Rockland Luggage Review: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

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There are many different brands of luggage out there, all with similar features and varying prices.

Though many people believe you need to spend a great deal of money to get decent lightweight suitcases that will last, this isn't exactly true.

As you can see from our Rockland luggage review, this brand has great pieces that stand out from the crowd with stylish designs and rugged materials.

But unlike some of the top-rated suitcases out there, Rockland bags are easy on the budget.

This makes them a great choice for those who can't afford the high-end brands but still need a great bag when traveling for business or for pleasure.

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A Bit About Rockland Luggage

Rockland is a brand created by Fox Luggage and has been producing luggage since 1995. The lines this brand has to offer stand out from the crowd, with creative and innovative designs.

But unlike some other luggage brands out there, Rockland luggage sets itself apart by still being budget friendly, while still remaining tough enough for any type of travel.

This company creates products for any type of trip, whether you're just spending an hour or two at the gym or jetting off to a far-off location for an extended vacation.

Rockland's great looking and cute luggage has even appeared in various television shows and films, making them even more popular.

Rockland's main offices are in Commerce, CA, and most of their business is done in the USA. They are best known for their cheap luggage sets sold in Walmart, Target, Marshalls, and many other budget-friendly stores across the U.S.

Though not the most high-end brand around, Rockland is the best luggage for those who need decent suitcases without breaking the bank.


Overview of Rockland Luggage


When it comes to sizes, it depends on which type of Rockland suitcase you're looking for. In the hard cases, there are three sizes to choose from. These are the carry on, which is 20 inches, and the two larger hardside luggage pieces, which are 24 or 28 inches.

The smallest softside pieces are the totes at 14 inches. Then there is the soft carry on, which is 19 or 20 inches.

There are more larger luggage sizes to choose from, including 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, and even a huge 32-inch model if you need it. Most of these are upright models, with the exception of the 22-inch bag, which is a rolling duffel.

Design & Style

Rockland travel luggage is known for its creativity when it comes to the style of their bags. The Rockland hardside luggage has some standard-looking pieces with simple horizontal or vertical lines, but with bright colors that stand out from the rest.

Then there are the more creative pieces, like the Vision line, with bright patterns of circles and hearts.

There are the Leopard, Zebra, and Animal print designs as well, and even the Celebrity line which comes in purple and has a quilted look to the exterior of the bag.

A few of the softside lines are more basic, though still with a variety of colors to choose from. But there are some that have a bit of flair to them as well, such as the Jungle and Fashion lines, which incorporate zebra prints, owls, peace signs, and even a plaid set. There are also a few lines with city inspiration, like the Rome, Milan, and Vegas luggage sets.

Hardside vs Softside (Materials)

The materials used on the Rockland travel luggage sets vary in each category. For the hard shell luggage, these lines use mostly ABS, with a few pieces made of polycarbonate thrown in.

What's the difference between ABS vs Polycarbonate?

ABS is a bit cheaper, but it isn't as strong. Polycarbonate is lightweight, resists impacts, and can flex when under pressure without breaking but it is a bit more expensive.

Some models combine the two to save money without reducing the durability of the suitcase.

Most of the bags in the softside lines use polyester since it is durable, resists moisture and dirt, plus is lightweight. They also add in a PVC backing to increase the bag's elasticity while adding in some strength.

There are a couple of bags that use nylon instead, which is lightweight and strong, so it will be able to handle a bit of rough handling and overpacking.

There are even a few bags that combine hardside and softside materials. The Milan line uses polyester on the front of the bag, with ABS on the bottom and back for a bit of extra protection in those areas.


Most of the bags in each Rockland line weigh about the same, so there isn't that much to consider when it comes to suitcase weight.

For instance, in the hardside luggage sets, the general weight of each bag is about 6 lbs for a 20-inch bag, 8 lbs for a 24-inch bag, and 10 lbs for a 28-inch bag. This is about the same as many other good luggage brands out there, and a bit lighter in some cases.

The softside bags are also around the same weight. A 14-inch tote weights only a pound or so, while a 20-inch bag is about 5 lbs. The larger bags, like the 28-inch models, are around 7 lbs.

Generally speaking, these bags are a bit lighter than some other popular luggage brands, so you can carry a bit more without going over any weight restrictions when using a Rockland bag.

Storage & Organization

When it comes to storage areas in our Rockland luggage review models, they are pretty similar in all the bags. There is a large main compartment for all your clothing.

Then there are some smaller internal and external pockets for smaller items you don't want to lose in your larger gear. Though rare, there may be a second front compartment that gives you room for shoes, sweaters, or even laptops.

The more compartments and pockets there are, the more organized you can be.

TSA Compatible Combination Lock

Many of the Rockland brand luggage models include a TSA compatible combination lock, which locks your zippers in place so they can't be opened by anyone other than you and a TSA official.

