Lojel Luggage Review: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

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Simple luggage that still looks great and can last through any type of adventure can be hard to find. Luckily, there are a few brands out there that have created just these types of luggage sets.

That's why we've created out Lojel Luggage Review, to showcase the best this stylish suitcase company has to offer. They are reasonably priced, especially when you compare them with the high-end brands out there.

But more importantly, Lojel created good quality luggage that looks great and is built to handle everything your travels will entail.

These durable travel luggage sets are made using strong materials that won't fall to pieces during your first trip. They even come in numerous colors to match your style.


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What is Lojel Luggage?

Lojel began their journey in 1989 in Japan, combining the needs of travelers with the expertise of designers. This helped them create a durable suitcase with innovative solutions to make traveling easy and fun.

They partnered with a highly-certified manufacturer to make sure their products were built well, without ignoring the ethical standards their company believed in.

Lojel luggage sets are made using the most durable materials around to ensure they last, which is why this brand has become so popular with its users. Lojel has also incorporated some unique technology in their products, like their custom closure systems and the silent wheels that always roll smoothly.


Though their company has expanded, with offices now found around the world, this company has maintained their belief that traveling "enriches our busy lives and keeps us connected to the vast world" and their luggage makes it happen.

Overview of Lojel Luggage

If you're in the market for some new luggage and are considering the Lojel suitcases, there are a few features you may want to take note of. This will help you decide if the products in our Lojel luggage review are right for you.


When checking out Lojel hardside luggage, you won't need to sort through a dozen different sizes to find the one you want. Most of their sets have 3 basic sizes, Small, Medium, and Large. The small ones are the carry on bags, at about 21 inches in size. The mediums are around 26 inches, and the larges are about 30-inches.

They don't have any softside suitcases at this time, though they have a couple backpacks, a tote, and a Weekender duffle-style bag if you're in the market for these types and sizes of bags.

Design & Style

The Lojel hardside luggage lines all have simple designs that somehow still look stylish. For instance, the Voja travel luggage is plain, with one solid color, though there is a small black square in the center of the bag.

The Cubo and Alto lines are also both solid colors, though with some horizontal lines on the large sides, giving it some texture and style. The Vita bags have a circular pattern on the sides, standing out from the other plain bags on the market today.

One other thing worth noting is the colors of these bags. Each line has at least a few colors to choose from. These include basic black or white but also add in some standout colors, like bright yellow, red, orange, or pink.

Hardside vs Softside (Materials)

All the cute luggage sets made by Lojel are hard side luggage. These are durable, withstanding impacts and resisting scratches. There are two main materials used for these bags, polycarbonate or polypropylene.

Polycarbonate is made of thermoplastic polymers, which is molded into the shape needed. This material is quite light but is also durable, resistant to impacts while still remaining flexible. It can also be formed into multiple patterns with any color option you like.

Polypropylene is similar since it is also made of thermoplastic polymer, though it is even lighter than polycarbonate. It isn't quite as strong, though is still quite resilient. It offers great protection for your gear without adding too much weight.

For the soft bags, polyester is used as the main material. Polyester is strong, durable, and resists stretching or shrinking, so it will hold its shape for the entire life of the bag. It also resists mildew, abrasions, and wrinkles.


The bags in our Lojel luggage review are all in the average range when compared with each other and other popular suitcase brands. The lightest line is the Alto, with the Small bag weighing 4.7 lbs, the Medium bag weighing 7.3 lbs, and the Large weighing 10.1 lbs.

The heaviest bags Lojel has created are those in the Rando Frame line, but they are only a few pounds heavier than the lightest bag, so likely won't make much of a difference, unless you're trying to meet some strict airline regulations. The Rando Small bag is 8 lbs, the Medium is 10.4 lbs, and the Large bag is 13 lbs.

All the other hardside luggage lines fall in between these two. This makes it easier to pick your favorite since all these lightweight bags will be easy to pack without their individual weight being an issue.

Storage & Organization

The best hard suitcase needs decent storage space, or it won't be worth carrying, and the products in our Lojel luggage review are no exception. All the hard bags this brand makes have large storage capacities, even the carry on bags.

