Best Camping Hammocks 2019 – Backpacking Hammocks for Travel & Outdoors

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The best camping hammocks are lightweight and easy to pack, making them ideal for travel, camping, and outdoors.

Let’s face it—it’s hard to beat the feeling of throwing your feet up and relaxing in a hammock.

Camping hammocks are perfect for travel and outdoors, whether you camping in the wilderness or just spending time chilling in your backyard.

The best camping hammocks on the market are lightweight and pack down to the size of a small water bottle. This means they are practical and easy to carry in your pack on adventures or to store in your bug out bag. They have quickly become a popular gear choice for backpackers, campers, and survivalists.

Incredibly versatile, you can sleep and relax almost anywhere in a camping hammock. You don’t need a flat sleeping surface and are protected from critters and bugs that you may come into contact when sleeping on the ground.

This complete guide with camping hammock reviews breaks down everything you need to know and will help you choose the right hammock.



Best Camping Hammocks

Serac Classic Camping Hammock with Suspension System
14 oz$96
Serac Sequoia XL Wide Double Camping Hammock
19 oz$$98
Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) SingleNest Hammock
17 oz$$93
Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) DoubleNest Hammock
20 oz$$95
Bear Butt Double Parachute Camping Hammock
16 oz$95
Kammok Roo Camping Hammock
23 oz$$$94
Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series
44 oz87
Grand Trunk Double TrunkTech Hammock
15.7 oz$$$92
Grand Trunk Single
Hammock Bliss Double
22 oz93

Find the Best Hammock for Backpacking & Camping

Camping hammocks have become increasingly popular in the last few years resulting in a huge selection of great hammocks on the market to choose from.

Our advice is to start by thinking about how and where you will be using the hammock. Will you be sleeping in it overnight on camping trips? Just hanging out during the day? Will there by rain? What about bugs?

From here you can focus on a certain type and size of hammock and set a price range to compare the best hammocks in each category.

I’ve only included the highest quality hammocks in these reviews and I’m confident that you’ll be happy with any hammock you choose. However, some hammocks have clear advantages and disadvantages above others, and depending on your needs, one may fit you better.

When choosing a hammock you’ll want to make sure that it includes the features that you want. If you are going to be frequently using it on camping trips you’ll want to be sure to buy a hammock tarp or hammock underquilt or invest in a model that has these feature built-in.

Single or Double?

If you plan on using the hammock with a partner then you will want to focus on double hammocks that can hold two people.

If you are planning to mostly hang your hammock around camp or just relax during the day in your backyard then you have the flexibility to choose a smaller and lighter hammock without these features.

Hammock Size?

When considering the size and strength of a hammock, if you are tall or a heavier individual then you will want to go for a wider and more durable model. This will give you extra comfort and security when using your hammock.

If you are lighter and smaller you can get away with a smaller and lighter model.

Best Camping Hammock Reviews

Serac Classic Camping Hammock

If you’re in search a seriously comfortable, lightweight and durable hammock, the Serac Classic Camping Hammock fits the bill. As a relatively new start-up company, Serac only offers two hammock models, both of which are top-notch and quickly gained a following.

This is a great multi-purposes hammock that is performs just as well in the front yard as it does in the back country.

What makes the Serac Classic Hammock so good? For one, it’s insanely comfortable. Two, it’s lightweight, but doesn’t compromise durability. Three, it packs down super small so it’s easy to carry. And the best part is it won’t break your budget.

The Serac Classic comes as a hammock and strap bundle and is offered an a great price point.

Here’s everything you get in the kit:

  • 14oz ultralight camping hammock
  • Two 6ft tree straps
  • Attached stuff sack
  • 2 ultra strong carbon steel carabiners

You get everything you need to easily set-up your hammock out of the box. Serac’s unique suspension system is easy to setup and versatile for almost all hanging situations.

It’s always a good idea to go with a hammock and strap system that is made to fit together. And this system truly is easy to setup.

Check out this video demonstrating how to setup a Serac hammock:

The combination of it’s size and material gives it a step above the rest and makes it one of the most comfortable hammocks on the market

Made from triple-stitched high quality 210T parachute nylon, the hammock provides a extremely comfortable hang with durability in mind. To touch the fabric is smooth and cool, which adds to it’s comfort in hot climates.

The comfort level of this hammock makes it a great camping hammock for overnight stays or just lounging around during the day. It’s also large enough and rated to support up to 400 lbs, so even though it’s lightweight you don’t have to be worried about overloading it with two adults.

