Tumi vs Rimowa Luggage [Detailed Suitcase Comparison & Reviews]

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When searching for the best luggage, it can make things easier to look at similar brands first. If you are looking for a premium suitcase, comparing Tumi vs Rimowa luggage models is a great place to start.

Choosing luggage can be a trial. You want something that will last for years, but still has the capacity you need.

And with so many brands around, it's almost impossible to compare them all.

That's why you need to start small, by comparing similar brands first. So, today, we'll be comparing Tumi vs Rimowa.

These two brands are both popular because of their quality materials and decent size options. But you need to consider a few other factors when looking at each bag.

The capacity each bag has to offer is important. You also need to consider how well the wheels work. There needs to be some protection for durability and to keep your belongings safe. The cost of the bag may also be a selling point.

Once you've taken all of this into account, you'll be able to choose the right bag for your specific needs. To help you get started, check out our Tumi vs Rimowa luggage reviews below.



How To Choose the Best Luggage for Travel

If you've ever walked into a luggage store, you've seen the dozens of different luggage brands available. And each brand has multiple lines for sale, all seemingly different. Of course, each line has multiple bag sizes and types to offer as well.

This makes it hard to pick the best luggage brand since we rarely have time to stand there and compare them all.

So, we may pick one that seems to be the right size, scan the details, and check the price. Then we buy, not knowing if it is actually a good bag.


Instead of this guessing game, check out the details of these bags online before you buy. Rather than checking out every bag brand available, compare similar quality brands first, like Tumi luggage vs Rimowa luggage.

This will show you the differences each bag has to offer in every way, from materials to compartments to price.

This will also help you decide which of the extra features you may want in a bag, narrowing your search a bit.

And if one brand is out of your price range, move on to another one and begin your next comparison. Soon enough, you'll have found the right brand and style for you.


Tumi vs Rimowa Luggage Reviews

For our Tumi vs Rimowa luggage reviews, we'll be looking at what features each bag has to offer.

This includes the materials, both inside and how, and how they reflect the bags durability. We'll also look at the capacity and the size options each bag has to offer.

Any special features will also be added to our list, so you'll know exactly what you're getting. Not only does this help us compare the brands, it helps you decide whether Rimowa or Tumi bags are the right ones to meet your specific needs for your next trip.

Product:Tumi 19 DegreeTumi Tegra-Lite MaxTumi Alpha 2Rimowa Topas StealthRimowa Salsa Deluxe
Materials:AluminiumTegrisBallistic NylonAluminiumPolycarbonate
Sizes (In):22, 26, 3422, 26, 2922, 26, 29, 31, 3421, 3022, 26, 30, 32
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Tumi Luggage Review

The original Tumi is a semi-circular blade known for its distinctive look and ceremonial use. This divine instrument is where the Tumi luggage brand gets its name.

The founder, Charlie Clifford, had seen this piece of history during his visit to South America while in the Peace Corps. When he began importing leather bags from the area, Tumi Imports was born.

Less than 10 years later, Tumi became one of the leading designers in luggage. They introduced their carry on garment bag, made of ballistic nylon.

Their soft briefcase followed a couple years later. As they expanded in products, they also expanded their company around the world.

Because of the high Tumi quality, strict attention to detail, and excellent warranty, this company has managed to retain its reputation, making it one of the top luggage brands around.

Tumi 19 Degree Review

The Tumi 19 Degree line has a high price tag. But those looking for style as well as functionality may just ignore this detail in order to get their hands on one of the best aluminum luggage lines around.

Materials & Durability

No matter which size of bag you choose from this line, you are getting the same amount of strength and durability when you choose the Tumi 19 Degree luggage.

Every bag in this line features the same rugged aluminum shell, which is sturdy enough to handle a bit of rough traveling.

Of course, like anything made of aluminum, these bags won't look perfect forever. They will sustain the normal wear and tear of other metal bags, denting a bit if bumped too hard.

So yes, your shiny bag may begin to show its age over time. But this shouldn't affect the way it works.

There are four dual spinner wheels on each of the Tumi models in this line as well, all with bumpers to keep them safe from impact for easy rolling. These wheels are recessed as well, to keep the size of the bag as small as possible.

The telescopic handle has a 3-stage system, so it can be placed at the right height for anyone using it. This uses a push button for easy use with only one hand.

