What Are Chase’s New Rules When Applying for Credit Cards?

There has been a lot of chatter about Chase’s recent crackdown on approving anyone with more than 5+ new card accounts within the last two years.

With these changes there may be new rules for getting approved when applying for Chase credits cards. I decided to compile a list of reports of what works and what doesn’t when applying for a new Chase credit card.

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Check out this /r/churning and Flyertalk thread to see a many Chase data points and reports. Here are a list of other reports:

The interesting thing is that reports are mixed and seem to differ from Chase products (Ink Plus, Sapphire Preferred, Freedom, etc) and co-branded card products (United Explorer, Southwest credit cards, Hyatt credit card, British Airways, etc).

The new rule? If you have more than 5+ new accounts within the last two years you will likely not be approved for one of these Chase branded credit cards:

  • Chase Freedom
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred
  • Chase Ink Plus
  • Chase Ink Cash
  • Chase Slate

The new policy has not been confirmed for other Chase co-branded and business credit cards. Until now it’s not clear if the new policy applies to all Chase credit cards, so it may still be possible to get approved for these cards if you have had more than 5+ accounts within the last two years.

What’s the best strategy when applying for Chase credit cards?

My advice would be to go into a Chase branch to apply. The various reports of application approvals and denials are overwhelmingly mixed for anyone applying online. Some people are reporting being approved with more than 5+ accounts while others are being denied with just a few accounts opened.

I’d say at this time the best strategy to improve your chance of approval of a new Chase credit card may be to apply in a Chase branch. If you are applying for multiple cards on the same I can’t say for sure if your better offering applying for other issuers card’s online first or going into a Chase branch first.

In either case it’s good to see that people are still reporting being approved with more than 5+ accounts within the last two years. The bad news is that the rules are not completely clear yet and results may differ from applying online vs. in branch.

If you recently applied for a new Chase credit card share your experience below in the comments!

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  1. is that 5+ new CHASE accounts in 2 years, or 5+ of any new credit card accounts (any issuer) in 2 years?

    1. did you ever find out, billy d? I am wondering too…I’ve had 5+ new total accounts (any issuer) in the past 2 MONTHS alone…if it’s any issuer, I guess I’ll never be eligible for another Chase card again. o.O But if it’s just Chase accounts, I’ve only gotten 1 new Chase account in the past year…

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