Welcome, Million Mile Secrets Readers!

It’s better to have traveled well, then to arrive. – Buddha

Hello! If you’re here because of our interview with Million Mile Secrets, then the Well Traveled Mile would like to welcome you! Join us on our travel and credit card miles and points adventure! We hope that you find our information useful and hopefully you could share with us some of your own insight.

Well Traveled Mile is written by Rand and Susan, each with different travel tastes and excellent insight on the points and miles world with one goal in mind…to travel well for less!

Thanks for joining us!

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2 thoughts on “Welcome, Million Mile Secrets Readers!”

  1. Rand, looks like you have a great website here. Would you mind sharing more details on your trip to Ecuador? Looks like there are some great fare sales (esp to GYE) – I am considering visiting Galapagos at some point, but am curious to hear about other parts of the country (esp. with regards to hiking opportunities). Thanks.

    1. Well Traveled Mile

      Thanks Jettyboy! Ecuador is an amazing and diverse country with many great places to explore. I just got back from my second trip there and have some favorite places that I can recommend:
      1. Cuenca – beautiful colonial city with great food, nightlife, and sights. Amazing hiking opportunities can be had by only a short bus trip to Cajas National Park.
      2. Hike the Quilotoa Loop – visit the city of Latacunga and take a side trip to hike the 4 day Quilotoa Loop from village to village. Great views and trails, you can stay at hostels overnight in each village.
      3. Vilcabamba – a sleepy town with lots of hiking opportunities (and expats) close to the city or in Podocarpus National Park. I also went mountain biking when I was there.
      4. Visit the market in Otavalo for a huge and busy market full of artisan goods. Be sure to pick up some alpaca textile and woven goods.
      5. Cotopaxi is also very cool to hike. You can either do a day trip to visit the refugio on the side of the volcano or head for the summit with a guide/tour.
      This is just a teaser of everything Ecuador has to offer, stay tuned for more posts on South America!

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