Roncato Luggage Review: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

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This Roncato luggage review covers everything you should know about their luggage before buying to help you decide what's the best luggage for you.

When planning for an international trip, whether it’s for work or pleasure, you spend a lot of time planning what will go into your suitcase, but do you think much about the suitcase itself?

Nothing is worse than when you settle for something less only to find a ripped zipper, broken wheel, or overweight bag when you get to the airport.

Knowing that you have a quality suitcase to safely transport your belongs on a trip not only gives you peace of mind, but ultimately makes traveling more stress-free.

This Roncato luggage review shows you that it's one of the world’s best luggage brands thanks to their lightweight, sturdy, and high-quality suitcases and bags.



A Bit About Roncato

Roncato was established in Italy in the 1940’s right after World War II. Founder Antonio Roncato, during his prior experience in another luggage factory, noticed how so many countrymen longed for a better life overseas.

He started the family company which took a turn in the 1970s when his son Giovanni started Valigeria Roncato and began mass producing their luggage products in Italy.

It was in the 1990s when Roncato became the leader in the production of polypropylene bags, and in 2007 they also took the lead in polycarbonate luggage production.

Over the decades, the company has grown to be one of the leading luggage companies in the world, reaching over 100 countries over 5 continents.

They now offer a full line of luggage as well as backpacks, briefcases, totes, and duffles as well as 10 current luggage collections.

Overview of Roncato Luggage

What does Roncato have to offer that makes it stand hold it's own against other luggage brands?

This overview of Roncato's luggage and suitcases will cover everything you need to know before buying.


Roncato offers various luggage sizes, ensuring that you will be able to find just what you need for your long or short trip.

Cabin/carry-on (22”) luggage is clearly labeled so there is no question about whether or not your bag will fit in the overhead compartment.

Medium size luggage ranges from 24 to 28” and large from 30 to 34”. Most Roncato suitcases also expand to give you a bit more depth and volume to pack everything you may need for your trip.

In addition to the standard suitcases, there is also a range of bags in various sizes depending on their primary function (i.e. PC or garment storage).

Design & Style

There’s more to Roncato than just luggage, but we are just focusing on that for right now.

Within the luggage category, you will find several types of bags designed to meet your travel needs.

These include:

  • Suitcases – available in the sizes listed previously
  • Duffles – designed to match the color and style of the suitcases
  • Garment Bags – to keep your suits wrinkle-free
  • PC Trolleys – keeping your computer close by to put the finishing touches on that presentation

There are also 11 current luggage collections, each catered to fit a unique style:

  • E-Lite: elegant and lightweight, in silver and black with leather trim
  • Uno Deluxe: vintage chic, in champagne, pearl, and carbon with leather trim
  • Uno ZSL Premium 2.0: perfect synergy between lightness, elasticity, functionality, and aesthetics, in blue, burgundy, silver, and black
  • Uno ZSL Premium Carbon: lightest upright suitcases with the characteristics of polycarbonate, in red, blue, white, ottanio, and warm gray
  • Uno SL: the backbone of all Roncato products, in red, silver, and black
  • Uno Soft: blend of luxury and technology, in champagne and black
  • Venice 2.0: extreme lightness in soft spinner cases, in red, blue, and black
  • Box 2.0: contemporary shapes in street colors, in black, emerald, navy, anthracite, red, orange, lime, sky blue, and pink
  • Double Premium: innovative double trolley with removable external PC pocket, in black
  • Biz 2.0: meets the need for business on the go, with briefcases, laptop/tablet bags, backpacks, and carry-on garment bags
  • Boston: minimal but chic, in gray, black, and blue

Hardside vs Softside (Materials)

Expect nothing less from Roncato than high-quality materials to ensure your bags enjoy a long life.

Their hardside suitcases are constructed from either European grade polycarbonate or polypropylene which are both high-impact resistant and anti-scratch.

All softside bags are made with ballistic nylon and polyester, which are resistant to snags and tears as well as waterproof.

The interior lining of the suitcases is not only silky smooth but can also be removed to wash out any unexpected spills or spots.


Most airlines have a 50-pound weight limit for checked baggage.

It may seem like a lot, but when you are preparing for an extended trip somewhere, you can reach that limit quickly, and these airlines start charging an arm and a leg if you’re even a pound over.

It doesn’t help that a lot of suitcases already account for a good portion of the weight allowed. In fact, many standard suitcases are about 8-13 pounds on average depending on their size.

With Roncato, you can also expect to find some of the lightest suitcases in the world both due to the exterior materials as well as the framework.

Even their biggest suitcases may only weigh about 10 pounds at most, giving you much more wiggle room with the amount you can pack.


When it comes to spending extra money on luggage, compromising durability is something you always want to avoid.

The last thing you want is a busted wheel on your luggage after arriving at your destination. Or even worse your contents flowing out the sides of a broken zipper on your suitcase!

