How to Make the Most of Using AwardWallet

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AwardWallet is simple enough to use, but organizing and using all of its features can be a bit complicated. This AwardWallet post is part of a mini-series that will show you how to use the program and all of its features.

Part 1: AwardWallet basics

Part 2: How to make the most of AwardWallet

From our last post, we learned of the different ways that AwardWallet can help you keep your points and miles balances organized to prevent them from expiring or having log into multiple accounts. It’s a convenient way to make sure that all of your points are accounted for, whether you have earned the points with airline, car rentals, cruises, hotel or shopping programs by automatically updating as you complete travel plans.

Access to Multiple Accounts

Likely you have more than one airline or points program, so you need to make sure that you keep track of the different programs. But what if you are also the one responsible for keep track of points for everyone in your family or for a friend? AwardWallet can provide an easy solution to look up balances by combining everyone's accounts into one AwardWallet account so that you can easily manage the programs.  This way you can look up balances and points to see who's points should be used to book hotel stays for example.

Travel Plans

There are two features on AwardWallet that I think everyone who feels they need a secretary should take advantage of: Travel Plans and Calendar Auto Input especially if you travel often. These features are available with the basic account so they’re free.

With the Travel Plans option, once you’ve provided the confirmation number of an upcoming flight, AwardWallet will bring up the complete itinerary so that you can store it in your calendar, share it with friends and be sure that your points are accounted for.


Picture 34


Setting your travel plans up is easy. First, select “Add Travel Plans” and then choose the airline you will be flying with. Once you find it hit retrieve and type in your confirmation number.


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Once you have provided the account number, you will have your complete itinerary available to you, and from here you can decide what to do with the information. For one, you can share it with a friend or have it published to Google so that you can look it up later. Now, if you have several upcoming flights and need a 'secretary' to keep tabs on them to make sure you don't have scheduling conflicts or miss a flight, you also have the ability to add your travel plans to Google Calendar.


Calendar Auto-Import

You have the option to save all of your travel plans from AwardWallet onto a calendar of your choice. You can choose between iCal, Outlook and Google Calendar and have alerts set to your devices for upcoming flights. This is extremely convenient because if you sync your cell phone to your online calendars, then you will have your flight schedules at the touch of a finger.

When you import your flight plans to your Calendar from AwardWallet, you have to give the two programs permission to sync "publicly." This doesn't mean that your flights will be published online, but that it will be visible to anyone who has access to your calendar or account.


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Do you use AwardWallet? How do you manage and keep track of your points and balances for different programs? If you need a refresher on how to use AwardWallet, then check out our previous article about the basics of AwardWallet!

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Advertiser Disclosure: Well Traveled Mile has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Well Traveled Mile and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers.

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