The Citi American Airlines Two Browser Trick May Be Dead (or on it’s way out)

Some people are reporting that they were not able to get approved for two Citi American Airlines cards or two Citi Hilton cards at the same time.  If you call the reconsideration line, the representative will tell you that you cannot have the second card.

It hasn’t been 18 months (about how long between applications Citi requires to get the bonus again) since signing up for my last American Airlines credit card, so I can’t provide any personal feedback about recently applying for both of these cards.

The discussion on FlyerTalk seems to suggest that the ‘two browser trick’ may no longer work, and several reports over the past few days suggest that if you apply for both cards, you will only be approved for one.

In the past if you applied for two similar Citibank cards at the same time, such as the two American Airlines personal credit cards (Visa and AMEX), you could be approved for both offers and net 100,000 – 150,000 AA miles.

Nothing is certain on this situation as of yet–it could just be a web glitch, a random case of a bunch of unfortunate people who were only approved for one card, or just some people posting false information to lead people astray on FlyerTalk (don’t put it past some people).

I am almost positive that this is not an error and is an intentional move made by Citi to end the ‘loophole’ that many of us benefited from. However, it may still be possible to get approved for two cards that are of different product lines if applied for at the same time.

To read more, there is an ongoing FlyerTalk discussion of Citibank’s American Airlines co-branded credit card offers. Stay tuned for more details later.

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