US Airways Off-peak Awards to Europe

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US Airways off-peak awards are one of my favorite awards and offer an exceptional value for getting to Europe and other destinations. Even though US Airways and American Airlines are in the process of merging, US Airways Dividend miles are still among the best miles to earn, are offer some amazing perks and value for international travel.

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The current welcome bonus offer for The US Airways® Premier World MasterCard® is 40,000 miles after the first purchase. It only costs 30,000 miles for a round trip award to Europe using their off-peak award chart. This means the welcome bonus can get you a free round trip to Europe, which can’t be said about for more than a handful of credit card offers. Easy right? Just buy your morning cup of coffee with the card and earn a free flight to Europe.

One big perk of having the US Airways® Premier World MasterCard® is a 5,000 point discount on US Airways award flights. Currently cardholders get a 5k mile discount on awards (30k round trip), but this is slated to change in 2015 with several other card benefit changes announced last week. Without the card a round trip off-peak will cost 35,000 miles and is still a bargain for a round trip award from the US to Europe. The bottom line is that the perk of a 5,000 mile discount on US Airways awards with the US Airways credit card is great, but make sure to use it while you can (before the changes in 2015).

Off-peak Awards to Europe - 30,000 Miles Round Trip

While the the off-peak season for 2014 to Europe just ended, you can start booking award travel for the 2015 off-peak season between January and February with US Airways miles now depending on award availability.

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Link: US Airways Award Chart

As I mentioned above, booking awards with US Airways in economy is a great bargain if you have a US Airways Premier MasterCard because you will be receiving a 5,000 mile discount on your award. Plus, off-peak awards to Europe is already a considerably great value redemption with several cities in Europe that you can fly to for 30,000 miles round trip.

Compare with American Airlines miles, which costs 20,000 miles to fly one-way to Europe during the off-peak season, so considering that American Airlines and US Airways have similar routings to Europe, redeeming an award to Europe with US Airways may be a better option.

Unfortunately, you no longer have the option of booking Business class off-peak awards at 55,00 miles, but regardless, the 30,000 miles is a great price for a round trip award in economy.

Booking Dividends miles Off-peak awards to Europe is only allowed on US Airways metal, so flying with a Oneworld partner airline is not an option and means that not all European destinations will be possible.

US Airways serves these cities in Europe:
(a few of these destinations are seasonally available and may not be available during off-peak awards)

Portugal: Porto, Lisbon, Faro
Spain: Madrid, Barcelona
Italy: Milan, Rome
Switzerland: Zurich
France: Paris
Germany: Frankfurt, Duesseldorf, Munich
Belgium: Brussels
Holland: Amsterdam
UK: London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dublin, Shannon
Greece: Thessaloniki, Athens, Mykonos, Thira
Cyprus: Larnaca
Israel: Tel Aviv

Stopovers with US Airways

US Airways also allows for stop overs, however since off-peak awards can only be redeemed on US Airways flights you will only be able to add stopovers within the US on US Airways metal flights. This means it is possible to have a stopover within the US either on the way or return from Europe. If you’re looking for a way to maximize your round trip with stopovers in Europe you will have to book a standard (60k round trip) award with partner airlines.

Unlike American Airlines, your stopover city can be outside of the US just as long as the stopover is in a Transatlantic Gateway City. With American Airlines, your stopover must be in North American Gateway city meaning if you were flying from Los Angeles to Paris, you can have a stopover in Toronto or New York before continuing on to Paris. However, since American Airlines changed many of its policies, stopovers have been limited to 24 hours. That is not the case with US Airways, which is another reason why US Airways miles can offer more value.

Transatlantic Gateway Cities:

Tel Aviv

The Bottom Line

The incredible value you can get from US Airways miles from off-peak awards and their stopover rules make earning Dividend miles a valuable proposition. For only 30,000 miles (US Airways credit card holder) you can fly from the US to Europe in economy from during off-peak times, plus you have a handful of destinations that US Airways serves.


This makes the The US Airways® Premier World MasterCard® a one of the top cards to go for this year before its gone. So if you've been looking for one of the easiest ways to get to Europe start planning your trip using a US Airways off-peak award in 2015. Remember to take advantage of the 5k mile discount on US Airways awards before the card benefits change!

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8 comments on “US Airways Off-peak Awards to Europe”

  1. Have you been able to price 30/35k awards on us airways? I've tried multiple euro cities that US airways flies to via PHL and CLT, but no luck. All still price at 55/60k. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. (checking dates 1/15/15-2/28/15)

    1. Check again- off-peak awards are back now. Today I found some routes to Europe for 17,500 miles each way in January and February.

  2. However, American Airlines has a much better off peak schedule starting on Oct 20 which is a much nicer time to visit Europe than in January and Feb.

  3. Rand,
    I got the Arrival Card Back in February, and was wondering about applying for this card since it is also Barclays. How many Barclays cards can you be approved for?

    1. Joel, my experience has been you can have up to 3-4 Barclays cards. The key is not having a particularly high credit limit on any of them, and it's an option to ask them to lower your credit limit on any existing cards. Probably the #1 tip for getting approved for additional Barclays cards is to put spending on your existing cards before applying for a new one. That said, Barclays rules can be a bit difficult to figure out and can vary across the board.

      1. Thanks so much Rand. Gonna try this out. Was looking at the off peak awards to South America, and this would eb a super fast way to get down to Machu Picchu, but I can't figure out how to book the flight to Cusco on US AIRWAYS. CUZ does not even come up on their site. Would I have to book a flight to Peru on US and then find a ONEWOLRD partner? How do I go about using US AIR miles on other flights?

        Thanks again for all your help. Been promoting your blog to a number of friends who are about to sign up for cards.

        1. Joel, you'll have to call in to book (800-428-4322) on partner airlines using US Airways miles. You should be able to find flights on LAN into Cusco, if not you can get to Lima on a flight you want from the US and can buy a cheap flight to Cusco and even use your Arrival miles to cover it. I think I paid around ~$50 for a flight from LIM to CUZ.

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