The Serac Classic weights a cool 1.19 lbs, making it a great ultra-light hammock option for easy carry and transport. And although lightweight, it’s built to last even the most rugged adventures.

There are very few reports of this hammock having durability issues and Serac has a great track record of quickly taking care of it’s customers when a product quality issues does arise. They offer a industry best 5-year manufactures warranty which just shows that Serac stands behind their product.

It’s ultimately designed to perform as a lightweight and packable camping hammock. With the addition of a hammock tarp and hammock underquilt it can easily serve as a comfortable place to sleep on multi-day camping trips.

Seracs hammock straps and suspension system included with the hammock allow for setup in a wide array or situations. The two 6ft long tree-friendly straps with it’s 10 anchor point system allow you to adjust height and slack for the perfect hang. It’s one of the easier systems to setup, even if you have never hung a hammock before.

For packing and carry, the hammock comes with an attached stuff sack that allows you to stuff the hammock into a small ball that can be easily managed in your bag.

Sold as a hammock and strap package, the Serac Classic Hammock is an incredible value. You get everything you need including the hammock, two straps, two carabiners, and stuff sack for storage. For this price, it’s hard to beat unless you opt for a lower quality hammock.

You can read more reviews and see the latest price here.

Who Should Get It

It’s mix of lightweight and durability that makes the Serac Classic Camping Hammock a great choice for travelers and backpackers who value efficient packing. It’s among the most comfortable and versatile hammocks for the money, which is why it ranks as one of the best hammocks.

It’s perfect for camping, your backyard or at the beach—really, this hammock is can be used for everything.

Serac Classic Hammock Specs

Material: 210T Parachute Nylon

Weight: 14 oz (+ 6 oz w/ tree straps)

Dimensions: 9ft (long) x 4ft 5in (wide)

Colors: Various

Max Capacity: 400 lbs

Recommended Use: Includes hammock straps, carabiners, and stuff sack

Serac Sequoia XL Wide Double Camping Hammock – Best Camping Hammock

Wider and longer than most, the Serac Sequoia XL Wide Double Camping Hammock ranks as one of the most comfortable double hammocks out there.

Built from ultra-breathable and lightweight material it’s durable yet can easily be stowed away in your backpack for traveling or camping. The DiamondWeave nylon blend fabric offers is both a bit stretchy and soft, which makes it comfortable even on bare skin. The breathability of the fabric makes it a top choice for use in hotter summer months.

It’s built to easily fit two people for hanging out and relaxing and provides plenty of space for sleeping on person. Going with a double hammock is a great choice for the solo camper as you have extra fabric to wrap up in and space to move around during the night.

Similar to the Serac Classic Hammock, the Sequoia XL Double Hammock comes as a hammock and strap bundle. This means you get everything you need right out of the box and both the hammock and straps are designed to be used together. Plus, the multi-loop tree straps have 10 anchor points that make tying knots a thing of the past when getting the prefect hang.

At just 19 ounces, the hammock is ultra-lightweight. The straps are an extra 6 ounces. Giving that the double model only weights a few ounces heavier than Serac’s single hammock it’s a hard choice not to get with the larger of the two.

For portability there is a attached compression stuff sack to keep things organized and stow away in your pack. The packed size is roughly 6 inches tall and 6 inches wide.

Unfolded the hammock measures 9′ 10″ long x 5′ 7″ wide, which is longer and wider than most double hammock models. It ‘s plenty spacious for two people to sit in and is give your more than enough room for even the tallest people to sleep comfortably in overnight.

Serac didn’t skimp on durability. The Sequoia Double Camping Hammock is constructed from tough DiamondWeave ripstop nylon lightweight that protects it against rips and tears. With triple stitched reinforced seams it’s rated to hold up to 500 lbs.

Who Should Get It

The Serac Sequoia XL Wide Double Camping Hammock is a great option for anyone looking for one of the best hammocks out there that is lightweight double hammock. It’s extra large size makes it versatile and ultra-comfy in almost any situation—whether you’re kicking back with your travel partner or sleeping solo on a multi-day camping trip.

Serac Sequoia XL Double Camping Hammock Specs

Material: Ripstop nylon

Weight: 19 oz (hammock) & 6 oz (straps)

Dimensions: 9′ 10″ long x 5′ 7″ wide

Colors: Various

Max Capacity: 500 lbs

Recommended Use: Camping, backpacking, travel, just hanging out

Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) SingleNest Hammock Review

The ENO SingleNest Hammock is one of the most trusted and tried camping hammocks out there. It has received great reviews and has a loyal following of hammockers that swear by ENO products.

