Last Chance: Save Money on Hotels with This Free Membership

Club1Hotels is offering a free 1 year membership when you join before October 31, 2016.

It only takes a minute to sign-up and doesn’t require a credit card, which is why I highly recommend grabbing this while it’s free.

Sign-up for a Free Cub1Hotels Membership

Since it’s free there’s really nothing to lose when signing up and you can cancel at any time later if you don’t see your self using it.

Plus, it’s always worth checking out to see if you can find cheaper hotel prices on your travel dates.


What is Club1Hotels?

Earlier this month I wrote about Club1Hotels and how the website offers wholesale hotel prices that are not available elsewhere.

It can be a great way to compare and potentially save money on hotel bookings. In any case it can be worth comparing hotel prices and is at no cost to you when you sign-up with the free membership.


When I tested out the beta program myself I was able to find some great deals and some not so great deals. The bottom line is that it’s worth comparing prices.

The idea behind the program is that after the free sign-up period is up, to join the membership will cost money.

This is how the website says it will make money—basically you pay upfront for a membership to get access to wholesale hotel rates and save money in the future on hotel bookings.

Club1Hotels says that it focuses on high-end 3.5 to 5 star hotels, but in reality there seem to be a ton of hotels available through the website and almost all major loyalty program properties.

Earn $100 For Referring Friends/Family

You can join for free until October 31, 2016. After that they membership will cost $295 and the paid membership will also come with some extra benefits.

Clearly grabbing the free membership is the way to go and if you sign-up now you’ll also be able to refer people after the free sign-up promo is over.

You’ll earn $100 booking credit that can be used for hotels, flights, or rental cars for each person you refer that signs up for Club1Hotels after October 31, 2016.

The person that signs up will also get $100 booking credit.

The Bottom Line

Sign-up for a free Club1Hotels 1-year membership before October 31, 2016 and take advantage of it over the next year to compare hotel rates and potentially save money.

After exploring the site I found that there are definitely some deals to be had and in some cases huge savings. In other cases, not.

Either way it’s worth giving it a try!

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