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Virgin Atlantic Flyer Club Referral Bonuses

Virgin Atlantic has a few bonus offers that you and your loved ones (pets included) will probably enjoy, but even though the offers have been around for a while, they aren’t widely talked about. Virgin Atlantic’s frequent flyer program, Flyer Club, can bring flyers closer to free or cheaper flights quicker.

The points you earn with Flyer Club can also be redeemed with Virgin Atlantic’s partners including: Air China, Air New Zealand, SAS, Delta, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, Cyprus Airways, Gulf Air, Malaysia Airlines, Virgin Australia and Virgin America.

Miles More Friends

For referring a friend to the Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club through Miles More Friends, you have the opportunity to earn up to 10,000 Elevate points. First, you must already have a Flying Club account to earn the points and if you don’t already have one, then sign up now using this link.

Next, you must send them an invitation to join Flying Club through your account. After your friend takes his or her first flight, you will then get points based on the class they fly: 1,000 for Little Red,  2,000 for Economy, 5,000 for Premium Economy and 10,000 for Upper Class.

Virgin Atlantic Bonus Offer Based on Seat Class

Anyone who signed up through your referral, will also receive up to 3,000 points. If they were already planning to fly with Virgin, then this is just an extra benefit for you. If your friends are traveling with a group, make sure to send each person an invitation.

Flying Paws Scheme

If you ever thought that traveling with your pet would be a headache, then you should embrace the 1,000 or 2,000 points Virgin Atlantic is offering it’s passengers traveling with either a dog or cat under the Flying Paws Scheme program. They do have specific regulations on what types of pets are allowed. For example, dogs listed on the Dangerous Dog Act, are not allowed.

©Virgin Atlantic
©Virgin Atlantic

Breakdown of distance based miles earned for traveling with an allowed pet

Pets flying to the following will earn you 1,000 Flyer Club miles:

  • Orlando
  • Miami
  • Washington
  • Chicago
  • Newark
  • New York
  • Dubai
  • Barbados
  • Boston

Flying to the following will earn you 2,000 Flyer Club miles:

  • Los Angeles
  • Cape Town
  • Johannesburg
  • Hong Kong

Here is what your Flyer Club miles can get you:

If you refer four friends to the Flyer Club program and each fly with an Upper Class ticket, then you can redeem the 40k points you earned for at least an economic flight into London from the east coast (US), but mind that you will have to pay a high tax based on the UK exit fee.

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