Mia Toro Luggage Review: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

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When it comes to shopping for best quality luggage or best travel suitcase, you may not look beyond American Tourister, Travelpro, Delsey or Samsonite. Your list of top rated suitcases, and top suitcase brands would be incomplete without these luggage brands.

But if you’re making a list of world’s top 10 lightweight suitcases and great looking luggage brands, then ensure to include Mia Toro travel luggage.

You may not have heard of Mia Toro but the company’s eclectic line of best rated suitcases is making waves not only in Italy but also worldwide.

Mia Toro offers a variety of suitcases, ranging from ‘industrial textures’ to ‘designer art’ to ‘designer softside ’, every category epitomizing style and elegance.  If durability matters to you most, choose Samsonite or American Tourister but if you’re looking for a suitcase that perfectly blends functionality and aesthetics, then go for Mia Toro suitcases.

Quick Answer: Mia Toro Luggage Review

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Mia Toro Prado/Exotic Life Print
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Mia Toro Luggage

What is Mia Toro Italy?

The global market for luggage is chock-a-block with models of umpteen brands, most of which are nearly indistinguishable. Mia Toro is one quality luggage brand that has infused novelty by introducing suitcases with varying textures and designs. Would you like to buy a suitcase with an acid wash texture or prefer to go for a carbon fiber finish?

Or maybe you’ve an artistic bent of mind and rather settle for a suitcase with images of butterflies or medallions embossed on the baggage. You’ll be simply spoilt for choice, when you shop for international travel luggage on Mia Toro’s website. Mia Toro’s suitcases come equipped with a host of versatile features that you can make the most of for traveling comfortably.

Mia Toro is a subsidiary of the renowned Hontus Milano Group, a leading Italian conglomerate dealing in quality luggage and accessories. Hontus Milano Group owns five distinct high quality luggage and travel accessory brands with every brand catering to a specific segment. Mia Toro which exclusively deals in good quality suitcases is the multinational’s bestselling brand as the Mia Toro luggage set is exported to more than 42 countries.

Overview of Mia Toro Luggage

‘Mia Toro’ which in Italian means “My Bull” truly lives up to its name as every Mia Toro suitcase is a perfect embodiment of sophistication, durability, and technological innovation. The frontline Italian luggage company offers top rated suitcases under four separate categories, including ‘industrial textures’, ‘designer art’, ‘designer softside’, and ‘tech & innovation’. The cool suitcases grouped under the above categories are available in different sizes and weights as well as in a range of styles and designs.

Additionally, the quality suitcases come equipped with an array of add-ons like ‘TSA compatible combination lock’, and ‘spinner & roller wheels’ enabling you to lug your belongings safely and with ease. Talking about durability, the suitcases will remain functional for years on end as these have been made from durable materials. And if you’re wondering that Mia Toro best international travel luggage are beyond your means then be rest assured that Mia Toro suitcases cost much less than Samsonite or American Tourister models.

Since Mia Toro stocks a wide variety of lightweight suitcases, you’ll surely find something that suits your needs and preferences.


When you log in at the Mia Toro official website, you’ll see endless suitcase models, and so selecting the appropriate product could seem puzzling initially. Every single suitcase is different from the rest of the products in some way or the other. Mia Toro has displayed images of almost countless ‘industrial texture’, ‘designer softside’, and ‘designer art’ suitcases.

However, it may not be possible for you check out each and every Mia Toro suitcase model. But you don’t need to review every model as majority of these have nearly the same features and functionalities. If you wish to save time and effort in selecting a suitcase that best meets your packing and lugging requirements, then follow the below mentioned technique.

Click on each suitcase category and go through the specifics and details of 4-5 models classified under every grouping. While you browse, make sure you check the size and weight, once you’ve reviewed the design, style, and features of each. Talking about dimension, you’ll be able to choose from 3 separate sizes in ‘designer softside’, ‘industrial texture’, ‘tech & innovation’ and ‘designer art’ categories.

For instance, if you click on industrial texture, you’ll find many subsections, each pertaining to a particular texture. So, if you choose ‘abrased steel’ you’ll be able to browse through innumerable models available in large (28 inches) mid (24 inches), and ‘small’ or carry-on (22 inches) sizes. Hence for viewing the size range of any Mia Toro quality luggage, you simply need to click on the menu, choose the category, and the subsection(s) listed under the same.

Mia Toro makes available international travel luggage in 3 different sizes-large (28 and/or 29 inch), mid (24 or 26 inch), and small (20 and/or 22 inch). However, remember no matter whatever size you opt for, the layout and structure remains uniform across the subsection and category.