These combination locks allow you to create a personal combination as soon as you buy the bag. Then you just lock it up before you leave.

If a TSA agent needs to inspect your bag at some point, there is also a keyhole for them to use to get in the bag without hunting you down to gain access to it. Then, when they close the bag again, they can lock it back up to keep thieves out.

Spinner & Roller Wheels

The products in our Rockland luggage review come with either spinner or roller wheels. These are similar to the ones found on many other brands out there.

The spinner wheels are great for sharp turns and easy maneuvering in tight spaces, plus keep the bag upright when you let go of the handle. These don't work well on rougher surfaces, though, so if you're on cobblestones or other uneven terrains, you may need to carry your bag.

The roller wheels don't spin and may not fit down thin aisles, but they handle rough terrain and can even go upstairs with ease.

They also roll smoothly and usually have some sort of stabilizer to keep your bag from falling over if you let it go, keeping it off the dirty ground.

Other Features

When looking at Rockland luggage models, there are some extra features on many of them worth adding to your search.

Internal compression straps are handy, holding all the gear you pack in place rather than it all shifting around during travel. Some bags also have internal dividers that allow you to separate your clothing, keeping dirty and clean stuff apart.

Handles are also something to look for. Wheeled bags usually come with telescopic handles, many with push-button locks and recessed storage areas to keep them out of the way.

Carry handles on the top and sides let you lift the bag easily. Smaller totes should also include a shoulder strap.

If you're traveling for business, padded laptop or tablet areas are a must, as are organizational pockets. If the bag doesn't have a TSA approved lock, the zippers should at least be lockable to repel thieves.


The Rockland luggage warranty covers each product for up to 5 years. This warranty protects from any defects in the material or the workmanship, starting from the date of purchase.

Rockland will then repair the product, or if repairs are not possible, they will replace it with a comparable model.

Like most other products on the market, this warranty does not cover any normal wear and tear, including fading, or any misuse of the product on your part.

Rockland Luggage Reviews

If you think a piece or set of Rockland luggage is for you, don't fret about the dozens of cute luggage sets there are available.

To help get you started, we've written some Rockland luggage reviews on their most popular products detailing what each has to offer.

Rockland Luggage Melbourne 3-Piece Hardside Spinner Luggage Set

This Rockland 3-piece luggage set consists of a 20-inch carry on, a 24-inch bag, and a 28" bag. This gives you more than enough room to take everything you need on an extended trip. For shorter day or weekend trips, the Rockland Luggage Melbourne 20-inch Expandable Carry on may even have enough space to use on its own.

All three bags are made using the same lightweight, yet durable, ABS material and come in over a dozen different colors. There are multi-directional spinner wheels on the bottom, which give you a wide range of movement, even around sharp corners. There is an ergonomic aluminum telescopic handle on top that has its own recessed area for storage when you aren't using it. Top and side carry handles give you even more carry options.

The large main compartment is separated with a zippered divider on top, plus has compression straps on the bottom to keep your stuff from shifting during travel. There is an interior mesh pocket inside as well as a zippered elasticized pockets for keeping your smaller items secure. All three bags are expandable as well, so you can stuff an extra sweater or some souvenirs inside if needed.

Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Carry On Luggage Set

The Rockland 2-piece luggage set consists of a 19-inch carry on bag and a 14-inch tote. Both of these cheap suitcases are made of heavy duty polyester fabric with a polyvinyl chloride backing to increase durability and strength. They come in over forty colors and patterns, so you can pick your favorite to stand out or blend in as needed. But there are a few differences between these two bags.

The larger piece of high-quality luggage has in-line skate wheels on the bottom, with stabilizers to keep the bag upright when you let it go. The wheeled corners also have protective bumpers to keep damage to a minimum. There is a self-locking retractable handle with an internal storage area, plus top and side carry handles. A large main compartment with compression straps holds all your gear. There are also two front zippered pockets and three internal organizational pockets for all your smaller items. This bag is expandable as well, plus has lockable zippers to keep your gear secure.

The small 14" tote has a front zippered pocket and a large main compartment. There are top carry handles and a removable, adjustable shoulder strap that allows you to carry the bag while keeping your hands free.

Rockland Titan 19 Inch ABS Carry On

If you want the best lightweight suitcase for a weekend away from home, this Rockland luggage review on the Titan may be all you need to read. This handy travel suitcase is made of ABS material, which keeps down the weight while increasing the durability so your gear stays safe.

There is a large main compartment, with compression straps on the bottom and a zippered divider on the top. This keeps all your gear sorted, separated, and in place, even during a bumpy flight. An organizational pocket stores your smaller items.

Another compartment on the front of the bag has a padded area for a laptop, a sleeve for notebooks or magazines, credit card slots, and a Velcro pocket for anything else you need. All this makes this the perfect stylish suitcase for business or pleasure.