There are also a top and a side carry handle. These two are retractable, so when you grab it, you have more than enough room to fit your hand under it. Then, when you let it go, it sits close to the bag for a smoother, cleaner look.

Storage & Organization

The design of this bag makes it easy to organize your belongings, giving everything its own place. There are two main compartments inside, each with its own sturdy divider to hold your clothing and other essentials in place.

These dividers use a hook and loop system, so there are no zippers to struggle with in this area.

All three of the packing cases have three zippered pockets to help keep your smaller items as organized as your larger ones.

The carry on cases only have two mesh pockets, but should still give you enough space for the essentials needed for a shorter trip.

Suitcase Features

Security is a top priority with the best aluminum suitcase around, which brands like Tumi have taken into account.

That's why every one of the bags in this line features not one but two TSA security locks. This makes it even harder for potential thieves to gain access to your bag.

On the inside of the bag are tie-down straps to keep everything from shifting around during your trip. There is also a hanger bracket for those who want to take their clothes directly from the closet to the bag and back again.

Though the larger bags lack this feature, both carry on bags also have an ID card pocket, which makes it easier to track down your bag if it should happen to be misplaced.

Another interesting feature you may not find on other brands is the vintage-inspired destination stickers that are included with these stylish bags. These allow you to decorate your bag, giving it a bit of flair on your next trip.

Size Options

There are a number of sizes to choose from in the Tumi 19 Degree luggage line.

For checked bags, from biggest to smallest, is their Worldwide Trip packing case, Extended Trip packing case, and Short Trip Packing Case. They also have two carry on sizes, including their Continental Carry On and their International Carry On.

All the bags come in silver and matte black. But the Extended Trip, Short Trip, and International models also have come in Ivory Gold.

Tumi 19 Degree Comparison

Tumi 19 Degree International Carry-on
Tumi 19 Degree Continental Carry-on
Tumi 19 Degree Short Trip Packing Case
Tumi 19 Degree Extended Trip Packing Case
Tumi 19 Degree Worldwide Trip Packing Case
Dimensions (Inches)22 x 14 x 9 inches22 x 16 x 9 inches26 x 18 x 10 inches22 x 16 x 9 inches34 x 22 x 12 inches
Weight (lbs)10 lbs11 lbs13.7 lbs16 lbs21 lbs
ColorsSilver, matte black, ivory goldSilver, matte blackSilver, matte black, ivory goldSilver, matte black, ivory goldSilver, matte black
FeaturesTSA lock, telescoping handle, multiple pockets, spinner wheels, tie-down straps, hanger bracket, ID card holder, destination stickers
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Tumi Tegra-Lite Max

The Tegra-Lite Max is one of the best polycarbonate luggage lines around, thanks to the revolutionary shell material used by Tumi alone.

So, if you're wondering, "is Tumi worth it", this bag answers with a resounding "Yes!"

Materials & Durability

There are four suitcases in this line, all different in size but featuring the same materials to increase the bags stability and durability for years of use.

The outer shell of this hardside bag is made of Tegris, which is a unique polycarbonate created by Milliken.

This material is so strong it is used on Nascar race cars, as well as armor and NFL gear to protect their players. Tumi has received exclusive rights to this material for their luggage, so you won't find it on any other suitcase in the world.

And due to its amazing strength and damage resistance, you're gear will be extra protected, no matter how rough your trip turns out to be.

There are four dual-spinner wheels on the bottom, which are great for uneven surfaces. They spin in all directions, so you can make those tight curves or switch directions instantly when you are in a rush.

These wheels are all protected as well, with bumpers around them to reduce damage from unexpected impacts.

A multi-height telescoping handle makes it easy to find the right height for the one pulling the bag, even if it changes hands during your trip. There are also handles on the top, side, and bottom for multiple carry options and easier lifting when necessary.

Nylon is used to fully line the interior of the Tumi Tegra-Lite Max line, which not only reduces the wear inside but also looks great. This material is also easy to clean, reducing stains if something should happen to spill inside your bag.

Storage & Organization

The best Tumi luggage can't just look good, it also has to be functional for you to pay those high prices.

The Tegra-Lite Max has two packing compartments on the inside. The bottom section is open, making it easy to pack your clothing and other larger items.

The top compartment is the suiter section, which allows you to hang clothing from hangers if needed. This area is cut off from the other compartment with a zippered divider.