As a lightweight parachute nylon hammocks, it weighs a mere 17 ounces—making it ideal for backpacking, camping, or hanging out just about anywhere.

For packing you hammocks their is a attached compression stuff sack where you can stow away the hammock into a compact ball the size of a large grapefruit. Having a hammock that packs down small is perfect for travelings and backpacking when space is important.

All of ENO hammocks are well constructed and built to last. The SingleNest is made from 70D high tenacity breathable nylon taffeta and triple interlocking stitching. As one of the first hammock brands to break into the scene, ENO has a great reputation for producing high-quality products.

The biggest downfall of the ENO SingleNest is it’s size—it’s smaller than other single backpacking hammocks out there, which makes it a less spacious option. The hammock does not come with hammocks straps, so you’ll need to grab a set of the ENO Atlas Hammock Suspension System or other straps before you use your hammock.

Who Should Get It

Anyone looking for a lightweight single hammock that is versatile for use while camping, traveling, or relaxing should consider the ENO SingleNest Hammock. It’s not the most spacious single hammock out there, so it’s better suited for smaller individuals.

ENO SingleNest Hammock Specs

Material: Parachute nylon

Weight: 17 oz

Dimensions: 9′ long x 4′ 5″ wide

Colors: Various

Max Capacity: 400 lbs

Recommended Use: Backpacking, camping, casual, travel

Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) DoubleNest Hammock

Lightweight and ultra-packable the Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest has a huge following for the right reasons. Plus, it’s hard to go wrong with a hammock from the most popular hammock brands out there.

This double hammock can be easily stuffed away in your backpack and taken on any adventure. Plus it’s large enough to comfortable fit two people for relaxing and kicking back.

At just 20 ounces it’s only a few ounces heavier than the ENO SingleNest Hammock and you get the benefit of fitting an additional person when needed.

The hammock is constructed from stretchy 70D high tenacity nylon taffeta (aka parachute nylon) that is both breathable and strong. This high quality fabric makes for a super comfortable hammock and is one of the many reasons why so many users swear by this hammock.

Durability is ENO’s strong point and what they have built their reputation on. All their hammocks feature triple interlocking stitching for durable seams that will hold up to years of rugged use.

The biggest drawback of the ENO DoubleNest may be that it’s not as large as other top rated double hammocks available. Overall it’s still a versatile hammock option and can be used to sit two people or comfortable sleep an individual, but in comparison to the largest double hammocks it doesn’t offer that extra bit of room. It often comes down to personal preference—whether you prefer to have a bit of extra room and/or fabric to wrap up in, or not.

With the hammock you get two ultralight ENO Aluminum Wiregate Carabiners and lightweight nautical grade line to adjustments. However since it doesn’t come with a suspension system, you’ll have to grab a good set of hammock straps separately before heading outdoors.

For traveling this hammock is a great option as it packs down super small in it’s included compression stuff sack. Its packed size is roughly 4 inches by 5 inches—small enough for even the most space conscious packers.

Who Should Get It

It’s one of the best double hammocks out there and in our opinion a great option for anyone wanting to go with a ENO hammock. It’s lightweight, packable, and will hold up after even the toughest use.

ENO DoubleNest Hammock Specs

Material: Parachute Nylon

Weight: 20 oz

Dimensions: 9′ 4″ long x 6′ 2″ wide

Colors: Various

Max Capacity: 400 lbs

Recommended Use: backpacking, camping, travel, casual

Bear Butt Double Parachute Camping Hammock

If your after the strongest and most durable hammock out there, look no further than the Bear Butt Double Parachute Camping Hammock. As a start-up company, Bear Butt marketed their hammocks are large and strong enough to hold a Grizzly—and that’s also how they got their name!

Bear Butt is proud of producing one of the strongest hammocks on the market and has taken it upon themselves to get in the ring and compete with Eagle Nest Outfitters. With this durable and lightweight double camping hammock they’ve done a darn good job.

The hammock is marketed to hold up to 500 lbs, but Bear Butt claims that it has been tested up to 900 lbs. Clearly you won’t have to worry about overloading this hammock, even with 2+ people!

Not to mention, given it’s extra large size this hammock is incredibly comfortable . It’s made from strong, breathable parachute nylon. It’s even soft enough to use on bare skin during hot summer months.