Many of them have some storage pockets as well, around the inside of the bag or in the flap, giving you room to organize your bags as you see fit. Some bags, like the Cubo carry on suitcase, even have smaller storage areas for laptops, books, and other items you need close at hand.

The softside bags also have decent storage, though how this is arranged depends on the bag. The backpacks have large main areas, with pockets on the sides, back, or front. The Weekender has side pockets as well, plus a shoe compartment on the bottom for added convenience. If the way the storage areas are arranged is important to you, check out each bag before you buy to make sure you have what you need.

TSA Compatible Combination Lock

If security is something you want in your travel suitcase, the Lojel hard shell luggage may be the right ones for you. Every one of their hardside bags includes TSA luggage locks in their features. This allows you to lock the zippers of your bags, keeping them secure and protected against thieves who could otherwise rob you when you're back is turned. These locks also give TSA officials access to your suitcase after you've checked it. They can unlock it, search it, and then lock it back up again, keeping your belongings safe and secure.

Spinner & Roller Wheels

All of the hardside lightweight suitcases have similar spinner wheels. These are caster wheels, which Lojel has worked hard on to ensure they roll smoothly and silently. This may not seem like an issue in a crowded airport, but when walking through a quite hotel lobby, you likely don't want your luggage to make a racket. These wheels can either be single or dual casters, depending on the pieces you've chosen.

Other Features

When you check out the products in our Lojel luggage review, you may notice a few handy extras in the features department. One is the ID tag, which allows you to put your info on the bag in case it is lost during your trip.

Another handy feature is the internal compression straps to hold your clothing in place. This reduces shifting during your travels. Some of the bags we've reviewed have expandable sides, giving you an extra inch or two of space in your bag if needed.

The TSA-compatible locks are great for security, but only work if the zipper they are holding closed is as strong as the lock itself. That's why Lojel has included tamper-proof double coil zippers in their bags, to keep thieves from prying their way into your gear.

A retractable trolley handle with multiple stages lets you set it to the right height for your personal comfort, plus gets the handle out of the way when you don't need it. The soft bags also include add-a-bag straps, which allow you to hang the bag off the handle of a larger piece of luggage.


The Lojel luggage warranty is exceptional, especially for the avid traveler that will be using this luggage more often than the casual vacationer.

Lojel offers a 10-year Global Warranty for every piece of globally released piece of luggage they make. This protects you against any defects in manufacturing, materials, or craftsmanship during this time. It doesn't cover any cosmetic damage, normal wear-and-tear, or abuse of the luggage on your part.

The Lojel bag collections have a 2-year warranty, which covers any defects in the materials or the workmanship. Like with the hard luggage, this warranty doesn't cover any damage from misuse of the bag or normal wear-and-tear. This includes cuts, tears, fabric abrasions, or stains.

Lojel Luggage Reviews

Now that you know what Lojel quality suitcases have to offer, it's time to take a look at some individual models. This may just help you make your decision about whether or not this luggage brand is for you.

Lojel Streamline Upright Spinner Luggage

The Lojel Streamline luggage set is the only one this brand offers that has four sizes to choose from. These include the 19.5-inch carry on, plus the 25, 29, and 32-inch suitcases. All of them have the same features, so you won't miss out when buying one and not the others.

These lightweight luggage models have a large main compartment with a polyester lining that is velcroed in place to help with organization. Compression straps hold your clothing in place during your travels.

The exterior is made of polypropylene, which is sturdy, durable, yet still flexible enough to handle a bit of rough use. This material can also withstand icy temperatures without any damage. There are lightweight spinner wheels, which roll almost silently, plus are removable for added convenience. The metal trolley handle is retractable, with 3-stage locking for the right height. There are also handles on the top and the side, making it easier to carry and lift your bag.

The double coil zippers are strong, holding up even with an overstuffed bag. There is TSA-certified lock to secure these zippers, keeping thieves out while still giving access to airline officials if needed.

Shop The Lojel Streamline Upright Spinner

Lojel Vita Upright Spinner Luggage

The Lojel Vita spinner luggage comes in three sizes, the Small, Medium, and Large. All three are made of the brands proprietary polypropylene blend, which is extremely strong, resisting impacts without the scuff marks that may show up on other brands. It can also handle varying temperatures without fail.