There are also two zip pockets and a mesh zip pocket inside each of these bags, to help you sort your smaller toiletries, makeup, and other smaller items.

On the outside of the bag is a large zippered pocket, located on the front of the bag. This pocket is perfect for those larger items, like a spare sweater or shoes, which you may want easy access to on your trip.

Suitcase Features

To keep your belongings safe, there is a TSA lock on the side of the bag.

This locks the zippers in place so they can't be opened by anyone but you, with the exception of the security officials at the airport. But the front zipper has no such locking device, so you'll still need to keep a close eye on your bag.

On the inside of the bag, in the bottom compartment, there are mesh tie-down straps. These are wide enough to hold just about anything in place.

The suiter section has a hanger bracket, making it easier to move your dress items from the closet to the bag.

For those times you need a bit of extra space, there is a zip-around expander on every bag in this line. This lets you expand the bag up to 2 inches, giving you the extra room you need.

Size Options

There are four sizes of bags in the Tumi Tegra-Lite line. For checked bags, there are the Large or Medium Trip Expandable Packing Cases.

If you need a matching carry on, you can choose the Continental or the International Expandable Carry On. All four models come in a variety of colors.

Tegra-Lite Max Comparison

Tumi Tegra Lite Max International Expandable Carry-On
Tumi Tegra Lite Max Continental Expandable Carry-on
Tumi Tegra-Lite Max Medium Trip Expandable Packing Case
Tumi Tegra Lite Max Large Trip Expandable Packing Case
MaterialsTegris (polypropylene thermoplastic composite material)
Dimensions (Inches)22 x 14 x 9 inches22 x 16 x 9 inches26 x 19 x 13 inches29 x 20 x 13 inches
Weight (lbs)9.4 lbs9.8 lbs13 lbs17 lbs
FeaturesTSA integrated lock, zipper expansion, tie-down straps, multiple pockets, suiter section, spinner wheels, telescopic handle
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Alpha 2 Expandable 4 Wheeled Packing Case Review

Though the Tumi Alpha 2 Expandable 4 Wheeled suitcases look similar, there are a few features that make each one in this line unique.

Materials & Durability

Ballistic nylon was invented to protect military personnel from shrapnel, bullets, and other harmful objects flying through the air during war times.

It does the same for your belongings in the Alpha 2 bags. This material is durable, won't tear easily, and looks great after years of use.

You also need a decent frame to keep the bag from collapsing at the slightest bit of pressure. Tumi has added their patented Durafold Construction to the Alpha 2 Expandable suitcases, to ensure high strength for a longer lasting bag.

Every bag in this line uses dual spinner wheels for easy multi-directional use, even in the tightest spaces. These wheels are recessed, giving you more space inside your suitcase while creating a low center of gravity for increased stability.

There are protective bumpers around the wheels as well, to reduce any damage if you should bump into anything during your trip.

The X-Brace 45 handle system of the Alpha 2 line is pretty much impervious to damage. This telescopic handle has 3 stages, so you can set it at different levels, depending on the height of the person pulling it.

There are also top and side grab handles on every one of these bags, which fit nicely against the side when not in use. Every bag, with the exception of the Continental Front Lid Carry On, also has a bottom grab handle for easy lifting in any situation.

Storage & Organization

No matter which size of suitcase you buy in the Alpha 2 Expandable 4 Wheeled line, they are all pretty similar inside, with a few exceptions.

Every bag has two compartments, the open one on the bottom, plus another one in the lid. This lid area has a zippered divider to keep everything organized and separate while you travel.

The difference lies in the carry ons. These lid compartments include a built-in suiter component, which has the capacity to hold one suit. There is also a hanger bracket, so you can take this suit out of the closet and put it directly in the bag.

The Continental Front Lid bag takes this a bit further, with a removable suiter section that comes with its own fiberglass rod, and a bit more space for a second suit.

All the bags have one large mesh pocket inside, except for the Worldwide bag, which has split this pocket in half to make two zippered pockets. You'll also find a smaller zippered pocket inside, which is split into two on the Front Lid carry on this time.

Each bag also adds a front zip pocket and a u-zip pocket on the exterior, keeping those items you need easy access to within easy reach.

Suitcase Features

Each bag in this Alpha 2 line has compression straps and a Tumi Tracer, which is a 20-digit number to help locate a lost bag.