The extra space in this hammocks makes if among the best hammocks for two people. It’s comfortable with two full sized adults and is a great option if you’re looking for a double hammock to use for hiking, camping and traveling.

The good news is that even with this hammock being huge, it’s lightweight at just 1 lb. That in line with other top hammock models out there, yet it’s built to be ultra-tough—from what I can tell provides the highest strength to weight ratio with it’s high 500 lbs max weight capacity.

One thing to add is that Bear Butt offers great customer service and will offer customers refunds or replacements if they are not happy with their hammock.

Who Should Get It

The bottom line is that the Bear Butt Double Parachute Camping Hammock is one of the, lightest, largest, and strongest hammocks out there. This is why I’ve ranked it as one of the best hammocks for someone looking for a ultra-strong and large hammock—whether you are just looking for relax while out hiking or looking for a super strong hammock for camping.

Bear Butt Double Parachute Camping Hammock Specs

Material: Parachute nylong

Weight: 16 oz

Dimensions: 10′ long x 6′ wide

Colors: Various

Max Capacity: 500 lbs

Recommended Use: Two person hammock, camping, travel, hiking, casual

Kammok Roo Camping Hammock

Kammock broke into the outdoor hammock scene and hit the ground running after a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2011. The Kammok Roo Camping Hammock is their most popular and best hammock for camping and outdoor adventures.

The Kammock Roo is known to be among the most comfortable hammocks on the market. This is partly due to it being constructed from Kammock’s proprietary LunarWave 70-denier diamond ripstop nylon, which claims to be stronger, lighter, and softer than other parachute fabrics. It is incredibly breathable and comfortable on close contact with bare skin. This combined with a great suspension design makes the Kammock Roo and super comfortable hammock for camping overnight and laying during the day.

It’s not the lightest hammock on the market, but even at 23 ounces it’s nothing to scoff at. This weight includes two carabiners, so it’s still light enough for backpacking and camping.

The major drawback of the Kammock Roo is it’s price. It’s priced substantially more than the ENO DoubleNest and Serac Sequoia which also comes with great hammock straps.

For an all-season hammock camping setup Kammock makes the Dragonfly mosquito net. Pair this with a hammock rainfly and you’ll be protected from the elements, no matter what.

The hammock does come with hammock straps for suspension, but they are a very basic tree sling and you’ll want to grab a set of Kammock Python Straps which are designed to fit the Roo. This makes for a flawless way to easily hang the hammock in an situation and you won’t have to spend extra time searching for the perfect trees.

Who Should Get It

Although a bit pricey, the Kammock Roo is still a great choice for anyone looking for a high quality camping hammock. It’s well made and built to last, plus with it’s large size and premium parachute nylon fabric it makes for a ultra comfortable night in a hammock.

Kammock Roo Double Hammock Specs

Material: LunarWave 70-denier diamond ripstop parachute nylon

Weight: 23 oz

Dimensions: 10′ long) x 5′ 7″ wide

Colors: Various

Max Capacity: 500 lbs

Recommended Use: Camping, outdoors, travel, casual

Grand Trunk Double TrunkTech Hammock Review

Grand Trunk’s new Double TrunkTech Hammock is both lighter, stronger, and packs smaller than the Grand Trunk Double.

It’s a comfortable two person hammock for lounging around while hiking and also plenty spacious for a single person to get a peaceful sleep while camping overnight. At 10’6″ long and 6’6″ wide it’s one of the largest double hammocks out there.

Grand Trunk put a lot of thought into this hammock and it shows that every design feature in this hammock is well thought out. Everything comes together in the way it hangs, the fabric feel and it’s roomy size.

The hammock features Grand Trunks’s proprietary Trunktech nylon blend fabric. It’s everything you want in a hammock fabric—super strong, breathable, and supple with just a bit a stretch. Let’s just say it gives the hammock a high-end look and feel.

For camping hammocks it’s always a battle between comfort and lightweight. The Trunktech Double strikes a perfect balance. At just under 16 ounces it ranks with the lightest backpacking hammocks and makes it a great option for anyone looking for a lightweight and easy to haul hammock.

However, do take into account that the Trunktech does not come with a suspension system. A great option to go with for this hammock are Grand Trunks TreeSlings Hanging Kit. It makes everything a breeze to set up and break down with the hammocks built-in loops to clip a carabiner into.