Security features include the double coil zipper, which is tamper-proof, plus the TSA-compatible lock that keeps anyone other than you or a TSA official from opening your bag.  There are four smooth, quiet-running casters on the bottom, plus a 3-stage retractable handle for easy pulling.

A spacious interior gives you room for all your clothing and e3ccessories. There are multiple storage areas as well, with more added in as the bags get bigger, giving you room to organize your belongings as you see fit. Adjustable compression straps hold everything in place when you're done packing.

Shop The Lojel Vita Upright Spinner


Lojel Cubo Upright Spinner Luggage

The Cubo comes in three sizes, Small, Medium, and Large, all of which are similar on the outside, but have some differences when you open the bag. The exterior is high-tech polycarbonate, which is incredibly strong while remaining lightweight. There are dual spinner wheels, a retractable handle, a tamper-proof double coil zipper, and a TSA-approved lock. These bags all expand, giving you a bit of extra room if needed.

When you open the Medium and Large models you'll see a large storage area, with a few pockets on the sides and in the flap. There are also compression straps to hold all your gear in place, even during a rough flight.

The Small also has a flat-top opening, though instead of revealing the main storage area when you unzip it, you'll see a smaller storage compartment, complete with a laptop sleeve and some organizational pockets. Then you need to open another zipper inside to get to the main area for your clothing and other necessities.

Shop The Lojel Cubo Upright Spinner


Lojel Urbo 2 Travelpack

The Urbo 2 Travelpack is one of the only backpack-style bags this brand has to offer at this time. It has a simple, yet sleek, design that looks great while adding function to your day. The large main compartment has an adjustable top flap closure system, giving you as much room as you need.

The back has another smaller back compartment, which has a padded sleeve for a laptop up to 15 inches, plus some notebooks or other slim items. There is also another little zipper in this back storage area that opens up to the main compartment, giving you quick access to anything you need. There are also an easy-access front pocket and a side pocket for a water bottle or other items you want with you.

Other handy features include the adjustable backpack straps, the add-a-bag strap, the mesh backpanel for ventilation, and an ID tag. There is even a side zipper, which allows you to expand the bag, giving you 15% more room if needed.

Shop The Lojel Urbo 2 Travelpack


Lojel Urbo 2 Weekender

The Urbo 2 Weekender is made of durable polyester fabric, which is durable, strong, dries fast, and resists wrinkles. It has a large capacity, separated into multiple storage areas to give you room for everything you need without mixing everything together. There is a large main compartment with internal pockets for smaller items.

On the outside is an open flap pocket on one side and a zippered pocket on the other side. The zippered one also has even more organizational pockets for phones, chargers, earbuds, notebooks, or anything else you need to carry. At the bottom of the bag is one more zippered compartment for shoes, to keep them from soiling anything else you're carrying.

There are two carry handles that can be held together with a buttoned flap. A large, adjustable, removable shoulder strap gives you hands-free carrying. For added convenience, there is also an add-a-bag strap to attach the Weekender to other luggage. An ID tag makes it easier to find your bag if it is misplaced.

Shop The Lojel Urbo 2 Weekender


The Bottom Line: Is Lojel Luggage Right For You?

If you're checking out our Lojel luggage review, you're obviously in the market for quality suitcases that will last through years of travel. A few cool features just make these bags even better, plus they are stylish, with great designs and colors to choose from.

All the products we've reviewed will enhance your travels in many ways, but there are a few worth taking a closer look at.

The Streamline luggage comes in four sizes, instead of the usual three, giving you an extra large bag if needed. The quiet spinner wheels are also removable and easily stored.

The Cubo line all includes dual spinner wheels and expandable sides. The Small bag also has that handy front compartment for laptops, documents, or other business-related items.

The Urbo 2 Travelpack gives you hands-free carrying, plus room to grow with the adjustable top flap and the expandable sides. It also includes a laptop sleeve and multiple pockets to organize everything you're carrying. The back is also ventilated for increased comfort.

Still want to compare more luggage? Consider looking at our Ciao luggage or Rockland luggage review and our detailed suitcase comparison of American Tourister vs Samsonite.

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Advertiser Disclosure: Well Traveled Mile has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Well Traveled Mile and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers.

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