxury resorts and valuable elite status benefits like free breakfast, waived resort fees, and lounge access?

Here are the best ways to earn World of Hyatt points and earn your first free stay in no time at all.

Quick Answer

How to earn World of Hyatt points:
1. Earn points with the World of Hyatt credit card
2. Earn Chase Ultimate Rewards points and transfer to Hyatt
3. Staying at Hyatt properties
4. Staying at M Life properties
5. Staying at Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH)
6. Earn Hyatt points on American flights
7. Book FIND Experiences
8. Hold events at Hyatt
9. Book a car with Avis
10. Pool Hyatt points with friends
11. Buy Hyatt points

First Step: Enroll in the World of Hyatt Program

Ready to start earning Hyatt points to use toward free Hyatt stays? The first step is signing up for a free World of Hyatt account.

You can enroll in World of Hyatt for free at the Hyatt website with your name, address, and email address. Once you sign up, you'll receive your own World of Hyatt member number and the ability to start earning points.

As a brand-new member, you will be at the base level of the program unless you sign up for the World of Hyatt credit card with automatic elite status. At the base level, you'll still earn 5x base points on Hyatt stays.

You can earn elite status in the program by completing a minimum number of stays in a year, earning a minimum number of base points, or holding a minimum number of events at Hyatt.

join world of hyatt to earn points
First you need to join World of Hyatt, then you're ready to earn points!

Why World of Hyatt Points Are Worth Earning

World of Hyatt may not offer the huge global portfolio of Marriott Bonvoy and Hilton Honors but the Hyatt loyalty program is unique in many ways.

Hyatt points have a high value and the program offers excellent benefits to elite status holders.

You can earn points not only at Hyatt properties but also 12 Mlife properties -- an important benefit to help make up for Hyatt's smaller portfolio.

Hyatt specializes in upscale and luxury properties so, while their portfolio may be small, they make it count with some of the best hotels and destinations in the world.

World of Hyatt is worth joining and using for many reasons:

  • Redeem points at more than 700-1,000 properties on six continents
  • World of Hyatt focuses on upscale and luxury properties
  • Generous and straight-forward award chart
  • Redeem points for standard rooms, suites, and premium suites

The drawbacks?

Hyatt points are very hard to earn.

There's only one credit card that earns World of Hyatt points compared to four co-branded credit cards each with Marriott Bonvoy and Hilton Honors.

Despite the ability to earn Hyatt points at partner hotels outside the Hyatt brand, your options for earning Hyatt points are limited.

You can't earn Hyatt points through shopping and dining partners like some loyalty programs and your transfer options are also incredibly limited.

With Hyatt's fairly small portfolio, you may have trouble finding a property for earning points during your travels, too.

With that said, the World of Hyatt still offers plenty of value if you want generous rewards for your loyalty and you want to earn free stays at some of the world's best luxury resorts and hotels.

How Do World of Hyatt Points Compare to Other Hotel Points?

World of Hyatt points tend to offer the most value among major hotel loyalty programs, especially if you appreciate luxury properties. World of Hyatt points are worth about 1.7 cents each, far exceeding the value of Hilton Honors and Marriott Bonvoy points.

Hyatt points are among the most valuable among hotel loyalty programs but they're also notoriously difficult to earn. Keep this in mind when comparing the value of World of Hyatt points to other loyalty programs. They can be redeemed at a smaller portfolio of properties than many programs as well which may further affect their value.

Best Ways to Maximize Earning World of Hyatt Points

Want to rack up a ton of Hyatt points? You have many options including using a Hyatt credit card, staying at Hyatt and partner properties, and even earning points through partners. Here are the best ways to earn World of Hyatt points.

Earn Hyatt Points from Credit Cards

Want to know how to earn Hyatt points fast? One of the best ways to accrue a lot of Hyatt points in a hurry is using the World of Hyatt credit card from Chase.

With the World of Hyatt credit card, you'll earn an 4x Hyatt points on Hyatt stays plus 2x points on bonus categories like airline tickets and gym memberships and 1x points on all other spending.

Here's a more in-depth look at the earning potential of the World of Hyatt credit card.

Earn Bonus Points on Hyatt Stays

The World of Hyatt co-branded credit card allows you to earn Hyatt bonus points on all spending with boosted rewards for Hyatt stays that will be stacked on any other Hyatt points you earn.