As far as durability goes, the Trunktech holds its own—even with it’s lighweight fabric. It will hold up with even the most rugged use and conditions. As a single person sleeping overnight you have some extra material to wrap up in, but adding a rain tarp and bug net will transform the hammock into a fully-protected all-season shelter. Grand Trunk makes the Mozzy Net for bugs and the All Purpose Rainfly that are designed to fit their hammocks.


Who Should Get It

If you’re after a super comfortable hammock that provides plenty of room, strong, and light enough to throw in your bag on longer trips, look no further than the Grand Trunk Double TrunkTech Hammock Review. Although it’s a bit on the pricey side, this well constructed hammock holds its own among the best camping hammocks on the market.

Grand Trunk Double TrunkTech Hammock Specs

Material: Trunktech nylon

Weight: 15.7 oz

Dimensions: 10’6″ long and 6’6″ wide

Colors: Various

Max Capacity: 400 lbs

Recommended Use: Outdoors, hiking, camping, travel, casual

Hammock Buying Guide

In this buying guide you’ll find everything you need to know—the good, the bad, and the ugly—about finding the best hammock.

Whether you’re looking for the lightest camping hammock or just the ultimate hammock to chill out in, you’re sure to find the right model with all the great options out there.

What is a Camping Hammock?

If you’re not familiar with camping hammocks the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “hammock” is the traditional backyard hammock made from netting.

You know, the one you had in your yard with a wood bar and a woven rope net for you to try to climb into without being dumped on the ground as a kid.

There’s not doubt these are great and super comfortable for kicking back and relaxing in around your house, but you would not want to carry this thing on your next backpacking trip. Or give up precious space in your bag while traveling.

The biggest thing that sets camping hammocks apart is that they are lightweight and packable. Today camping hammocks are built with high quality material and constructed for ultimate durability. And with almost all outdoor gear, it’s worthwhile to purchase a high quality hammock if you want it to last year-after-year.

Reasons to Use a Camping Hammock

Camping hammocks are also more stable than your average backyard hammock, so you don’t have to worry about flipping over in the middle of the night. This results from their design that lets you sink into the middle of the hammock and the overall shape of the hammock.

Hammock straps used for camping are also completely different and allow for a much more stable hammock. They allow you to easily hang your hammock and adjust it for just the right setup.

You can use a camping hammock everywhere—well almost. The simplest way to hang a hammock is to find a nice pair of trees, but it doesn’t end there. Set up your hammock between cars using the roof racks or from larger boulders, maybe even hang it indoors.

Being able to pack along a lightweight hammock allows you to sit and relax in the coolest places—anywhere from mountain lakes, tropical beaches, along rivers, to your local park.

All-in-all it is the design and high quality, durable materials that make camping hammocks incredibly lightweight, stable and strong in comparison to your typical garden hammock.

Not to mention they are super comfortable. Most are made from parachute nylon, which is both breathable and slightly stretchy. This allows the hammock to fit around your body and keep you cooler in hot temperatures.

Most camping hammocks come without a bug net or rainfly. By adding these pieces of hammock gear you can transform any camping hammock in an all-season camping shelter. When the mercury drops, you can use a hammock underquilt to stay warm even in the coolest conditions.

What’s Best – Camping Hammock or Tent?

The first thing that comes to mind when most people think of camping is a tent, however this is quickly changing as hammocks are become increasingly popular. We’ve seen a huge rise of new brands offering a wide array of great hammock options on the market.

You may have to get used to sleeping a different position, but a camping hammock can be a great way to save weight and pack light. With a tent you can lay completely flat on the ground, whereas  with a hammock, you will be slightly curved as you body wraps into the hammock’s shape.

Tents offer a great and solid way to camp almost anywhere and if you are planning on heading up into extremely rugged alpine regions then you’ll likely be better off using a sturdy tent. Think windy situations or locations above treeline without anything to attached your hammock straps to.

Using a tent also makes sense with larger groups that can easily share one larger tent and use it as a base camp or for family camping where storage and space is necessary.

On the other hand, hammocks for camping provide the ultimate way to travel and backpack with minimum weight. You don’t have to worry about finding level and smooth ground. No more rocks or roots poking you in your back all night long.

Camping hammocks provide a great way to sleep in milder weather and with the combination of a hammock underquilt you can stay warm even in colder conditions.

Another great aspect of hammocks are that they double as a place to sleep during the night and as a comfortable chill-out place during the day.