All but the Worldwide bag have an ID tag as well, for easy location or return if your bag should be lost. Because these are expandable bags, they also have the zippered side which gives you up to 2 inches of extra space.

All the larger suitcases, except for the Worldwide bag, have a reinforced garment section, which is removable for added convenience.

The Continental Front Lid Carry On has the normal side zipper, plus has added an extra zipper on the front for easy access to your main compartment. The International Carry On is the only one with an add-a-bag strap.

Size Options

There are a few different bags to choose from in the Alpha 2 Expandable 4 Wheeled bag line. The larger bags include a Worldwide Trip, an Extended Trip, a Medium Trip, and a Short Trip Expandable packing case.

There are also two carry on models. The Continental comes in a normal carry on bag or a front lid design. There is also the International carry on bag, which is a bit thinner, though it weighs the same.

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Alpha 2 Expandable 4 Wheeled Packing Case Specs

Materials: Ballistic Nylon

Sizes: 34 x 21 x 12 inches, 31 x 22 x 13 inches, 29 x 20 x 13 inches, 26 x 13 x 19 inches, 22 x 16 x 9 inches, 22 x 16 x 9 inches, 22 x 14 x 9 inches

Weights: 17 lbs, 19 lbs, 17 lbs, 16 lbs, 11.9 lbs, 10.8 lbs, 10.8 lbs

Features: Multiple pockets (including passport pocket), compression straps, telescoping handle, recessed wheels, expandable sides, Tumi Tracer

Rimowa Luggage Review

If you want the best German luggage around, Rimowa may just top the list.

This company began in Cologne about 115 years ago and has remained one of the leading luggage manufacturers ever since. Each of their suitcases goes through almost 200 steps in the manufacturing process, all of which are performed by hand to ensure that exceptional Rimowa quality.

Though their headquarters has remained in Cologne since the company began, in 2008, Rimowa began expanding to other parts of the globe.

They now have production facilities in Canada, Brazil, and the Czech Republic. Plus, their products are now distributed to stores in 65 countries, so anyone can get their hands on this stylish German luggage brand.

Rimowa Topas Review

If you're going to compare Tumi vs Rimowa luggage, the Rimowa Topas line is a great place to start.

These sturdy aluminum products protect your belongings and look great while they do so.

Materials & Durability

Like the Tumi 19 Degree, the Topas line has an extremely durable shell.

It is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, which protects your clothing and other essentials from moisture or radical temperature changes. There is also a rubber seal to increase this protection.

The corners are all reinforced for increased durability. Both of these features are hidden from the eye, thanks to the lined titanium look of this stylish suitcase line.

The four spinner wheels are actually dual wheels, so your bag is rolling on eight individual wheels. This increases the bags rolling capabilities, even over rougher surfaces. Every one is filled with ball bearings for smoother rolling.

The entire wheel system has been patented by Rimowa. Certified Makroblend is used to make the bottom studs and the wheel housing, both of which protect those sensitive areas of your suitcase from damage.

The telescopic handle of the Rimowa Topas doesn't have any pre-set stages, so you can set it at whatever height you want depending on how tall you are. This makes it easier to transfer the bag within your group, no matter what the height difference is between the members of your party.

There is a carry handle on the side of these sturdy suitcases, which is integrated on the larger models but not on the Cabin sizes.

The lining of the interior of each Topas bag is high-quality Poly-Jacquard. The color is a dark brown, adding a bit of elegance on the inside to match the look of the exterior.

Storage & Organization

Inside the bag, you'll find two separate compartments to store all your gear. One is on the bottom and the other is on the lid.

Both of these areas have an adjustable Flex-Divider, which not only helps to separate your belongings but compresses them to keep them in place as you shift and maneuver your bag through a busy airport. There is a large pocket on the lower divider for smaller items.

Suitcase Features

There are a few extras included with these bags to help sort your items. Each one comes with two shoe bags, plus a laundry bag to keep your dirty clothes from mixing with your clean ones.

The three largest Topas sizes also include an integrated garment suiter bag. This helps keep your more delicate items from shifting around during your trip, reducing wrinkles. This way, when you reach your destination, those clothes will be ready to wear.

There are two TSA combination locks on the outside of the Topas bags. This eliminates the risk of theft, while still giving security officials full access to your bag.

