Pack Light, Board First on American Airlines

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American Airlines has just announced a new policy that lets anyone traveling with just a small carry on or personal item, that can fit under the seat in front of them, to have priority boarding. The goal of American’s new policy is to reduce the boarding time since it has increased over the years. The priority boarding access, does however fall after passengers traveling in elites and premium cabins have boarded.

Included in the new policy, passengers with carry ons will be able to check in their roller bag at the gate at no charge –a plan that the airline hopes will speed up boarding time rather than having passengers spend time storing their belongings in the compacted overhead storage.

Bottom Line:

This new arrangement works well for anyone who would like to save money on domestic flights by not checking in bags with the front desk agent. Although, how the airline plans to ensure that passengers who board first do not store their item in the overhead storage is not clear, flights may be able to take off earlier or at least on time if the new policy pans out.

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