Pros & Cons of Camping Hammocks

Here is a quick rundown of some of the major pros and cons of camping hammocks:

  • Lightweight in comparison to most camping tents.
  • Incredibly comfortable, stable, and durable.
  • Cost a lot less than a high-end camping tent.
  • You sleep off the ground – no need to find level terrain and you’ll be away from bugs and pests.
  • You can still be protected from weather and insects with a hammock tarp and bug net.
  • Easy to set up – with a good hammock strap it only takes a couple minutes.
  • Need trees or rock outcropping to hang your hammock – often limited to sleeping below treeline.
  • Not suitable in super windy conditions.
  • You’ll need to get used to sleeping in a hammock.
  • Without the right gear they can be colder than tents.
  • Not much storage space for your backpack and gear.
  • Only comfortable for sleeping one person per hammock – even in double hammocks

What Makes the Best Hammock?

In the most basic terms, a hammock is a net of high-strength material hung by a suspension system that can either be attached to a stand or to trees. You’ll find that modern hammock technology and design offers much more than the basic hammock.

Well thought out and built with high-quality materials, the best hammocks offer a lightweight and comfortable piece of gear to both relax and sleep in for camping and backpacking—or just relaxing around your yard.

They compress down to a very small size, which makes them ideal for survival situations. Apart from a couple carabiners, they don’t require and rigid parts (think tent poles), so they are incredibly portable. Much more so than most camping tent models.

If you haven’t tried out a camping hammock yet, you’ll be surprised at just how comfortable and versatile they are in comparison to camping chairs and tents. The best part is that they can serve as both—a place to sit and sleep.

Okay, so enough about the benefits that make hammocks an excellent piece of camping and survival gear, let’s have a look at what to look for when comparing the best hammocks.

Camping Hammock Materials

When choosing the best hammock that fits your needs, it’s important to consider the material that it’s constructed from. Ultimately the material of the hammock plays a key role in the comfort,feel, durability, and how small it packs and weight.

Here is an overview of different camping hammock materials:

Parachute Nylon

The most common material used in camping hammocks is ultra-strong parachute nylon. The fabric is extremely durable and allows small amount of stretch which allows for extra comfort when laying for an extended period of time.

Nylon is very resistant to UV radiation, water, and the natural elements. The combination of strength, durability, and weight makes this the ideal material for camping hammocks. Hammocks made from this material may also be simply referred to as parachute hammocks or nylon hammocks.

Backcountry/excursion hammocks can even be constructed with a heavier rip-stop nylon that is similar to what tents are made from. This is the most durable and weather resistant fabric, although it comes at a price as it’s a bit more bulky and heavier. You’ll find the most heavy duty hammocks and also hammock tents made from rip-stop nylon.


Most ultra lightweight hammocks are constructed with lightweight polyester fabric that can support up to around 200 lbs. Most ultra lightweight hammocks are constructed with lightweight polyester fabric, however even very thin most models can still hold a max weight of 200lbs. One drawback to ultra-light polyester hammocks is that they are generally less durable and less comfortable than models made with parachute nylon.


Given that Cotton hammocks are considerably heavier, bulky, and less resistant to the elements, they are generally reserved for backyards and gardens. These are your typical outdoor hammocks, with a large weave and generally thicker material. Cotton will absorb water making them very heavy and an extra burden to transport when wet, not to mention very cold and uncomfortable for hammock camping.

Types of Hammocks

There are several different types of camping hammocks available on the market and even more models to choose from within each category. Based on these general categories you can choose which hammock type fits your needs and focus on choosing the right model from the best hammock models.

Here is a general review of the basic camping hammock types and their intended use:

Single Hammocks

Single camping hammocks are perfect for one person, whether you’re sleeping overnight or just relaxing during the day. The top models on the market are very versatile, lightweight, and perfect for the single camper.

You’ll find that single models are constructed from mostly parachute nylon, which is the best all-around material and gives you the best mix of comfort, durability, and portability. However, some of the lightweight hammocks are made from polyester, which is also suitable for an outdoor hammock, but may be less durable and less comfortable.

The single hammocks we have reviewed are perfect for camping, backyard use, traveling, or just hanging out at the beach. A few of the top rated and most popular single hammocks include the Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Hammock, the Serac Classic Camping Hammock and the Grand Trunk Single Hammock.