Design & Style

What sets the Mia Toro suitcases apart from all other celebrated luggage brands are their unique look and design. This luggage company exploits the eye-catching design of the various products, using the aspect as USP for promoting the same.  Let’s take a look at design variations under each category:

  1. Industrial Textures-The ‘industrial texture’ suitcase sets brandish an elegance that is understated yet easily catches your fancy. You can opt for a product by selecting from the following texture variety available in a range of sizes.
  • Acid washed texture
  • Brushed aluminum texture
  • Abrased steel
  • Granite
  • Chain mail
  • Carbon fiber
  • High-gloss polish finish
  • Leather texture
  • Speckled canvas texture
  • Weave
  • 3D cube
  • Polypropylene

The above is not an exhaustive list as many other design types are available under this category.

  1. Designer Art-The impressive and striking artistic designs emblazoned on the luggage collection under ‘designer art’ category’ were conceptualized by eminent artistes. Every designer art suitcase exemplifies immaculate craftsmanship and ingenious artistry. The suitcases are also outfitted glide-tech multidirectional caster wheels and ergonomic handles, letting you carry them with effortless ease. You can pick and choose from the following designer art prints
  1. Designer Softside-More often than not, you might need to leave on a business trip at short notice. And not all your excursions will be extended ones-sometimes you’ll like to go on a weekend tour for unwinding and recharging your batteries. On such occasions, you’ll need to travel light and this is when Mia Toro’s designer softside luggage will come to your aid.

Designer softside suitcases tend to be extremely versatile as you can expand them not only for comfortably fitting the contents but also to pack in extra items without cramming. You can either choose ‘super lightweight’ or ‘exclusive kitelite’ under this section.

 Features & Design in general

The majority of Mia Toro’s products are Mia Toro hard shell suitcases. What you’ll like about the stylish Mia Toro suitcases is that they’re incredibly durable, resilient, and easy to use and handle.

The hard case luggage has an exterior shaped from ‘lightweight armor-flex composite’ material which is basically a liquefied form of polyester resin gel coat. Nevertheless, the coating varies from one suitcase model to another.

Hardside vs Softside (Materials)

Mia Toro offers you multiple options with regards to selecting best suitcases for overseas travel. To be specific, Mia Toro stocks hard case and soft shell suitcases, carry-on luggage, and checked luggage. Hardside suitcases are ideal for those who travel extensively as they’ve a hardy exterior appropriate for securing the contents.

At the same time, hard case suitcases, available in a variety of industrial textures as well as designer art styles, also tend to be highly resistant to scratches, grazes, and stains. You can select from a diversity of hard case carry-on models and also checked luggage varieties for your short and long trips respectively. Though majority of the great looking luggage models have a tough external shell, the company also sells softside lightweight durable luggage.

The softside suitcases are made out of toughened fabrics, including ripstop nylon material, and polyester. Contrary to what you may, the softside suitcases are remarkably tough and resilient which means you can use these for some years. The softside luggage is also equipped with some useful features that make travelling with them and using them a breeze.

However, Mia Toro is yet to come up with a softside suitcase imprinted with designer art. Nevertheless, what they can’t offer in terms of designer art is compensated by the spectrum of colors that softside suitcases are available in.


One good reason why Mia Toro’s quality suitcases have become overwhelmingly popular in a few years time is because they’re very lightweight.

A typical fabric carry-on suitcase (20-22 inches) weighs in the range of 5.5-7lbls; a hard case checked luggage (28-29 inches) weighs between 9 and 12 lbs, and a medium-size suitcase (24-26 inches) weighs between 7.7-9.3 lbs.

Storage & Organization

The hard lightweight luggage has an innovative yet simple design, minus the superfluous bells and whistles. When you open any Mia Toro brand luggage, you’ll see two halves, each half having identical space. This feature allows you to pack with greater flexibility as you can clearly see what’s going inside as well as unpack quite effortlessly.

The lower half comes with intersecting compression straps that can be laced up firmly to keep the contents in their place. The other half has a zippered closure that prevents packing from tumbling out. In case you wish to take along a few extra items, the zippered compartment atop the luggage comes in handy.

And if you still want to pack more, you can use the zippered panel on the side which offers you 25% additional space.

TSA Compatible Combination Lock

Mia Toro luggage, like all other best suitcase brands feature TSA locking system with customized 3 digit configurations. The TSA lock mechanism allows you to open the suitcase easily simply by setting the scroll rolls at your desired 3-digit combination. At the same time, you can secure the contents in your suitcase using the same number combination.

This (lock) technique spares you from the need to keep a separate lock and key for securing your luggage.

Nearly all suitcases of Mia Toro have built-in TSA compatible combination lock. In case your Mia Toro suitcase doesn’t have this feature, you can always buy a TSA-certified lock separately.