A retractable add-a-bag holder is located on the front of the bag, which allows you to attach a smaller bag. A luggage tag makes it easy to find your bag if it is misplaced.

Size Options

When picking your Rimowa Topas suitcases, there are a few sizes to choose from. There are four larger Multiwheel suitcases, including the 98 L, the 82 L, the 68 L, and the 45 L.

The Cabin Multiwheel comes in two sizes, the 34 L and the 32L.

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Rimowa Topas Specs

Materials: Aluminum

Sizes: 32.1 x 21.7 x 11.2 inches, 29.3 x 19.7 x 11.2 inches, 26.8 x 17.7 x 11.2 inches, 22 x 17.7 x 9.8 inches, 21.7 x 15.7 x 9.1 inches, 21.7 x 15.7 x 7.9 inches

Weights: 16.3 lbs, 15.7 lbs, 13.7 lbs, 11.7 lbs, 11 lbs, 10.6 lbs

Features: 2 flex-divider system, 2 TSA locks, shoe bags, laundry bag, luggage label

Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Review

If you want a durable, secure suitcase that is functional and still looks fantastic, the Rimowa Salsa Deluxe is a great choice. This line also comes in a few stylish colors to match your own particular style.

Materials & Durability

Because of its durability, polycarbonate could be the best luggage material around for the shell of a suitcase. This material is practically indestructible, so even the roughest handling by airline personnel won't damage this suitcase line.

Even if you put some pressure on the bag, it pops back out to its original shape once you let it go, with no dents to ruin its appearance. The interior lining of each bag is colored to accent the outer shell.

These Rimowa hardside suitcases use a multiwheel roller system. This includes four dual spinner wheels, for easy rolling in any direction, whether on all four wheels or tilted up on two.

There are heavy-duty YKK zippers on these bags, which resist water for a moisture-free interior.

The telescopic handle is stageless, so you can position it at any height you want, altering it at any time during your travels. There are also top and side handles on each of these bags. These are gel handles, which are ergonomically designed for the most comfortable grip.

Storage & Organization

If you're deciding between Tumi or Rimowa, you'll notice they are a bit similar in storage compartments, though not identical.

The Rimowa Salsa Deluxe line has two compartments inside, the main one and another in the lid of the suitcase.

Each of these compartments has a flexible divider, which has a few uses. First, these dividers keep your belongings separate, so the items you pack in the top won't mix with those on the bottom, even after you close it and flip it up onto the wheels.

These dividers also give you the exact amount of space you need since they are adjustable in height. This also allows you to compress it tightly when you've packed all your gear, reducing shifting and wrinkling.

For your smaller items, there are two zippered mesh pockets located on the outside of the dividers. This gives you easy access to these items without disturbing the larger clothing in the bag.

Suitcase Features

Every one of the bags in the Salsa Deluxe line has a TSA combination lock located on one side of the handle.

This locks your zipper tabs in place, so they can't be opened by just anyone. There is also a luggage label tag, just in case your bag is misplaced at some point.

An add-a-bag holder on the top front of the suitcase allows you to attach the handle of a smaller bag to your larger Salsa Deluxe suitcase. This holder is retractable, so it won't catch on anything if it isn't in use.

Size Options

There are five different sizes for the Rimowa Salsa Deluxe suitcases. These include the 97 L, 87 L, 78 L, 58 L, and 47 L models. There is also one Cabin suitcase, which has a 32 L capacity.

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Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Specs

Materials: Polycarbonate

Sizes: 32.1 x 10.2 x 21.7 inches, 30.5 x 11 x 20.5 inches, 29.5 x 10.6 x 19.3 inches, 26.4 x 9.4 x 17.7 inches, 22 x 9.8 x 17.7 inches, 21.7 x 7.9 x 15.7 inches

Weights: 12.8 lbs, 11.5 lbs, 11 lbs, 10.4 lbs, 9.7 lbs, 8.2 lbs

Features: TSA combination lock, 2 Flex-Divider systems, luggage label, ergonomic gel handles, retractable add-a-bag holder

Quick Comparison

When comparing Tumi vs Rimowa, you'll see a lot of similarities between both of these bags. They use similar materials, such as aluminium or polycarbonate for their shells, and nylon for the interior.

But while Rimowa only uses these two materials for their bags, Tumi also offers softside bags, which are more expandable when you need to cram in that extra sweater, or compressible when it comes time to squeeze it into an overhead bin.

