Via Flyertalk, today only TopCashBack is offering 2.25% back on Amex business gift cards. The maximum denomination limit is $2,000 for earning cash back, so don’t purchase gift cards higher than $2,000.

If you’re new to TopCashBack, it’s a shopping portal that allows you to earn cash back for online purchases. If you don’t already have an account you can create an account using this sign-up link.

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2.25% Back on Amex Business Gift Cards Through TopCashBack

This could be a great way to earn extra cash back or hit a minimum spending requirement on a new credit card. TopCashBack periodically increases the cash back rate on Amex gift cards to 2.25% for one day only, as seen today.

Link: TopCashBack sign-up link

Here’s a simple breakdown of the deal:

Each $2,000 Amex gift card has a fee of $3.95 and you’ll pay $8.95 for shipping. From purchasing one $2,000 Amex gift card you will net $32.10 straight cash back from TopCashBack.

On top of this you will earn miles & points of your choice depending on which rewards credit card you use for the purchase. Say for example, you use the new Discover Miles card that earns 3% back during the first year, you would earn be earning a total of 5.25% back—or $92.10 back for each $2,000 Amex gift card you purchase.

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Only business gift cards are eligible for the 2.25% cash back today and you do need to enter a valid business name.

Some other guidelines to follow include:

  • You are limited to $2,000 per transaction to qualify for cash back. Keep things simply, don’t buy gift cards in denominations more than $2,000.
  • Don’t stack any other promo codes as it will make the purchase ineligible to earn cash back.
  • You need to enter a valid business name to make the purchase.

Are you jumping on this deal? What card will you use to maximize it?


  • It seems like a lot of people capitalize on the AmEx gift cards. Is it worth the hassle trying to liquidate them?

    • Jordan, I think it makes sense if you have the right card combo and the extra effort can essentially allow you to profit while earning miles/points. I’ll have to say that I’m not up to date on the best strategies to liquidate Amex gift cards since I have been out of the country since June.