Spinner & Roller Wheels

Nowadays, all good luggage brands come with spinner & roller wheels, and Mia Toro is no exception. Every suitcase from Mia Toro has wheels (4 sets in total) that let you carry your luggage with effortless ease. However, you may find it difficult to lug the case on graveled, cobbled, and other types of uneven surfaces. In such situations, you can gently lift the suitcase to an extent and roll it along on two wheels.

Opting for a suitcase with four roller wheels is better than buying luggage that has only two from the perspectives of convenience and health. Carrying regular suitcases (featuring only two wheels) on a routine basis can lead to backache and pain on your hips. Some suitcases have eight spinner wheels (or double-wheeled) that add to the carrying comfort level, and tend to be more expensive.

Other Features

One noteworthy feature of Mia Toro suitcases is that they have gel-grip, ergonomically designed handles.

This functionality makes it easy for you to lift and stow the case in the luggage rack of trains and airplanes as well as in automobile trunks.

Build Quality & Durability

Strictly speaking, Mia Toro suitcases may not be as durable as Samsonite or American Tourister luggage but the former’s build quality makes them sturdy enough to stay functional for many years.

The hard case models have an exterior made from premium armor-flex composite that makes them extraordinarily resilient. Alternatively, the flexibility of the internal polycarbonate frame keeps them from breaking even if roughly handled.


You get complete peace of mind when you buy a Mia Toro lightweight hard suitcase or softside luggage. This is so because you receive an unconditional 10-year warranty with any Mia Toro luggage you purchase.

Should you experience any functional or technical issue in using the product (other than problems arising out of regular wear and tear), the company will either replace the product or reimburse your expenses, no questions asked.

In case you want to contact the customer care for reporting an issue or getting information about a specific feature, you can download the Mia Toro app. You simply need to scan the unique QR code provided with your suitcase for downloading the software. And if you’re unable to download the app or the same is not of much help, then you can get in touch via a phone-call or email.

To say the last but not the least, any damage caused due to mishandling by airline staff is not covered by warranty.

Mia Toro Luggage Reviews

Now it is time to take a detailed look at some of the Mia Toro suitcase models. The following luggage reviews should help you make your decision about whether or not Mia Toro Italy is for you and which suitcase fits the best for your needs.

Mia Toro Luggage Tasca Fusion Hardside Spinner Luggage

The Mia Toro Luggage Tasca Fusion was designed with meticulous care for judiciously blending craftsmanship and technology. The framework of every Mia Toro Tasca Fusion Spinner has been crafted from high quality armor-flex composite, and also equipped with TSA compatible composition lock, spinner wheels, and much more.

Take a glance through some of the integral features of the Tasca Fusion Hardside Spinner Luggage:-

  • Designed and crafted indigenously (in Italy)
  • Armor-flex composite sleeve system
  • Emblazoned with state-of-the-art arc design
  • Versatile interior design and structure for facilitating the packing of a large number of items with sacrificing roominess
  • The raw carbon fiber texture is highly resistant to scratches and grazes
  • Gel-grip and ergonomically designed handle facilitates a good grip without sacrificing comfort
  • The trolley base which supports the suitcase is lightweight and hence portable
  • The innovative design of the cushioned sleeve allows you to tuck in a 15.6” laptop
  • TSA compatible composition lock
  • Steady and smooth movement, thanks to the glide-tech multidirectional dual wheel
  • Flexi-pack design ensures that you can expand the suitcase by 2 inches, thereby offering you 25% extra space
  • Compression grips and straps make sure that your belongings do not fall out when you open the suitcase
  • Zippered panel lets you store items in an organized manner

The above model is available in 24”, 28”, and carry-on sizes as well as a 3-pc set (large, medium, and small size). You can also choose from a variety of colors including but not limited to red, blue, white, and black.

Shop The Mia Toro Tasca Fusion

Mia Toro 24'' Prado/Exotic Life Print

You’ll feel the perfect marriage of design, craftsmanship, and technology when you opt for the Mia Toro Prado-Exotic Life Hardside Spinner. The suitcase has been framed out of hardy composite, and like most other hard case suitcase models, comes with flexible spinner wheels, ergonomic handle grips, zipper divider, and so on. The following is a quick lowdown on the model’s salient features:-

  • Designed and crafted in Italy
  • Embellished crested texture with solid casing around the edges
  • Constructed from lightweight armor-flex composite
  • Highly portable trolley base
  • Sleek carbon fiber finishing with a bright color
  • A zipper divider facilitates the creation of an extra compartment that ultimately helps in keeping everything in a systematic manner
  • Compressions straps help keep personal belongings in their place
  • 360˚ Glide-Tech wheels make possible stable and smooth motion

This suitcase model is available in a medium size of 24”.