Double Hammocks

Double camping hammocks are a 2 person camping hammock, basically just a larger and wider version of a single. They are designed to accommodate 2 people, and while they are pretty cozy for a couple of people to chill out in, they are not going to be super comfortable for 2 people to sleep in. Double hammocks can be a better option for a single person when hammock camping because they give extra space and material to cocoon up in. They are designed to hold a higher maximum weight which makes them ideal for larger or heavier users.

Double camping hammock models are perfect if you intend to often hike or camp with a partner or just want some extra room when sleeping. Some of the most popular double camping hammocks are the Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest, Serac Sequoia XL Wide Double Hammock and the Grand Trunk Double Hammock.

Ultralight Hammocks

For the most serious outdoor enthusiast that often find themselves in extreme conditions there are expedition hammocks built from high-end materials. These models are built ultra-tough and come with extra features such as a rain fly, bug net, or guy-lines to keep stay protected in the harshest weather conditions.

The average hammock user won’t need this serious of a hammock, but if you plan on extended trips into the backcountry these models could be the right choice. Most models are constructed with high-denier rip-stop nylon, which is thicker and more durable than parachute nylon. Two outstanding products in the category include Grand Trunk Ultralight, Grand Trunk Nano, and the Eagles Nest Outfitters ProNest Hammock.

Expedition/Backcountry Models

For the most serious outdoor enthusiast that often find themselves in extreme conditions there are expedition hammocks built from high-end materials. These models are built ultra-tough and come with extra features such as a rain fly, bug net, or guy-lines to keep stay protected in the harshest weather conditions.

The average hammock user won’t need this serious of a hammock, but if you plan on extended trips into the backcountry these models could be the right choice. Most models are constructed with high-denier rip-stop nylon, which is thicker and more durable than parachute nylon. Two outstanding products in the category include Warbonnet Blackbird and the Hennessy Expedition Hammock.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Hammock

Depending on how you plan to use your hammock and what you’re looking for, you’ll want to consider these factors to help narrow down the top models.

Price Range

As with any outdoor survival gear, you’ll want to first determine what you want to spend. There is a wide range of prices out there, although not always true, you get get what you pay for. That said, hammocks are not incredibly complicated and made from common materials, which makes even the best models very affordable.

The most expensive hammocks, such as some of the Hennessy Hammocks models, still only cost a fraction of a high-end camping tent.

When comparing hammocks, you’ll want to make sure you spend enough to get yourself a high-quality hammock manufactured from a trusted brand. You want your hammock to stand up over time and if something goes wrong, you want the manufacture to stand behind their product.

You’ll find a wide range of prices out there depending on quality, feature, and size. But, you can expect to spend $20 for a cheap hammock up to around $250 for the best hammocks on the market. I’ve found that $40 to $80 is the sweetspot and you can get yourself a high-quality, lightweight, and durable hammock in that range.

Consider how often where, and under what conditions you’ll use the hammock. Just storing it in your bug out bag? Consider a lightweight and simple model. Planning on using it throughout the summer on multi-day camping trips? Consider making an one-time investment and buying one of the higher-end models that offers utmost durability and performance.

With this in mind, consider a price range you want to spend and dive into our reviews; we’ve included the top products over every price range and we’re sure you’ll find the right hammock for you.


One of the most important aspects of a great camping hammock is comfort. After all you want to relax and be comfortable when you use your hammock—whether it’s just for a few hours, or sleeping multiple nights while hammock camping.

The two most important factors that make a high quality hammock comfortable are the fabric and design. Having a durable but forgiving fabric, such as parachute nylon, and a design that allows your body to naturally sink into it will make for a much more comfortable hammock.

Overall, this is one of the most important things to consider when choosing the best hammock.


Just like any other survival gear, weight matters. It’s one of the most important factors when choosing the best hammock for survival and camping.

Buying a lightweight hammock that is easy pack and carry will pay dividends when you are moving your gear long distances. If you plan on backpacking and backcountry camping, it’s a must. Anyone who has covered long distances of trail with a full pack knows that every ounce matters.

If your mostly going to be using your hammock around the house or just want a camping hammock to hang up while car camping, then weight may not be a deciding actor. You can get away with a more heavy duty hammock that weighs a bit more.

That said, the best hammocks for sale today are both lightweight and super durable. This is attributed to high-quality construction using strong materials, such as parachute nylon and rip-stop polyester. The lightest camping hammocks will be built with polyester, however parachute nylon offers higher comfort and durability benefits.