Let's say you spend $100 on a one-night Hyatt stay. If you use the World of Hyatt credit card, here's what you can earn:

  • 5x base points (5 x 100 = 500 base points)
  • Elite status bonus points (10%, 20%, or 30% of base points or 50 to 150 bonus points)
  • 4x credit card bonus points (4 x 100 = 400 bonus points)

As you can see, you'll earn even more Hyatt points on your stays than you would without the credit card with even the highest elite status. The credit card even gives you automatic elite status to boost earnings even more.

The World of Hyatt credit card has a $95 annual fee but it more than makes up for it by almost doubling the base points you earn at Hyatt with a free night per year at a Category 1 to 4 hotel. The card also comes with automatic Discoverist elite status which gives you an extra 10% on the base points you earn.

It's important to remember that the bonus points you earn with the World of Hyatt credit card can be stacked with not only base and elite status points but also bonus points you may earn by signing up for a Hyatt promotion.

Hyatt frequently offers promotions that can earn you extra points on top of what you're already getting. Promotions vary but may include a 4th free night, for example, hotel credits, or double points. Check the Hyatt Offers page before you book a stay to register for a promotion and get your bonus.

World of Hyatt Credit Card Welcome Offer

Simply signing up for the World of Hyatt credit card can come with a big reward. There's no easier way to earn Hyatt points quickly than qualifying for a Hyatt credit card welcome bonus.

Welcome bonuses on the World of Hyatt credit card change occasionally but it can reach as high as 50,000 Hyatt bonus points. With a value of 1.7 cents each, that welcome bonus can be worth up to $850 when redeemed for Hyatt stays!

If you use the welcome bonus points strategically, you can get an even more impressive value. With 50,000 bonus points, for example, you can get 10 nights at a category 1 hotel like the Park Hyatt Chennai where rooms average $130 to $150 per night or the Hyatt Regency Kathmandu where night stays are around $100. Both properties are luxury 5-star hotels. There are also more than one dozen Hyatt House category 1 properties in the United States that offer free breakfast and fully equipped kitchens for the ultimate value.

Hyatt Centric South Beach Miami. Image courtesy of Hyatt.

You can also use the points for costly resorts that charge high resort fees as Hyatt waives resort fees on award nights. A great example is the Hyatt Centric South Beach Miami where rooms can top $600 or more per night in addition to the $28 daily resort fee. You can book a stay for 20,000 per night. Stay two nights for 40,000 points and you'll get a value of more than 3 cents per point.

Everyday Spending on the Hyatt Credit Card

The World of Hyatt credit card doesn't just earn bonus points on Hyatt stays; the card also earns bonus points on all other spending with 2x points on certain bonus categories.

With the Hyatt credit card, you'll get double Hyatt points on:

  • Airfare purchased directly from the airline
  • Commuting and local transit costs
  • Gym and fitness club memberships

All other spending earns 1x bonus points.

Note: you might earn more on everyday spending when you use a different Chase Ultimate Rewards credit card as Ultimate Rewards points can be transferred directly to World of Hyatt. The Chase Sapphire Preferred card, for example, earns 2x points on dining and travel plus a sizeable welcome bonus which can be transferred to World of Hyatt at a 1:1 ratio.

Earn Extra Points with Chase Offers

Chase Offers is a commonly overlooked program that offers extra points or statement credits when you sign up for targeted, limited-time offers and use your linked Chase credit card. All Chase credit cards have access to Chase Offers, including the World of Hyatt credit card.

It's not uncommon to see Hyatt offers through the Chase Offers program that can help you earn more or save a significant amount on your next Hyatt stay. One recent targeted offer allowed you to save 15% on Hyatt stays through Chase Offers.

Chase Offers always have fine print that you need to read. The offers are usually restricted to a specific time period and you need to not only book but also stay at the property by the deadline. You must sign up for the offer and use your linked card to book your stay. There may be some Hyatt brands that are excluded from the offer.

You will need to book your stay directly through Hyatt, not a third-party website.

Chase Offers allows you to double-dip or triple-dip to get an amazing return on Hyatt stays.

Earn Points Via Other Chase Credit Cards

Chase Ultimate Rewards points can be instantly transferred to the World of Hyatt program at a 1:1 ratio. If you have another Chase credit card that earns Ultimate Rewards, it can be used to earn Hyatt points a bit more easily.

Because Hyatt points can be challenging to earn yet have a very good value that's almost as high as Ultimate Rewards points, it can really pay off to use another Chase credit card when it will offer a better return than the World of Hyatt credit card.

The World of Hyatt credit card definitely offers the best return on Hyatt stays but you can probably do better on most other spending. The Chase Sapphire Preferred earns 2x points on dining and travel. The Chase Freedom Unlimited, meanwhile, earns a flat 1.5x points on all spending.