Shop The Mia Toro Prado Exotic Life

Mia Toro Hamsa Hardside Spinner Carry-On

If you wish to buy a suitcase that appears colorful and vibrant, then the Mia Toro Hamsa Hardside Spinner Carry-On is your best bet. This hard case spinner suitcase is a carry-on type luggage whose exterior displays a Hamsa outline that is extensively used in frescoes, murals, and jewelry in North Africa and the Middle East. The main section has two equal halves, where a fabric sheet again divides each half.

Crisscrossing compression straps and a zippered panel help in easier and faster packing.

  • Spectacular and stunning Hamsa Art
  • A glossy finish put the accent on the art
  • Gel-grip handle for stress-free handling
  • Exterior framework made from armor-flex composite
  • Flexible compression straps and zipper divider helps keep belongings secure and organized
  • Multidirectional glide-tech wheel promotes steady and hassle-free movement

The Hamsa Hardside Spinner is available in a carry-on size of 20", as well as in 24” and 28". The carry-on weighs 5.7 lbs, making the product ideal for lugging on weekend trips.

Shop The Mia Toro Hamsa

Mia Toro Italy Ekko Hardside 28 Inch Spinner Luggage

The Mia Toro Italy Ekko Hardside Spinner is ideal for carrying on extensive tours lasting for at least a week. The large size ensures that you can pack over two weeks of 2 weeks of supplies. The Ekko Hardside 28” Spinner not only boasts of a host of versatile features but also appears striking, thanks to the floral pattern. Here’s a quick rundown of its salient features:-

  • Flexibly designed: Allows you to enlarge the case by 2” thereby creating space for packing additional items
  • Compression clasp and straps for keeping personal items in place
  • Lightweight trolley base
  • Zipper divider creates another compartment for packing extra items
  • Glide tech dual wheel for helping in stable motion

Shop The Mia Toro Ekko

Mia Toro Moderno Hardside Spinner 3 Piece Set

Don’t look beyond the Mia Toro Moderno Hardside Spinner 3-Piece Set when you’re planning an extended trip with your family. This 3-piece set includes a 20” (carry-on), 24” (medium), and 28” (large) suitcase, weighing 6.3 lbs, 8.1lbs, and 10.1 lbs respectively. The 3-piece combo best hard luggage set is available in red, black, yellow, and white colors.

  • Body shaped out of armor-flex composite: sturdy hard shell built
  • The external zippers and lining of the suitcases feel robust
  • Internal zippered compartments offer you an array of packing options
  • Expandable by 2”, thereby allowing you to pack a little extra at the 11th hour
  • The durable handles provide firm yet comfortable grip
  • Side handles make it easier for smaller individuals to stow into an overhead storage
  • Glide-tech multidirectional wheels help in pulling/pushing the suitcase quite effortlessly
  • Slim lock TSA

Shop The Mia Toro Moderno Set

The Bottom Line: Is Mia Toro Luggage Right For You?

Based on some of the topnotch luggage brand reviews, it can be inferred Mia Toro may not be up with Samsonite, American Tourister, Travelpro or Delsey, in terms of durability. But comparing the world’s best known luggage brands with regards to looks, Mia Toro towers heads and shoulders above the rest. That said, you’ll be simply spoilt for choice when you decide to pick and choose from the sheer variety of artistic and stylish Mia Toro suitcase models.

Before you make up your mind to opt for a Mia Toro luggage 4-wheel spinner, review the model based on the following checklist:

  • Interior-You need to keep your contents organized and prevent them from tumbling out when you open the case. Mia Toro suitcases have crisscrossing compression straps and prominent inner lining that enable you to keep your items in an orderly manner.
  • Security-TSA lock system is a must-have feature of all renowned international luggage brands. All Mia Toro suitcases come with the 3-digit combination TSA lock.
  • Spinner wheels-Spinner or roller wheels affixed at the base of a suitcase lets you carry the case smoothly on different types of surfaces. Mia Toro hardside and softside luggage come with gel-glide spinner wheels.
  • Size-No luggage brand offers a one-size-fits-all suitcase as packing needs and preferences vary from one traveler to the other. Mia Toro retails suitcases in three distinct sizes-large, medium, and small-to cater to the packing requirements of different travelers.
  • Texture-Mia Toro is perhaps the only luggage brand that offers suitcases in a wide variety of scratch-resistant textures.
  • Design and aesthetics-The uniqueness of Mia Toro suitcases lie in their extraordinary design and drop-dead looks.

You can bet you can never go wrong with a Mia Toro luggage set.

Still want to compare more luggage? Consider looking at our Lojel luggage review and our detailed suitcase comparison of Briggs & Riley vs Tumi.

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