Rimowa vs Samsonite Luggage: Which Suitecase is Best for You?

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Today there are endless luggage brands out there to choose from, but Rimowa vs Samsonite have been around for ages and remain known as some of the best luggage brands out there.

If you've ever gone luggage shopping, and who among us hasn't at some point in our lives, you'll have noticed countless different styles and brands to choose from, all looking seemingly the same.

But they aren't all identical, some using better materials than others while a few brands focus on features to make your suitcase even more convenient.

To break it down a bit, its best to start with the top-rated brands first. That's why we've chosen to compare Rimowa vs Samsonite in this review. Both offer quality products, but there are some significant differences worth noting.

Samsonite gives you lots of options, offering hard and soft-sided suitcases in a range of different materials. They also have a number of different colors and styles to choose from, so you always have the right bag.

Rimowa focuses mostly on more modern-looking bags made of aluminum, though they do offer some polycarbonate bags as well. They give their bags a distinct ribbed look that stands out from the crowd.

Which one to choose depends on your own tastes and preferences. So, take a look at our Rimowa luggage vs Samsonite luggage reviews for a more in-depth look at their best bags.

Rimowa vs Samsonite Luggage

NameImageTypeSizes (in)Weights (lbs)MaterialWheelsLockable
Samsonite Omni
Hardside20, 24, 286.8, 8.3, 10.35Polycarbonate4 wheelsYes
Samsonite Silhouette XV
Softside19, 21, 25, 298, 8.7, 10.9, 12.7Tri-core Nylon with SamGuard water-resistant coating4 wheelsNo (Yes on 25 and 29 inch)
Rimowa Topas
Hardside22, 26, 298.4, 8.8, 9.5Polycarbonate4 wheelsYes
Rimowa Salsa
Hardside22, 26, 2911.3, 13.2, 15.2Aluminum-Magnesium alloy4 wheelsYes


Samsonite Luggage Reviews

Samsonite has been in the luggage business for over 100 years. During that time, their superior quality and exceptional style have made them a world leader in this industry.

They pay close attention to the quality and durability of the materials used to ensure long-lasting bags you'll love to carry.

But they don't stop at their products. Samsonite performs unannounced visits to all their suppliers to ensure the workers are all treated fairly and given a safe and healthy environment to work in.

They also focus on preventing child labor, human trafficking, and forced labor, and making sure their suppliers are always following the local laws to the letter.

Samsonite Omni

Materials & Durability

The Samsonite Omni PC spinner bags all use polycarbonate for the outer shell, which is durable and strong. Plus, they have a micro-diamond texture, which resists scratches to keep your bag looking great.

The spinner wheels on this Samsonite suitcase line are made of lightweight material that spin a full 360 degrees, reducing the weight on your arm while you maneuver in any direction.

And the protective housing around the wheels and their attachments protects them from damage, even when bouncing around on a rough flight.

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The carry on and the checked bags all have the same organizational features. The inside of the bags is divided into two sections.

The bottom area is open, with cross-straps over the top to keep everything in place when the bag is packed. There is a zippered pocket along one side to hold small items and toiletries.

The lid area is enclosed with a zippered divider, letting you sort your clothes as you see fit. This way you can separate pants from shirts, dressy from casual, or any other way you like.

Suitcase Features

No matter which size you buy, you'll have all the same features in this Samsonite 4 wheel spinner bag.

This includes the zippered expansion, which gives you two inches of extra space inside if needed, the side-mounted TSA locks, and the lockable, push-button retractable handle with its own recessed area to store it in when you don't need it. There are also top carry handles, plus side handles on the larger models.


Sizes (in): 20, 24, 28

Weights (lbs): 6.8, 8.3, 10.35

Materials: Polycarbonate

Wheels: 4 wheels

Extra Features: TSA lock, interior divider, internal cross-straps, expandable

Samsonite Silhouette XV

Materials & Durability

The next line in our Samsonite vs Rimowa comparison is the Samsonite Silhouette XV, which uses tri-core nylon for the soft shell.

This fabric is rugged, able to withstand all but the roughest use. It also has a SamGuard water-resistant coating to keep your gear safe from moisture.

The Tru-Trac wheel system features a V-shaped, camber instructed design that keeps the dual wheels rolling straight instead of wobbling in all directions.

