Chase consistently offers the most lucrative signup offers and other top earning credit cards, and there are so many that it may take years to go through all of the offers. With that being said there are stories of Chase closing down people’s accounts and blacklisting those who repeatedly over abuse signup bonus offers. After all, Chase’s goal is not to shell out points and miles, but rather to earn a loyal customer base that is actually going to use the card after awarding a bonus. I have gone through a lot of Chase credit cards in the last 2 years and currently have 4 personal and 1 business. Although it’s very possible to have more cards than this at a time, since I have applied for quite a few cards over the last two years I am rethinking my strategy for getting multiple Chase credit cards.

I currently have 4 personal Chase credit cards and 1 business Chase credit card:

Before applying for any Chase credit cards you should have a good credit score, not more than a few hard inquiries on your credit report, and always pay off your balance in full every month.

My strategy for getting approved for multiple credit card offers includes keeping the Chase Freedom card open for years to establish a long relationship history with Chase. There is no annual fee on the card and the 5x bonus categories make it the perfect card to keep for many years. By maintaining a long consistent relationship with Chase you can show that you have been a longtime loyal customer and although you do get new cards with them, you also have a older existing card that you continue to use. Keeping an account open for many years also helps keep your credit score healthy because it extends your average credit age.

I also have a personal and business checking account with Chase to help build my relationship. Any other sort of business done with the bank shows your commitment as a customer, and not just someone who is milking all of the lucrative signup bonus offers.

When I am not automatically approved for a new Chase credit card I have to call into the reconsideration line to speak with a representative. All of these factors are looked at and you can mention how you still use your older cards and do other business with Chase.

One of the best strategies to use is to ask them to move some credit line from an existing card you have to open up the new card. I have had success with this many times in the past. This is also another reason why I tend to not close any Chase credit cards. By keeping the cards open and asking to transfer existing credit line, you are not asking for Chase to extend any additional credit to you. A lot of times credit card companies deny an application based on how much credit they have already issued you, so this eliminates that potential problem. This will also impact your credit score less because your credit line will not drop after closing an account.

Since Chase offers some of the best credit card offers, I value keeping a good relationship with them in order to keep the free flights and hotel nights coming. My strategy is definitely to continue a relationship and apply to new cards in moderation. I will probably aim for around 2-4 new Chase credit cards a year. Some cards that I have lined up for my next round of credit card application coming up are the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Ink Plus,  Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard, Amex Business Gold Card.

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Introduced to traveling at a young age, Rand has since traveled to over 45 countries. Learning how to maximize credit card sign-up bonuses in college has allowed him to earn millions of travel miles and points. Using the same tips and tricks he writes about here has ultimately allowed him to explore the word for pennies on the dollar.