Other features include smooth-rolling spinner wheels with protective corner bumpers, a telescopic handle, top and side carry handles, expandable sides, and lockable zippers on both compartments.

Rockland Luggage 4 Piece Wheeled Softside Luggage Set

\\\also mention this model as a single suitcase option:

If you need multiple pieces, this 4-piece set in our Rockland luggage review is a great choice. It comes with three different sizes of upright suitcases, plus has a carry-on tote for added convenience. All four pieces of this lightweight luggage are made of heavy duty EVA-molded hi-count polyester fabric with a PVC backing for added durability. They also come in various colors and patterns to meet your personal style.

The three upright pieces are all expandable, giving you a few extra inches in each bag for extra clothing. Each one has EZ-roll inline skate wheels, bottom stability bars, a push-button self-locking retractable handle with a recessed storage area, comfort grip handles on the top and side, and lockable zippers with the lock and key included.

Each one also has a large main compartment with compression straps and three organizational pockets inside, plus two front zippered pockets for items you need easy access to. If necessary, you can even use the Rockland Luggage 19-inch Expandable Spinner on its own for short trips.

The tote also has a main compartment, but only one exterior front pocket. Though it lacks the wheels and telescopic handle, it includes soft top handles that can be attached for easy carrying and a removable, adjustable non-slip shoulder strap.

Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On

If you like cool suitcases with great patterns, this model is likely the best one for you in our Rockland luggage review. It comes in a variety of styles, like Love, Fashion, Tribal, Crocodile, and Owl, so you can pick the one that best matches your personality. But this bag is about more than just looks.

This 20-inch model is made of polycarbonate, so it is a quality durable suitcase that will last for years. It is also lightweight, so you won't overburden yourself or go over any airline weight restrictions. There are dual spinner wheels on the bottom that spin a full 360 degrees, so you can pull it in any direction and handle sharp turns with ease. The chrome handle is ergonomic, so it fits nicely in your hand, plus it has a push button lock for easy use.

The fully lined interior is spacious enough for a few days' worth of clothing. There are compression straps on the bottom and a zippered divider on top to keep all your stuff nicely separated. Mesh, zippered, and elastic pockets inside hold all your small items, keeping everything organized throughout your trip.

Rockland Wheeled Underseat Carry-On

The Rockland Wheeled Underseat Carry-on may be the best travel suitcase for those who like to travel light. It weighs very little and fits under most airline seats or in any overhead bin, making it a great piece for any weekend trip.

It has a large main compartment, which is perfect for a change of clothing or two. A few mesh, clear, and slip pockets inside keep all your essentials organized. The zippers on this area are lockable, so you don't have to worry about strangers rummaging through your stuff. There are also side mesh pockets on the exterior for water bottles or other necessities, plus two front zippered pockets for documents, wallets, or other items you need close at hand.

These bags are made of quilted polyester fabric, which is not only durable but looks great. It comes in a variety of great colors for you to choose from. The two roller wheels roll smoothly, plus have plastic bumpers surrounding them to keep the bag clean and damage-free.

Multiple handles add to the convenience of this bag. There is a telescopic handle, which has its own zippered storage compartment, and carry handles for those times when wheels are not needed. A back strap lets you slip this bag over the handle of another bag, so you can add it to any other Rockland lightweight luggage sets with ease.


The Bottom Line: Is Rockland Luggage Right For You?

Luggage with low prices are not expected to last, but those who have tried out Rockland suitcases know this isn't always true.

Rockland creates quality suitcases made of durable materials that can handle the rigors of travel. They fit into any budget, plus come in great colors and styles that catch the eye.

Those who need a great bag that matches their personality, but can't afford the high-end models, will love any model Rockland puts out.

Though all of the pieces in our Rockland luggage review are excellent choices, there are a few that stand out from the rest.

One is the Rockland Titan 19 Inch ABS Carry On, which is lightweight and strong. It is the only one on our list that includes a padded laptop sleeve, plus has multiple organizational pockets, making it great for business trips as well as a weekend vacation.

The Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On is another one worth checking out, due mostly to its wide range of amazing patterns that add some style to any trip. It is also made of polycarbonate, with dual spinner wheels and an ergonomic chrome handle, plus multiple inner pockets to keep everything you carry organized.

For longer trips, the Rockland Luggage 4 Piece Wheeled Softside Luggage Set is a great choice. These bags can be used together for an extended vacation or on their own for a weekend getaway. The heavy-duty material prevents tears or abrasions, they have plenty of storage space for everything you need, plus the lockable zippers come with the lock and key.

Still want to compare more luggage? Consider looking at our Roncato luggage review, our detailed luggage comparison of Travelpro vs Samsonite or Briggs & Riley vs Tumi.

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