Protective housing over the wheels and the corners keep them damage-free, even if you're a bit clumsy with your bag.

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Both the carry on and checked bags in this Samsonite lightweight suitcase line have similar organizational spaces.

The main area is open, with compression straps to keep your clothing from shifting after it's packed. There are two zippered areas inside the lid, one full size and one 3/4 size, for all your accessories. A removable WetPak pouch is perfect for any liquid toiletries you need to carry.

On the outside of the bag are two large panel pockets for the extra items, like magazines, a sweater, or your travel documents. These also give you easy access to those handy items during your flight.

Suitcase Features

Most of the features are found on all the bags in the Silhouette XV line, with one or two exceptions.

All the bags have the RightHeight Pull Handle System, which offers multiple adjustments for easy customization, no matter how tall or short you are, plus ergonomic Wide Grip handles for extra comfort. Each bag also has a top and side handle for easy carrying.

All but the 19" bag have a lightweight hanging organizer in the lid for attaching business attire, reducing wrinkling during the flight.

Both the 25" and the 29" Samsonite luggage sizes include a Travel Sentry combination lock, which keeps your checked bags safe from thieves until you retrieve them when you reach your destination.


Sizes (in): 19, 21, 25, 29

Weights (lbs): 8, 8.7, 10.9, 12.7

Materials: Tri-core nylon with SamGuard water-resistant coating

Wheels: 4 wheels

Extra Features: Water-resistant coating, compression straps, combination locks on larger sizes, hanging organizer in all but 19" bag


Rimowa Luggage Reviews

This company began as a small family business in Cologne in 1898. The very first cases they produced were made of hard but lightweight wood.

Almost 40 years later, they introduced their first aluminum trunk. This was also when the name Rimowa was created as an abbreviation of the founder's son's name, Richard Morseck.

The distinctive grooves were added in 1950, becoming a symbol for international travelers. Waterproofing, polycarbonate, multiple wheels, and TSA locks were all introduced, making Rimowa one of the top brands in terms of durability, style, and innovation.

Rimowa Topas

Materials & Durability

For our Rimowa or Samsonite luggage comparison, the first Rimowa bag we're reviewing is the Topas.

This line is made of an aluminum-magnesium alloy, which is quite light, though heavier than the Samsonite hardside model.

This type of material is a quite durable, but not enough to withstand scratches and dents if your bag is handled a bit roughly.

There are aluminum reinforcements on the corners that are covered in protective plastic, which makes these areas the strongest on the whole bag. A rubber seal on the closure makes the bag waterproof, locking out dirt as well as water.

The Topas is a Rimowa spinner bag, which means there are four wheels which turn a full 360 degrees. But these wheels aren't the strongest out there, so are only suitable for smooth terrain.

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The inside of the carry on and checked bags both feature internal divider systems.

There are removable dividers on the top and bottom, so you can pack what you need, then strap the dividers in place to keep shifting to a minimum. And there are zippered compartments on the dividers to store your smaller items to keep everything nicely organized.

Suitcase Features

Unlike the Samsonite bags in our Rimowa vs Samsonite reviews, this one has no zipper closure. Instead, there are two latches, both of which have a TSA-approved combination lock on them.

This makes it extra difficult for anyone other than you to get inside, while still giving TSA officials access if needed.

Other handy features on the Rimowa spinner luggage are the telescoping handle, though it only locks at one height, the top and side carry handles, an add-a-bag holder, and a leather luggage label in case your bag is misplaced.


Sizes (in): 22, 26, 29

Weights (lbs): 11.3, 13.2, 15.2

Materials: Aluminum-Magnesium alloy

Wheels: 4 wheels

Extra Features: TSA locks, leather luggage label, interior Flex-Divider system, add-a-bag holder

Rimowa Salsa

Materials & Durability

The carry on and checked bags in the Rimowa Salsa luggage line are made of durable polycarbonate, which is lightweight and flexible, but extremely strong, so they can withstand a bit of pressure without snapping in half.

Like the other bags in our Rimowa or Samsonite luggage comparison, it is a 4 wheel spinner bag. The dual wheels spin in all directions for easy maneuvering and fast turns.

But these wheels are a bit recessed, so if you bump into a wall or some other hard surface, the protective housing around the corners takes most of the damage.

