I looks like Chase is sending out targeted mailer offers with increased welcome bonuses on both the Ink Plus and Ink Cash business credit cards.

You'll need to receive a targeted mailer offer to apply for either of these increased offers, but if you do you can potentially earn 100k points for opening a new Ink Plus and 50k points for opening a new Ink Cash business credit card.

The Offers: Ink Plus 100k & Ink Cash 50k

The offer being sent out on the Chase Ink Plus business card is for 100,000 Ultimate Rewards points after spending $5,000 within the first 3 months.


Source: http://imgur.com/zIbjKzt

This is 30,000 points higher than the increased offer currently available in-branch and would be a great time to apply for the card if you are still until 5/24. It makes me think if there are any lucky individuals out there who are still under 5/24 and received this offer plus apply for the new Chase Sapphire Reserve card. That would be a quick 200,000 Ultimate Rewards points!



On the Ink Cash the offer going around is for $500 cash back, which I would assume comes in the form of 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points. For some reason the Ink Cash offer is always marketed as cash back, even though the welcome bonus is awarded as Ultimate Rewards points.

How To Get The Offer

Unfortunately these offers are only available through targeted mailers which have a unique offer code included in the marketing material. Chase will also not match these offers unless you can provide a unique offer code.

How to get a code?

  • Make sure you are 'opting in' for pre-screened credit card offers. You can change your selection to 'opt-in' or opt-out' here.
  • There are rumors that it may help to have an business banking relationship with Chase, this includes other business accounts such as credit cards and checking.
  • Visit your local post office branch. You'd be amazed at how many people automatically toss targeted mailer offers in the trash or recycling. I've often stumbled across increased Chase and Amex offers sitting right on top.

Hat tip: /r/ here and here