Durability often comes down to quality of materials and this is one arena that Roncato does not skimp.

Just watch this video, I think it does all the explaining that is needed:

Storage & Organization

Packing a suitcase requires a lot of strategy and organization. Items have a tendency to shift and if you’re not careful, you could end up with quite a mess when you get to your destination.

The standard spinner suitcases from Roncato have more storage compartments than I’ve seen in most other brands.

Both sides of the hardside suitcases zip closed to keep your items in place. On one of the dividers, you will also find two zippered storage pouches to keep smaller items you don’t want to get lost.

With the softside luggage, in addition to the exterior pockets, you also get a flip out panel that doubles as a garment bag to keep your suits from wrinkling or shifting too much.

On Roncato’s website, you can also find additional storage bags designed for toiletries, shoes, or even tablets and electronics accessories.

TSA Locks

Airline security doesn’t seem to like those little padlocks you can find for your suitcase zipper. Too many time I’ve seen them cut off people’s bags when they are returned.

With most Roncato luggage, you will find an integrated anti-tamper combo lock that keeps your belongings safe and away from prying eyes.

Spinner & Roller Wheels

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to rush for a flight and fighting with a suitcase that doesn’t roll well or taking your bag off the luggage return and finding a broken wheel.

Thankfully, Roncato thought of this when they designed their bags.

All suitcases are 4 wheel spinners, best for upright rolling which are also high-impact resistant because, let’s face it, we all know baggage handlers aren’t gentle.

Other Features

In addition to all of the features just mentioned, you can’t expect to find a few more things with your suitcase purchase:

  • Interior compression straps to prevent shifting
  • Telescopic handle for briefcase attachment
  • Recessed rubber handle for comfortable carrying

Roncato also has other accessories available on their site, making it a convenient one-stop shop for all of your travel needs.

One of the coolest additions you can get for your Roncato luggage is a Bluetooth tracking tag. No more worries about lost luggage; you can track your suitcase’s last location from the GPS available on the iOS or Android app.

If you are OCD like me and want to keep your suitcase in pristine condition, you can purchase a slipcover to prevent any scratches or scrapes on your hard side luggage.


With the price you pay for a piece of Roncato luggage, you want to know that it will last for years to come.

While they are crafted with the highest quality materials, we all know accidents can happen, which is why every piece comes with a 10-year warranty.

This covers any defect with the manufacturing or materials as long as you keep the warranty certificate and receipt of purchase.

It is important to note that this will not cover any damage done by transit companies, in which case you should file a claim with the transit company.

For more information on their warranty, visit the Roncato website.

Roncato Luggage Reviews

With all the choices in design and style that Roncato has to offer, you may be wondering where to start.

While this isn’t a complete review, we will go through some of their most popular models so you can find something that matches your lifestyle and travel needs.

Roncato Uno ZSL Premium 2.0 Spinner

Let’s start with one of the top hardside suitcases the brand has to offer.

The Uno ZSL Premium Spinner features a sleek design available in both black and silver. It comes in 5 different sizes, from the carry-on 22” to the large 34” size.

The exterior is crafted with 100% European polycarbonate which is both high-impact resistant and anti-scratch.

The Uno ZSL Premium is also known for its unique “diamond tips” shell texture which gives it a bit of depth and dimension.

This is also one of the lightest suitcases on the market due to its polycarbonate shell and lightweight frame – only 9.9 pounds.

There is no need to worry about anything happening to the interior of your suitcase with this model.

An integrated TSA lock with combination keeps out prying eyes and the zipper resists tampering, pressure, and liquids.

As with Roncato’s other suitcases, you will also find a multi-stage telescopic handle that can also hold a briefcase and 4 swivel wheels for maximum maneuverability.

Shop The Roncato Uno ZSL Premium 2.0 Spinner

Roncato Box Carry-on Spinner

If you like a pop of color with your luggage - I mean, let’s face it, it’s much easier to identify on a baggage carousel - then you will want to look at Roncato’s Box 2.0 collection.

There are several colors available, from the muted blue or black to bright pink and emerald green.

With this collection, you will find some of the lightest hardside suitcases.

The carry-on size weighs in at a mere 4.85 pounds, giving you plenty of flexibility with the items you want to pack.

The exterior shell is made with polypropylene making it lightweight and durable.

It is nearly impossible to break due to its resistance to impact and its flexibility.

No need to worry about broken wheels either as the spinners are high impact resistant.

Rest assured knowing the contents of your suitcase are protected with a water-resistant zipper and TSA combination lock. The interior is also removable for washing and you get 4 interior storage pockets for extra organization.

Shop The Roncato Box Carry-on Spinner

Roncato Venice 2.0 Spinner

So far, we’ve only looked at Roncato’s hardside luggage, but their softside luggage, like the Venice 2.0 collection, is definitely worth noting.

Softside luggage is known for being lightweight but it doesn’t usually have the same durability that hardside luggage offers.