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Inside this hardside Rimowa luggage line is a split divider system. On one side is the Flex-Divider system, which lets you pack your gear, and then secure it with the adjustable divider, holding everything in place through your entire trip.

There is also a large zippered mesh pocket on the divider to store your smaller items. The other side has a net cover, which zips closed once that area is fully packed.

Suitcase Features

There are a few handy features that make this one of the best Rimowa luggage sets around.

First, it has a TSA-approved combination lock, which holds the zippers in place to keep potential thieves out of the bag. There is a leather luggage label to write down your info in case you lose a bag.

There is also a multi-stage telescoping handle, so you can adjust it to fit your height. Retractable carry handles on the top and side make it easy to lift your bag but fit tight to it when not in use to reduce handle damage during transport.


Sizes (in): 22, 26, 29

Weights (lbs): 8.4, 8.8, 9.5

Materials: Polycarbonate

Wheels: 4 wheels

Extra Features: TSA-combination lock, leather luggage label, Flex-Divider system

Rimowa vs Samsonite Comparison 05

Buying Guide: Rimowa vs Samsonite Comparison

Now that you've seen what each bag in our Rimowa luggage vs Samsonite luggage reviews has to offer, it's time to see how they stack up.

For this, we've added various sections in our buying guide to show you what you should be looking for in the best luggage, and which ones in our reviews make the cut.

Rimowa vs Samsonite Luggage 04

Types of Luggage

There are two basic types of luggage to choose from, softside and hardside. Softside bags are usually made ballistic nylon, Cordura nylon, or polyester.

Each of these materials is durable, withstanding tears and punctures, but polyester is the cheapest.

As you may have noticed in our Samsonite or Rimowa reviews, aluminum and polycarbonate are popular for hardside bags.

Both of these are durable, but aluminum is easier to scratch and dent, plus is a bit heavier than polycarbonate. Polypropylene is another hardside option, because of its light weight, but it isn't as flexible as polycarbonate, plus it is easier to damage.

Rimowa vs Samsonite Comparison 02

Suitcase Sizes

There are quite a few suitcase sizes to choose from. Rimowa is known for their hardside bags, so they focus on carry ons, checked bags, and the larger trunks.

Samsonite offers these types of bags as well, in both hard and soft materials. But they also add a few others to their lines.

Duffel bags are large and roomy, giving you more than enough space for longer trips.

Totes look like a cross between purses, shopping bags, and beach bags, and are perfect for shorter day trips where you only need the essentials.

Garment bags are for dress attire and all the accessories that go with it. If you're looking for a smaller sized carry on garment bag these are some of the best models available.


The weight of the bag is quite important, especially if you're trying to stay within any airline regulations.

Softside bags are usually pretty light, but the more hardware, like wheels, telescoping handles, carry handles, and pockets you add, the heavier it's going to get.

Hardside bags can also be a bit heavy, depending on the material. But some are lighter than you may expect.

For instance, the Samsonite Omni PC carry on is only 6.8 lbs, thanks to the lightweight polycarbonate material. It is even lighter than the nylon Samsonite Silhouette XV, which weighs in at 8 lbs for the carry on.

And the aluminum Rimowa Topas is the heaviest of the group.


When checking out the Samsonite or Rimowa models above, you may have noticed that all of them are spinner bags.

This means they have 4 wheels which all roll in any direction, spinning as you turn to keep the bag rolling smoothly. These bags are great for tight corners, slim aisles, and because they are upright, they cause less strain on your arms, shoulders, and back.

Another option is the rolling bags, which have 2 wheels on the back and a couple of sturdy feet on the front to stand the bag up when you aren't on the move.

These wheels aren't as easy to maneuver, plus they must be pulled behind you since the position of the wheels is fixed. But they handle rougher surfaces much better, plus can be pulled upstairs if needed.

Handles & Carrying Options

You may have noticed in our Rimowa vs Samsonite reviews that top and side carry handles are on all of them.

This is pretty common in these types of bags. But some bags, like the Rimowa Salsa, have retractable handles, which fit close to the bag when you aren't using them, keeping the bag slim and reducing damage to the handles.

Telescoping handles are also found on every bag we've reviewed. But the Rimowa Topas only locks at one height, while the Samsonite Silhouette XV has multiple locking positions.