Both bags also use dividers inside, though Tumi adds compression straps while Rimowa's dividers have a multipurpose function, compressing themselves to replace the straps. Both companies also add security features like TSA locks and ID tags to their bags.

Tumi vs Rimowa bags are even similar when it comes to luggage price comparison. They reach well over $1000.00 for their largest suitcase in all their lines, so none of them could be considered a budget model.


Suitcase Buying Guide

How Will You Travel?

Whether you're checking out Tumi vs Rimowa, or have a few other brands on your list, you need to consider what type of traveler you are before you buy any suitcase.

For instance, are you traveling for business, for a fancy dress occasion, or just taking a much-needed vacation? And how long will your trip be? Your answer will help determine which type of bag you need.

Larger suitcases come in a few different sizes. They are best suited to those taking longer trips of a week or more. This is because they have the capacity to hold a variety of clothing, accessories, toiletries, and anything else you may need during your trip.


If you are going for shorter trips that require more high-end clothing, a garment bag should be used. These have special features like hanger brackets, compression straps, and extender panels to help hold your suits, dresses, or skirts in place.

This reduces wrinkling for ready to wear clothing when you reach your destination. Garment bags also have some organizational pockets for your ties, shoes, belts, and other smaller items.

Carry on or underseat bags are great for the minimalist traveler. These two bag types have a decent amount of space inside for a change of clothing, plus a variety of pockets for other necessities.

They are also the handiest bags around since you don't have to waste time and money checking bags, then retrieving them at the end of your flight. But even those who use checked bags should have one of these two bags. This way, if your big bag is lost, you won't lose everything.

Laptop bags are great for business trips when these larger devices are necessary. They usually hold more than just your computer, though. Many of them have organizational pockets for power cords, documents, files, pens, and even tablets and smartphones.


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Suitcase

Luggage Size - Checked vs Carry On

When checking out Tumi vs Rimowa, or any other bag brand, you need to consider the size of the bag. Not everyone needs a huge bag, but there are times when a smaller one just doesn't have enough room.

So, to pick the right one, think about how long your trip is and just how much you need to pack.

If you are going away for a week to a destination that requires comfy clothing, dress clothing, plus a bathing suit and pj's, you'll need the extra space a checked bag can provide.


Something else to consider is what you'll be bringing back. If you are one of those people who buy souvenirs for yourself and everyone you know, you may need the space of a larger bag.

But for a shorter trip that lasts only a couple of days, you may get away with just using a carry on. These have the space for a couple of outfits, plus some extras tucked into the storage pockets.

These are also handy since they usually don't cost anything to bring along. They also save you the trouble of locating your bag at the end of the trip.

Rolling vs Spinner Luggage (2 Wheels vs 4 Wheels)

Though all our Tumi vs Rimowa reviews were about spinner bags, there are brands and models that use only 2 wheels.

So, which is best? Well, it depends on where you're going and how much space you have to work with.

The wheels on 2 wheeled bags are usually recessed, barely reaching out from the bag. This reduces the bag's size, making it easier to fit almost anywhere. But these bags can only be pulled along tilted back, so they only go forward and backward.

They can strain your arms, shoulders, and back if they are too heavy or if you're pulling them over long distances. They also don't handle well on rough surfaces like cobblestones, though they work great on stairs.

Four wheeled bags, also called spinners, can go in any direction you want. They move easily around corners or through tight spaces and handle rough sidewalks with little trouble. They also can be dragged behind you on two wheels or pulled on all four, which saves your muscles.

The downside is that even recessed wheels on spinner bags stick out, so take up extra space in both overhead bins or under a seat. This also leaves them more prone to damage, so they need to be well made in order to last.


Another thing to think about when checking out Tumi vs Rimowa luggage is the weight. Most luggage companies try to keep their bags and suitcases as light as possible, but some are going to be heavier than others.

The materials used in the bag's construction are the main factor in determining weight. Hardside bags that use aluminum or polycarbonate, like four of the bags we've reviewed here, are going to weigh more than softside bags made of nylon or polyester.

Wheels and handles also make the bag a bit heavier, so take all this into account before you buy your next bag.


Your bag's durability is going to be the most important factor in its usefulness. If it gets damaged at the slightest bump, you won't be able to use it more than once or twice. So, there are a few things you should look at before spending your hard-earned money.

