I Got a Coin for Christmas!

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a pre-ordered Coin as a Christmas gift this year even though the Coins won’t ship out until summer 2014. When the product was introduced this year, I found that the product seems very useful as long as it works as well as its developers say it will.

Basically the Coin allows you to load up to eight credit cards onto one physical card using an app on your smart phone. After loading each card you can toggle between cards and select which card you want to use for a specific purchase. I love this idea because I generally only carry my phone and a couple cards in the “card wallet” on my cellphone case.

This could be an amazing product because you can use one card to earn points and miles exactly the same way you would with all of your plastic cards, but with less wallet clutter.

Here is the promotional video about how the coin works:


If you decide to pre-order the Coin, you can do so on its website onlycoin.com for $50.

As soon as I receive the actual Coin this summer, I will test it out and let you know how it works out for me.

Did you give or receive any miles and points related gifts?

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