Refer-a-Friend for the World of Hyatt Credit Card

Know someone who could benefit from the World of Hyatt credit card or another Chase card? You can earn a bonus when someone you refer signs up for a Chase credit card you have.

The referral bonus you get will depend on the credit card your friend gets but it's usually 5,000 bonus points for the World of Hyatt and up to 25,000 bonus points per year.

Before referring a friend, remember that you only get a referral bonus when they sign up for the card you referred them to and that you have yourself. If you refer a friend to the World of Hyatt credit card and they sign up for the Chase Freedom Unlimited, which you do not have, you won't get a bonus.

Quick Guide: How to Refer-a-Friend for Chase Credit Cards

Want to refer someone to the World of Hyatt credit card? Referring someone to a chase card is easy with your Chase referral link. You can visit the Chase Refer-a-Friend page to get your link, see eligible cards, and find out the referral bonus you can get.

There are two easy ways to send out your referral link. The first is through the Chase app where you can click on the three dots below your active card and choose "Refer friends." The landing site above can also be used to get your referral link. Enter your card number or sign in to your Chase account to send invites directly to your friend's email or Twitter. You can also just copy the link if you want to text it or send it privately.

Earn Points for Hyatt Stays

The best way to earn World of Hyatt points fast is by booking Hyatt stays. As a World of Hyatt member, you can receive points for Hyatt stays that add up quickly and can be stacked with elite status bonuses, credit card bonuses, and more.

Every Hyatt stay has the potential to earn Hyatt points in the following ways:

  • Base points through World of Hyatt (5x points)
  • Elite status bonus points (up to 1.5x bonus on base points)
  • Hyatt bonus promotions (such as double points)
  • Hyatt credit card bonus (4x points)

Hyatt offers a flat 5 base points per $1 on all Hyatt stays and qualifying room charges like bar tabs and room service. You'll earn the same number of base points no matter which Hyatt brand you choose -- plus Hyatt partner properties at M Life hotels and Small Luxury Hotels of the World. This predictability is nice as some hotel loyalty programs have different earning rates depending on the brand and some brands that are excluded completely.

You earn the same number of points per dollar at any of Hyatt's brands:

  • Andaz
  • Alila
  • Thompson Hotels
  • Hyatt Centric
  • Park Hyatt
  • Miraval
  • Grand Hyatt
  • Hyatt Regency
  • Hyatt Zilara (adults-only resorts) and Hyatt Ziva (family-friendly resorts)
  • Hyatt Place
  • Hyatt House
  • Hyatt
  • The Unbound Collection by Hyatt
  • Destination Hotels
  • Joie De Vivre

Plus, earn the same base points at SLH and M Life properties.

Earn Hyatt points for stays at properties like Park Hyatt Bangkok. Image courtesy of Hyatt.

Earn Extra Points with Hyatt Elite Status Bonus

World of Hyatt members earn 5x base points on Hyatt stays. Once you reach elite status, you'll also get an elite status bonus on the base points you earn. World of Hyatt has three elite tiers:

  • Discoverist: 10% bonus (0.5x extra points)
  • Explorist: 20% bonus (1x extra points)
  • Globalist: 30% bonus (1.5x extra points)

On a $100 stay, you'd earn 550 points (500 base points + 100 elite status bonus points) at Discoverist level, 600 points at Explorist level, and 650 points at Globalist level.

Enroll in World of Hyatt Bonus Promotions

Don't forget to check for Hyatt promotions when planning your next Hyatt stay. Hyatt is always running specials that can be very lucrative with extra free night stays, bonus points, hotel credit, and more.

Hyatt promotions may last for just a few weeks or months. Sometimes they apply to any Hyatt stay; sometimes they're only for specific brands or locations.

For example, a recent offer applied to stays at two specific Miraval properties during a two-month period. If you booked an award stay at either property, you would receive 50% of your redeemed points back as a bonus after your stay. If you booked a paid stay, you'd earn double points or 10x base points. This offer was made more lucrative as the World of Hyatt card offered a $250 statement credit for spending at least $500 with a Miraval property.

The most important thing to remember is you need to register for a promotion to qualify for the offer.

Get Extra Points with the World of Hyatt Credit Card

When you stay with Hyatt, paying for your stay with the World of Hyatt credit card can almost double the amount of base points you earn plus give you automatic Discoverist elite status for a 10% bonus on your base points.

