Amazon Payments

Remember to Send Money Through Amazon Payments by October 12th

If you’ve been using Amazon Payments over the last several years might have heard news that October 12th will be the last day to send money person-to-person. This means there is a little over a week to send a final $1,000 to someone using a credit card, and it’s likely better to do so sooner than later.

Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments has been a great way to put $1,000 of spend per month on a credit card by sending someone money. Although it wasn’t a super powerful way to earn extra miles and points, it was among the most effortless ways to earn 12,000+ points per year.

In the past I mostly used it as a free way to help meet minimum spending requirements to earn a credit card sign-up bonus. Sending money via the person-to-person option was one of the easiest ways to put $1,000 of spend on credit cards and using the ‘Goods and Services’ option when sending the money would insure that the transaction was not processed as a cash advance. Once the person accepted the payment they could easily transfer the money into their bank account.

However these days are over starting October 13, and be sure to send the final $1,000 per month limit before then. Given that Amazon Payments was around for several years it was surprising that the door didn’t close much earlier—either way, it was great while it lasted.

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