Simply put, there is a lot to write about in the miles & points world. That is why we’re becoming a network of blogs.

I’ve decided to invite new bloggers on Well Traveled Mile to write about miles and points news, credit card deals, money saving and travel hacking tips, and other travel related topics.

After welcoming The Points Guru into the network we are ready to consider additional new blogs to join and become part of the Well Traveled Mile network.


If you are interested in joining our network and writing a blog on Well Traveled Mile, please get in touch with us through email (

We’re looking for bloggers who are excited to write about what they enjoy doing—learning how to travel for less with miles and points. We want you to set the curve, bringing the most interesting and entertaining content to your readers.

From maximizing miles and points, credit card talk, personal finance, finding hot deals, manufacture spending, to travel stories and destination guides, we’re looking for a diverse set of blogs to help keep things interesting, educational and entertaining.

Basically we want you to write about what you like and what you know best!

How It Works

It’s no secret that it’s a ton of hard work to get a blog off the ground and growing. That’s where joining a blog network comes into play and leveraging the power in numbers. If you have good ideas and can write solid content we’d love to help get your blog up and running.

Overall we’re most excited about bringing more valuable information to our readers and creating a positive environment in the travel community. Having a blog is a great way to both share and learn more with other people passionate about the same interests. Your blog will be your place to do just that and connect with your readers.

Everything post you publish will show up on the main page of Well Traveled Mile and immediately get noticed by our readers. Each blog in the network will be linked to one another for easy navigation around the blog network.

Making Money and Blogger Agreement

The basic agreement to joining our blogger network is that you write and publish your own content your blog. You will receive 100% (gross) revenue created from affiliate and Adsense revenue from your posts and pages.

Simple right?  You won’t have to worry about anything else, for now all hosting and maintenance fees are covered by Well Traveled Mile.

It’s a win-win situation. You’ll get a jump start and immediately received readership from the Well Traveled Mile blog network and in turn you’ll help us grow.

We ultimately want to create a diverse environment for many types of travelers and miles & points enthusiasts—and are alway open to new ideas!

All the content you create is your own to keep and of course if in the future you decide to depart from our network you can take it with you.

That’s it.  The bottom line is that you’re passionate about what you write about and create worthwhile content for your readers—write about what you want, earn some money in the process, and have fun being a travel blogger.

If you have an interest in moving your blog or launching a new blog on our network please get in contact with me at

– Rand

About the author

Rand Shoaf

Introduced to traveling at a young age, Rand has since traveled to over 45 countries. Learning how to maximize credit card sign-up bonuses in college has allowed him to earn millions of travel miles and points. Using the same tips and tricks he writes about here has ultimately allowed him to explore the word for pennies on the dollar.