This makes it easier to find the right height for added comfort when you're using the bag.


Another thing to look at when comparing Samsonite vs Rimowa luggage is the durability. These types of bags need to be able to withstand the rigors of travel, or you'll be wasting your money.

Both the Samsonite Omni PC and the Rimowa Salsa use polycarbonate, which is quite strong. But the Omni adds that micro-diamond texture to add a bit more scratch resistance.

The Rimowa Topas uses aluminum, which can also take a beating, but it shows its wear a bit easier, with scratches, dings, and dents covering the body after a bit of rough traveling.

The Samsonite Silhouette XV is the only softside bag on our list, but as well as the rugged material, it has a water-resistant coating for extra protection.

Compartments & Features

When it comes to the features in our Rimowa vs Samsonite comparisons, the hard-side bags are pretty evenly matched. They are all split into two internal compartments, and each one has at least one organizational pocket.

But softside bags always seem to win in this department. The Samsonite Silhouette XV has only one main area inside, but this area is huge.

Then there are three internal pockets, plus a couple larger ones on the outside, giving you ample space for everything you need.

As for features, all four bags are pretty evenly matched. They all have some sort of compression system and TSA locks.

But the Omni is expandable and the larger Silhouette sizes have a hanging organizer inside. The Rimowa bags both add a luggage label, and the Topas has a handy add-a-bag strap for easy carrying.

Suitcase Warranty

The Rimowa warranty offers a 5-year guarantee on all of their business and travel luggage, but the product must be registered online to activate the warranty. The warranty then covers any material or manufacturing defects. Improper use or operation, abrasions, or damage from transport are not covered.

Samsonite luggage warranty is a limited global warranty. This covers any issues with the products that are related to material or manufacturing errors for the lifetime of the original purchaser (or receiver if the product is a gift). The product will then be fixed or replaced.

samsonite vs rimowa luggage 7

Style & Color

When it comes to style, Rimowa seems to have only one. All of their bags have similar vertical lines running over the sides of the bag.

They do have a few different color options to choose from, including basic black or white, plus they also offer red, blue, silver, and a few others.

Samsonite, on the other hand, likes to mix it up a bit. Their hardside bags have different designs to choose from, plus come in a wide array of fun colors and patterns.

Samsonite's softside bags also have a variety of style options and colors. Samsonite even has bags designed for kids, with their favorite cartoon characters or superheroes displayed on the sides to show off their personality while they travel.


One of the biggest decision makers for some people when buying new luggage is the price. Samsonite bags are decently priced, with some of their bags costing more than others.

For instance, their hardside Omni PC is under $200, but the Silhouette XV is about $300.00 unless you can find it on sale.

These still may seem high to some people, until they are compared with the Rimowa bags. The cheaper one our list is the Salsa, which costs over double the Silhouette's price.

The Topas carry on bag is over $1000.00, and the price goes up the bigger the bag you choose. This is why Rimowa is a favorite of the wealthy, while Samsonite is more common among your everyday travelers.

samsonite vs rimowa luggage 8

Rimowa vs Samsonite - What Suitcase is Right for You?

Everyone needs some type of luggage at some point in their lives.

We visit relatives, travel for business, or go on road trips to explore new areas. But which luggage is the best one to pick in our Rimowa vs Samsonite comparison?

Well, both brands have some similarities.

They both use quality materials in the shells, the handles, and the wheels. They each offer a few extras, like compression systems and TSA locks. And both of these brands have a few different sizes to choose from.

But there are a few reasons I believe the Samsonite bags are better for most travelers.

First, Samsonite bags offer a bit more protection. The Omni uses the same polycarbonate as the Rimowa Salsa, but Samsonite adds that micro-diamond texture for extra scratch-resistance. And they use the water-resistant coating on the softside bags.

And speaking of softside, these are only offered by Samsonite, with Rimowa sticking to the hard shell bags. Softside bags are easier to stuff a bit full, they can be squeezed in if needed, and pockets can be added to the outside as well as the inside, which is rare on a hardside bag.

Samsonite has more styles and colors to choose from. And most importantly to those on a budget, they are at least half the cost of Rimowa bags, so you can get a few for what you would pay for just one of Rimowa's small carry ons.

Still want to compare more luggage? Consider looking at Samsonite vs Delsey or Tumi vs Rimowa.

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