However, the Venice 2.0 collection offers both light weight and durability in their softside luggage.

The carry-on size is only 4.8 pounds, thanks to the soft nylon and polyester shell.

The framework is structured like a honeycomb keeping the whole suitcase light while remaining impact resistant.

One of the best things about softside luggage is the extra storage pockets available for storage and easy access to what you need.

The Venice 2.0 collection went above and beyond on the extra storage.

You not only have extra zippered pockets on the front of the suitcase but you also have pockets on the sides and even the interior, including a 13” pocket for a laptop or tablet.

Just like with Roncato’s other suitcases, the interior lining is removable for washing if you ever end up having a leak or spill inside.

There may not be a combination lock on this softside suitcase, but the secure zipper resists liquids, pressure, and tampering.

Shop The Roncato Venice 2.0 Spinner

Roncato Uno SL Spinner

Some travelers may not need something fancy or designer when it comes to their luggage. Function and quality are the key factors that lead to a purchase.

The Roncato Uno SL collection offers just this. As the backbone of all Roncato products, the Uno SL collection offers basic designs in basic colors (red, black, and silver) and 2 standard sizes - 28” and 32”.

This collection shares a few similar aesthetics with the Uno ZSL Premium collection.

The exterior shell is made from 100% European polycarbonate with “diamond tips” texture to improve scratch resistance.

Coupled with its polypropylene frame, this suitcase is also highly shock resistant and waterproof.

Interior organization and storage is not a concern with this suitcase.

Both sides have zippered storage compartments with several zippered pockets on the dividers. These keep your smaller items from shifting too much and getting lost amongst your clothes.

In addition to the storage pockets, there are also compression straps on one side of the interior to keep your bigger items in place.

Shop The Roncato Uno SL Spinner

Roncato Venice Backpack

Backpacks are the easiest to pack and most convenient “personal item” you can take with you on a trip, and Roncato has got you covered with the Venice 2.0 Backpack.

Made with a high-quality nylon and polyester blend, this backpack is both lightweight (2.3 pounds) and durable as well as color and water resistant.

There is plenty of interior and exterior storage, with pockets for everything you may need to take with you.

Inside there are also compartments for both a 17” laptop and a 10” tablet.

Security checks are a breeze with the Venice 2.0 backpack. Instead of having to completely take your laptop out of your bag, this backpack is equipped with FAA approved open laptop viewing.

After you get your bag back after you go through security, you can take a load off your shoulders by slipping it over the trolley handle of your carry-on suitcase.

A strap on the back slips over the handle to keep it from falling off.

You can also utilize the top handle if you want to carry it by hand instead of on your shoulders.

Shop The Roncato Venice Backpack

Roncato Biz 2.0 Travel Garment Bag

Garment bags can be tricky to pack on a flight. There aren’t many places you can store it without getting your suits all wrinkled.

The Roncato Biz 2.0 Garment Trolley solves this problem beautifully.

It may seem strange to transport your suits in a trolley-type bag, but you can rest assured that your suits will stay neat and secure thanks to the fold-out storage panel which keeps them from shifting during transit.

With a nylon exterior, PVC inserts, and metal framing, this bag is highly shock resistant as well as color resistant.

It is a little heavier than some of Roncato’s other small suitcases (8.8 pounds), but since you will likely be using it as a carry-on, weight isn’t too much of a concern.

Similar to their PC Trolley, the Biz 2.0 Garment Trolley has plenty of storage pockets inside and out, including slots for your smartphone and tablet.

The interior of the bag is surprisingly roomy. With the garment insert attached, there is capacity for up to 4 hangers (with clothes of course).

You can also remove the insert if you want to just use the bag as a regular trolley to transport items other than suits and delicates.

Shop The Roncato Biz 2.0 Travel Garment Bag

roncato luggage review 4

The Bottom Line: Is Roncato Luggage Right For You?

As you can see, Roncato offers a great line of high quality and very fashionable luggage, but is it right for you?

The biggest hang up when it comes to Roncato luggage is the price. If you are on a limited budget and just looking for something for an upcoming trip, this luggage brand may not be right for you.

However, if you travel on a regular basis, particularly if you travel for work, Roncato has some great pieces that will be worth the investment.

If I had to pick our top three pieces to create my own collection, I would have to say the Uno SL Spinner, Venice 2.0 Backpack, and Biz 2.0 Garment Trolley are must-haves.

These three are very unique pieces of luggage that will allow you to carry everything you need with ease and optimum organization.

The tamper, pressure, and liquid resistant features on these pieces make them stand above the rest.

They are also highly versatile with the garment trolley being able to convert to a regular trolley and the backpack’s sleek design that is good for both business and pleasure.

With Roncato, you can be sure that your belongings are where they need to be and remain safe and secure all the way to your destination.

Still want to compare more luggage? Consider looking at our Rockland luggage review or Rimowa vs Samsonite.
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