Well Traveled Mile is excited to partner with Award Magic to offer one of the best award booking services in the industry. To submit a request or learn more about the service just click the ‘Award Booking’ tab on our menu above.


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If you ever need help booking a complicated ticket, you can submit an award booking request for free. You will only pay once you receive an award itinerary that you are 100% satisfied with.

The actual award booking service is provided by Award Magic, one of the premier award booking services. They launched late last year and were founded by three of the most prominent award bookers in the industry.

To submit a request all you have to do it fill out the form on our Award Booking Request page and you will receive a response from the Award Magic team within 24 hours.


Standard Award: $139 per person

One-way or round-trip ticket. This may include a stopover to visit up to two destinations (as per the rules of the airline’s rewards program).

Magic Award: $249 per person

More complex awards involving three or more destinations. These include round-the-world tickets and American Airlines Explorer Awards.

After getting in contact with you they will work their magic at finding you the flights you want, including the preferred routes, cabins, and airlines. With exceptions to award availability and capacity controls, their team will use all the tricks and knowledge for booking you the award you want.

We love to hear your feedback, so let us know your experience (good or bad) from using the Award Magic service.