The New ANA Partner Chart Is In Effect

All Nippon Airways, ANA, had a distance based award chart that had many sweet spots including 68,000 miles for a round-trip business class ticket to Europe!

Read this post highlighting why the old ANA distance based award chart was awesome!

Starting this week however, the new zone based partner award chart went into effect.

The New ANA Partner Award Chart Is In Effect _0

The Award Chart

The zone definitions + the partner award chart can be found here.

The New ANA Partner Award Chart Is In Effect _1

The New Sweet Spots

The redemptions from North America that caught my eye were:

  • Asia 1 (Zone 3) – 95k miles for round-trip in business class to China, Guam, Hong Kong, The Philippines and Taiwan
  • Asia 2 (Zone 4) – 70k / 110k miles for round-trip in economy / business class to countries in South and South East Asia
  • Oceania / Micronesia (Zone 10) – 120k miles for round-trip in business class to all South Pacific destinations including Australia and New Zealand.


Fuel Surcharges

While ANA did lower their fuel surcharges recently, unfortunately when it comes to partner redemptions, ANA will simply pass on whatever the carrier charges onto you, the flyer.


Stopovers / Open-Jaws / Routing Rules

ANA introduced a new routing rule which is depicted in the table below. Basically, transfers aren’t allowed in the area that’s specified inside the box for travel between two other areas.

For example – You cannot transit via Europe when traveling between North America and Asia 2.

The New ANA Partner Award Chart Is In Effect _2

When one window closes, another opens. I’m not getting philosophical but did you notice that while you can’t transit via Europe en route to Asia, you are allowed transit through Australia!

Say goodbye to the 3 stopover beauty that the old ANA award chart allowed, as shown in this post. Now you’re allowed only 1 stop-over per round-trip.

ANA also has this restriction now on the open-jaws:

If the destination of your outbound trip and the point of departure of your inbound trip are different, they must be within the same area.

The New ANA Partner Award Chart Is In Effect _3

Ugh.. this just killed the one-way ticket! (This post discusses how this was possible before.)

The one positive takeaway is that there is potential to have the following itinerary: North America (origin) – a Pacific Island (stopover) – Asia (destination)

The New ANA Partner Award Chart Is In Effect _4

If this itinerary indeed prices out at 110k for a round-trip ticket in business class, this will might be my new favorite redemption!


Quick Summary

ANA used to be my go-to set of miles when I needed multiple stopovers such as a Caribbean + Central America hopper itinerary. Since United + COPA didn’t charge fuel surcharges this was great.

Sadly, this can’t be repeated now because ANA changed their routing rules along with limiting the stopovers to 1 per round-trip.

All is not lost though, as shown in this post, there are some redemptions that can really maximize your miles. US to Asia with a stopover in Australia / New Zealand is an opportunity I’m interested in that I plan on pursuing.


2 thoughts on “The New ANA Partner Chart Is In Effect

  • Jordan

    Thanks for the breakdown, would love to see a follow-up if the North America (origin) – a Pacific Island (stopover) – Asia (destination) route is bookable and has availability.

    • The Points Guru Post author

      Hi Jordan

      Unfortunately it can’t be booked online. However you can call the ANA booking service (quite friendly) and have them price out the itinerary. It worked for me! Try to call afternoon PST or else their pricing team leaves for the day and they will respond “within 2 business days.”