The World of Hyatt credit card earns 4x bonus Hyatt points on all Hyatt stays and qualifying Hyatt purchases. That's stacked on top of the 5x base points, elite status bonus points, and any promotional points you'll earn.

Earn on American Flights

In 2019, American Airlines AAdvantage and World of Hyatt teamed up with incentives to encourage their members to do business with both programs. If you belong to AAdvantage, you can link your account with World of Hyatt to earn benefits based on your tier -- including bonus points on American flights.

If you are Discoverist or higher in World of Hyatt, you will earn 1x bonus Hyatt points per $1 spent on American Airlines flights. You'll still earn AAdvantage miles as usual.

With Explorist status or higher, you can also fast track to higher elite status in the AAdvantage program.

Make sure you link your World of Hyatt account with your AAdvantage account to start earning extra Hyatt points on your next flight.

Earn Points at Partner Hotels

Hilton Honors has more than 5,500 hotels and Marriott Bonvoy has more than 6,500 properties. World of Hyatt only offers around 700 to 1,000 global properties but it tries to make up for this shortcoming by allowing you to earn points at other partner hotels outside the Hyatt brand.

You can earn base points and elite bonus points when you stay at participating Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) as well as Mlife hotels -- but make sure you understand the fine print.

SLH has more than 500 boutique luxury hotels in over 80 countries and it's often ranked as one of the world's best boutique hotel brands. The Hyatt and SLH partnership expands the number of hotels where you can earn and redeem Hyatt points but not all properties participate. Of the 500 SLH properties, more than 200 now participate in the World of Hyatt program and this number is expected to grow.

Bay of Many Coves. Image courtesy of SLH.

SLH has given Hyatt a presence and World of Hyatt members new options in many countries and regions like Costa Rica with the Hotel Nantipa, New Zealand with Bay of Many Coves Resort, and Kenya with Kemingways Watamu.

At SLH properties, you'll earn the same 5x base points that count toward elite status that you would earn at Hyatt properties. Just make sure you book through Hyatt to earn points and compare booking options to get the best value.

You'll also earn 5x base points and elite status points -- plus reciprocal elite status -- when you stay at M Life properties.

The M Life Rewards program through MGM Resorts International covers many properties, mostly in Las Vegas but also outside of Nevada. Here's a breakdown of the benefits of this partnership:

To earn Hyatt points at M Life properties, make sure you link your accounts.

Earn and Transfer Other Points (and Miles) to World of Hyatt

Currently, the only points or miles that can be transferred into the World of Hyatt program are Chase Ultimate Rewards points. World of Hyatt does not currently support converting miles in travel partner programs into World of Hyatt points.

World of Hyatt is viewed as the most lucrative transfer partner in the Chase Ultimate Rewards program thanks to its generous award program and valuable points. To transfer Ultimate Rewards points to Hyatt, log into your Ultimate Rewards account and choose Earn/Use then select "Transfer to Travel Partners." Choose World of Hyatt and enter your Hyatt member number.

You must transfer Ultimate Rewards points in 1,000-point increments. Transfers are typically instant but nonrefundable.

So, how do you know when it's a good value to transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to World of Hyatt to book a free Hyatt night?

First, check how many points the room would require through the Chase travel portal then compare it to the number of points necessary to book through World of Hyatt.

Choose the option that requires the fewest number of points.

While you can't transfer miles to Hyatt points, you can transfer Hyatt points to many other programs, however, or earn miles through World of Hyatt instead of Hyatt points.

The World of Hyatt program is unique in that it allows you to choose between earning points or miles. If you don't want to earn Hyatt points on your Hyatt stays, you can instead earn miles with one of 24 airline partners like American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, Emirates Skywards, and United Airlines.

If you decide to earn miles instead of Hyatt points, don't expect a great return. You'll get just a flat number of miles per stay. You're generally better off earning Hyatt points through World of Hyatt.

Other Ways to Get Hyatt Points

Still a little shy of your goal and need more Hyatt points? There are a handful of other ways to earn World of Hyatt points.

Book FIND Experiences

FIND is Hyatt's wellness-focused experiences platform that allows you to book unique experiences at destinations around the world. While you can book FIND experiences with points, you can also earn 10 World of Hyatt base points per dollar spent on FIND experiences. That's double the base points you earn with Hyatt stays. The FIND platform is similar to programs offered by Marriott Bonvoy and Hilton Honors except it offers much more generous rewards. Some experiences you can buy outright but others work on a bidding system.

