United MileagePlus Explorer Card Still Offers 65,000 Bonus Points

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[There are reports that the offer for 65,000 miles is currently dead and/or targeted]

There has been a lot of confusion about the 65,000 United MileagePlus Explorer Card bonus point offer that Chase United is currently offering.

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It’s a very good deal if you can get 50,000 or more points, but it is a targeted offer and a lot of people are not seeing the offer–instead they’re getting the regular offer for 30,000 points.

65,000 Explorer
*If you already have a Chase United Explorer card, chances are that you won’t be seeing or be eligible for either offers. Unfortunately, that’s because in the Chase United Explorer disclaimer it states that “previous and existing United Airlines cardmembers/accounts are not eligible for this bonus offer.” Other Chase cards are fine, just not the United Explorer. Chase let’s you sign up with as many credit cards you’re eligible for, but usually only allows one bonus per product. That means that if you have an older Chase United credit card that is not the Explorer card, you can qualify for this offer.

Don’t already have the card and still not seeing the 65,000 bonus points offer?

If you don’t already have the card and you’re only seeing the offer for 30,000 points, there are ways to try to increase it to 65,000 bonus points.

First off, you need to have miles in your MileagePlus account to be considered for the offer. If you don’t have any miles in your account, an easy way to do this is by transferring 1,000 Ultimate Rewards points from your Ink Bold, Ink Plus or Sapphire Preferred credit cards into your MileagePlus account.  If you don’t have any transferable points lying around, the MileagePlus Dining program is a solid option to earn quick points. After spending $50 at a participating restaurant and filling out a survey, you’re given 1,000 points so use those to boost your eligibility.

Once you have your miles transferred and set in your MileagePlus account, follow this simple two-step instruction get closer with the 65,000 point bonus:

1. Log in to your MileagePlus account.
2. Then go to the MileagePlus Explorer Card offer.

It is very likely that the preferred 65,000 bonus offer will appear while you are logged into your MileagePlus Account. If you do you can apply and make sure to take a screenshot of the offer!

Other steps to take:

– Clear out the cookies from your browser. If the system recognizes that you have already seen the lower offer, it’s likely that it will continue to show you the same offer.

– Paste and refresh the link a few times until the offer appears (this could work.) Then take a screenshot of the offer.

– Switch browsers. The browser you’re using may also prevent the higher offer from showing up. Try switching between Chrome or Firefox. If those don’t work, then try a search with Internet Explorer.

Worth the effort?

The Chase Explorer card comes with:

  • Double United miles on United purchases
  • Check your first bag free
  • Priority boarding
  • Two complimentary passes to the United Club per year
  • 50,000 miles – 2 domestic tickets within the US or to Canada
  • 60,000 miles – Coach ticket to Europe
  • 100,000 miles – Business class ticket to Europe on United or other Star Alliance Airlines

Even if the $25,000 spending limit is not met in the first year for the 65,000 bonus points, the 55,000 bonus point is still a great deal.

Once you’ve been approved…

In the first three months of signing up there’s a 55,000 bonus for spending $1,000 and adding an authorized user (or else it’s 50,000 without the additional user.) To get the rest of the 10,000 remaining points you need to spend $25,000 in the first year—-seems like a lot, but read up on our simple tips to help you meet the spending requirement if you need help making this happen.

Still not happening?

If all else fails and you’re still interested in earning points with Chase United, then stick with the 30,000 offer. For one, there are no introductory fees for the first year. Then, after enrolling in the program send a secured message to Chase and ask to be reconsidered for the 55,000 bonus, which could work out in favor of the card holder. You still get the airline perks and two domestic airline tickets.

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10 thoughts on “United MileagePlus Explorer Card Still Offers 65,000 Bonus Points”

  1. I read here and somewhere other post about going into a Chase branch to try, so I went in. One had a sign for the 50k option out (dated November 2013), read on for my story.

    1) The first one said no and we don’t do apps here any more and we never did the airline one here (and sent me away).

    2) The second branch let me wait for an agent, when I got to his desk he said he could help me with any of their main 3 (but not this card). He had a sheet on the desk describing those three and on the back he had 2 more, both airlines. The United offer was for MileagePlus Explorer Card with 50,000 (after spending $2,000 in 3 months) no fee first year), the sheet was listed at the bottom as “Issue date 11/13” and had interest rates on it as of Nov. 17th. He said we can’t do that one, even checked with a manager. I made him look at the Chase web site and he could see it was only 30,000 miles and he refused to look on his computer in the application area for me (I pretty much begged).

    But from having the advertisement, this clearly isn’t targeted, but how do THEY expect people to actually get it?!? FYI, these were in the Detroit, Michigan metro area.

    Not a happy ending, but I will be trying the next time I pass another Chase bank.

    FYI, I used 47,500 miles the other day for a round-trip to Costa Rica from Michigan. I thought that was a pretty good deal and could handle some more miles.

  2. My wife and I received offers in the mail this week for the Chase United MileagePlus Explorer card. The offer was for 50,000 miles (for spending $2k in the first 3 months), 5,000 (for adding an authorized user who makes at least one purchase in first three months), and 10,000 (for spending $25k+ in every calendar year). So, I suppose this is the 65,000 mile deal. Just came via USPS to me. I should also add that we applied for a couple of other airline cards for mileage bonuses recently, so they may be trying to capitalize on us. I think it’s working 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing the info and congrats on the United miles. Looks like you and your wife have some trips to book! The offer seems to be targeted still, but some may see the 65,000 offer when clicking on the link above. I only get the 30k offer 🙁

  3. Thank you for all the great tips! Unfortunately, the link never worked for my mom; however, we called our local branch and they are running the 50K promotion! Along with the 5k for adding an authorized user and the 10k if you spend $25k in each calendar year! The Chase rep. stated that all branches are offering this promotion right now. The only difference that I’m aware of is that you have to spend $2k in the 1st 3 months vs. $1K. My mom went to the office and signed up yesterday. Hope this helps others!

    • Thank you for sharing that update with us! The 2k is still a doable minimum to meet especially for the 50k, but too bad they weren’t able to stretch it to the 60k bonus. We offer some tips on the WTM to meet minimum spends in case your mom needs some help reaching the 2k !

  4. Another way to get the 50,000 miles is to ask nicely. I got my card last October when they were offering 30,000 points plus 5,000 for an additional user. When I read about the 50,000 point offer, I sent an email to Chase via the website asking if they could apply it to my account, and they did it, no questions asked. I had also read about a $50 statement credit, so I asked for that too, and it was applied right away.

  5. I actually just received my credit card, but the bonus I was able to get was the 30,000 points offer. Also, by adding an additional user (not a joint user) I would get 5,000 more points after their first purchase so I added my sister to get the points from that. I’d say it’s still a decent deal, but I would have really have preferred getting the 65k one instead. thanks for the post!

  6. I just got my MileagePlus Explorer card in the mail. The envelope with my card did not include anything stating that I would receive 50,000 mi upon spending $1000 in the first three months. I spoke with customer service, and they assured me that the reward is stated on my account in their records. They cannot show me any proof of it, only verbal confirmation. So if you sign up for this card, make sure to take screenshots of the rewards they are offering, because this maybe the only time they show them.

    Also, customer service said this reward was offered to me because I have been a member since Continental was around.

    • It is always a good idea to take screen shots of the offer when you apply, these can come in handy if anything needs to be confirmed about what the offer was. I always confirm the offer details and bonus when I call to activate the card for the first time, this is a way to double check that your bonus was applied.

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