First is the material used on the shell. Hardside suitcases usually stick with aluminum or polycarbonate, both of which are quite durable.

Nylon and polyester are popular for softside bags. These can be upgraded to ripstop material or ballistic material. These reduce tearing for a stronger bag.

Wheels should have durable housing to protect them during an impact. The corners of the bag should also be reinforced since these are likely to be the most bumped areas.

Whether you're looking at Tumi vs Rimowa, or any other brand, these features will help lengthen the life of your bag.


To know which is the right bag for you when comparing different Tumi vs Rimowa luggage models, you also want to look at the features each one has to offer. You may not need them all, but it's nice to know they're there.

Storage pockets are common on most bags, but shoe bags, laundry bags, and garment bags may also be included for easy organization. These also help keep your unused items clean since the dirty ones will have their own bag.

Compression straps hold everything in place, with no shifting. Suiter compartments and hanger brackets let you take your dress items straight from the closet to the bag and back again, with no wrinkling in between.


Security features are a necessity in any bag, whether you're checking out Tumi vs Rimowa or sorting through a few more budget-friendly brands. One great one is a TSA combination lock.

These keep other travelers from going through your bag but have a keyhole for TSA security people to use to gain access to your bag at any time.

Since these types of locks are only found on hardside suitcases, softside bags need to go a different route. They use lockable zippers instead, though you usually have to find your own TSA-approved lock.

ID tags are also great if you happen to lose your bag at some point during your trip, or are trying to find it in a sea of similar bags.

Many of Tumi's bags also include a Tracer panel, which has a 20 digit number and barcode used to identify your bag if it gets lost. This makes it easier to know exactly which bag is yours, as no two bags have the same number.


One of the most important factors of any bag comparison, including Tumi vs Rimowa luggage, is the warranty. Most brands out there have warranties in place to repair or replace any manufacturer defects or related damage.

This usually only lasts for a few years though. For instance, if you have a Tumi or Rimowa suitcase, both companies have a 5-year warranty for these issues. But Tumi takes it a bit farther, with the first year covering normal wear and tear and any damage sustained during airport handling. But after that first year, just the defects are covered.

Other brands may only have a few years, while others go as high as ten years of coverage. Some offer repairs only, others replace the bag if the damage is too costly to repair. So, before you buy your next suitcase, be sure to check the company's website to find out exactly what their warranty specifications are.


As I said above, it's hard to compare Tumi vs Rimowa in terms of price. This is because these are both high-quality bags that use top of the line materials to ensure their products are worth the high cost.

But you don't have to spend the extremely high prices these two companies charge for their stylish suitcase lines. There are countless other brands that have much cheaper models available for all sizes and types of bags. This makes it easier to find a budget bag for your next trip.

Of course, these lower priced brands may not have all the bells and whistles you'll find on the more expensive bags, and the materials used may not be quite as durable, but they will still function well in most situations.

If you look hard enough, you can find the hidden gem that can compare to Tumi or Rimowa, without the high price tag.


Tumi vs Rimowa - Who Makes is the Best Luggage?

When looking at Tumi vs Rimowa, both are quality brands that are extremely functional for a variety of occasions. Each line has great features as well, making them well worth their high prices.

For our two aluminum picks, both brands offer great bags in a variety of sizes for any length of trip.

The Tumi 19 Degree bags are sturdy and strong, from frame to wheels. Plus they have decent security features and those destination stickers that let you customize your bag.

The Rimowa Topas has a durable shell and their patented wheel system. Their flex dividers replace compression straps and the extra bags included keep all your dirty items from soiling everything else.

When it comes to the polycarbonate bags, there are similarities to each company's line, with a few important differences to set them apart.

The Tumi Tegra-Lite Max uses its unique Tegris polycarbonate, which can't be found on any other bag. It also has that handy outer pocket, adding to its storage capabilities.

The Rimowa Salsa Deluxe uses a more common polycarbonate shell, but still have amazing durability, retaining their shape after numerous uses. The stageless handle makes it easier to find the perfect height, and the add-a-bag holder keeps all your belongings together.

Since there are no Rimowa softside bags, the Tumi Alpha 2 Expandable 4 Wheeled Packing Case earns an easy victory in this category. The ballistic nylon is durable and strong, keeping its shape thanks to the Durafold construction. The X-Brace 45 handle system holds up under intense weight and strain.

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