Hold events and meetings at Hyatt

When you hold events at World of Hyatt properties, you can earn 1x points on spending up to 50,000 points per event. You need at least 10 paid rooms for a minimum of 1 night to earn points. Events at Hyatt also help you earn elite status. It takes 3 events to reach Discoverist status, 10 events for Explorist, and 20 events for Globalist.

Book a car with Avis

As a World of Hyatt member, you can get a discount of up to 25% when you rent a car with Avis plus 500 Hyatt bonus points. Make sure you use Worldwide Discount number K817700.

Pool and Transfer Points with Friends

The World of Hyatt program makes it easy to pool Hyatt points with your family and friends to reach award stays faster. You can transfer Hyatt points to any other World of Hyatt member with no fees at all but there are just two restrictions:

  • Points can only be combined once every 30 days. It doesn't matter if you are receiving or sending the points.
  • You can only transfer points to a Hyatt member in order to get enough points to redeem an award. (This isn't verified and you aren't asked what you want to book when you make the transfer.)

Hyatt has a very generous point-sharing program but there is one drawback: it's not easy to combine points with friends. To transfer points to someone else, you need to fill out a points transfer request form and provide the names, Hyatt numbers, addresses, and email addresses of both parties. Both Hyatt members must also sign the form but e-signatures seem to work fine. The completed form can be emailed to worldofhyatt@hyatt.com to have the points transferred.

Buy Hyatt points

Are you short a few points to redeem your Hyatt points for a great award stay? You can buy World of Hyatt points -- but you won't get a great value. You need to buy Hyatt points in 1,000-point increments at $24/1,000 points.

You're limited to buying just 55,000 Hyatt points per year.

While buying points usually isn't a good idea, it can be worthwhile if you're close to an award redemption and/or there's a bonus offer. Sometimes Hyatt offers a bonus when you buy Hyatt points to get up to 30% more points for your money.

Wrap Up

The World of Hyatt program has a lot to offer and stands out from the larger loyalty programs thanks to its easy-to-understand rewards program, extremely valuable award chart, and luxury-focused portfolio. While it's not as easy to earn Hyatt points as it is to earn points in programs like Marriott Bonvoy and Hilton Honors, the World of Hyatt still deserves your attention if you value free luxury stays and great elite status perks.


Which credit cards earn Hyatt points?

Hyatt has just one co-branded credit card: the World of Hyatt credit card from Chase which earns Hyatt bonus points. You can also earn Chase Ultimate Rewards points with other Chase credit cards and transfer the points to Hyatt.

How can I get free World of Hyatt elite status?

The World of Hyatt credit card offers automatic Discoverist status. If you have elite status through M Life Rewards, you can get reciprocal elite status through World of Hyatt.

What are World of Hyatt elite status bonuses?

When you stay at Hyatt properties, you earn 5x base points. Elite status bonuses give you extra points on top of these base points. Depending on your elite status, you can get a bonus of 10%, 20%, or 30% of the base points earned.

When do World of Hyatt points expire?

Your Hyatt points will expire and your account will be closed after 24 months of inactivity. To keep your account active and prevent points from expiring, you will need to stay at Hyatt, keep a current Hyatt credit card, or use or redeem Hyatt points.

How many Hyatt points do you need for a free night?

Hyatt has one of the best award charts in the industry. Free award redemptions at Hyatt start at just 5,000 points a night for category 1 hotels and go up to 30,000 points for category 7 properties. There are only a handful of properties at the highest tier, however.

How much are Hyatt points worth?

World of Hyatt points are worth about 1.7 cents each. This is one of the highest values in the hotel loyalty industry. The value of your points depends on how you use your points. You'll generally get the best value by using Hyatt points for free Hyatt stays.

Can I transfer airline miles to Hyatt?

No, Hyatt doesn't allow you to transfer miles into Hyatt points, even with their partner airlines. The only points or miles that can be transferred into World of Hyatt are Chase Ultimate Rewards points.

Can I earn World of Hyatt points from flying?

Yes, but only when you fly with American Airlines, link your AAdvantage and World of Hyatt accounts, and have Discoverist status or higher. You can get 1x Hyatt miles per $1 spent on your flight in addition to the AAdvantage miles you're already earning.

What is the difference between base points and bonus points?

There are two types of points in the World of Hyatt program. All members earn 5x base points at Hyatt stays and 10x base points on FIND experiences. Bonus points are any other points that are earned through the program, including points earned with the World of Hyatt credit card, elite status bonus points, and Hyatt promotions. There's no difference between these points except when it comes to qualifying for elite status. Base points can be used to earn elite status but bonus points cannot.


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