Weight. How much the hammock weighs is another top factor when selecting the right model. If you plan on backpacking or traveling with your hammock you’ll want to choose a lightweight hammock model.

The lighter weight the hammock is, the less of a burden it will be to carry long distances in a backpack, and you’ll find yourself using it a lot more. After a long day of hiking or trekking, you’ll thank yourself for having high quality and lightweight gear and it’s likely worth spending a bit more money to invest in a lightweight model.

We include the weight of all hammocks we’ve reviewed and have chosen the best lightweight, yet durable, hammocks on the market. Double camping hammocks also offer a great way to save weight if you plan on using the hammock with another person.

Hammock Size

Hammocks intended for camping and survival come in two general sizes—singles and doubles. Within these size categories you’ll find a wide array of sizes, some wider and longer than others.

Depending on how you’ll use your hammock, a larger or smaller sized hammock may fit your needs better. Of course it’s possible to build a hammock with smaller dimensions to save weight, but it’s often at the cost of comfort.

Typically, the wider and longer the hammock, the most comfortable the hammock will be. A larger sized hammock allows you to lay at less of a bent angle and move around more freely, two important factors for sleeping overnight in a hammock. Plus, most users find that a wider hammocks feels more stable and allows them to cocoon up in the extra material.

When it comes to camping hammocks, you want a hammock that offers the best support and comfort throughout the night so you are not tossing and turning. On the other hand, If you are looking for a hammock for relaxing during the day around camp or for just lounging around your yard, you won’t need as much space and you can get away with a smaller size.

A single hammock can comfortably sleep a single user, but for extra comfort you’ll want to upgrade to a double hammock. You’ll have more room to move around and also have the possibility to sit two people in the hammock when kicking it around camp.

Durability & Strength

Durability and strength are two important factors when selecting the best hammock for survival and camping. The last thing you want is to be dropped on the ground mid slumber at 2 AM.

Whatever kind of hammock you are buying and for whatever use you will need it for, you want to ensure that you are buying a hammock built and rated for the specific use.

Quality materials and construction are key to having a safe and long-lasting hammock. The weakest parts of a hammock are in it’s stitching and material connections, so you want to make sure the product has strong reinforced seams. If the stitching fails while you are out in the wilderness you’ll be stuck with a piece of junk and sleeping on the ground.

The best hammocks for survival and camping are made from parachute nylon or polyester. Nylon is more UV resistant and tends to be more durable, however polyester models can be lighter weight. Both are strong enough to support even the heaviest users and will last for years to come with the right care.

Hanging your hammock properly is also important to avoid placing added stress on the hammock, so be sure to buy a good set of hammock straps that is compatible with you hammock.

Durability. Durability of the hammock plays a huge role in the overall value of any outdoor gear product. This is no less true with camping hammocks. You want to be sure you spend your hard earned cash on a quality product and that’s why we have selected the best hammocks from well respected brands which have a record of producing high quality products.

The last thing you want is to purchase a hammock that breaks down and fails within the first year of use. Durability is of utmost importance for anyone planning on using their camping hammock year-after-year and setting it up in the harshest weather conditions.

A hammock made with quality fabric and constructed with strong seams will last for many years with the proper care and maintenance.


Above I mentioned that camping hammocks basically come in two options: a single hammock or a double hammock. If you know you’ll only be using your hammock solo, you could opt for a single. If you’ll be sharing the hammock with a partner during the day for relaxing, or if you just want extra space, you’ll be better off with a double. The nice part is that you can always buy a double hammock and sleep in it solo without any real drawbacks other than carrying a little extra weight.

Even the lightest weight hammocks can hold an incredible amount of weight, but be sure to double check the weight limit on the model you are buying so you don’t overload it when sitting two.

Type of Use

How will you use your hammock? Do you want a survival hammock to keep in your bug out bag in case of emergency? Or are you looking for a camping hammock for sleeping on multi day trips?

Just analyze how you will primarlily be using your hammock and focus on a model that offers the best design for you. For purely storing in your BOB you may want to opt for an ultralight hammock that packs down extra small.

If you will be camping often and using your hammock for backpacking, you’ll want a super comfortable model. And also be sure to invest in a quality hammock tarp or hammock bug net to keep pesky insects out.

The good news is that the best hammocks for sale are incredibly versatile and can double as a sleeping hammock and also a place to chill out during the day. Plus when not in use you can pack it down to easily stuff into you bug out bag.

Versatility. This factor is also very important for most people. Having a hammock that can be used in a wide array of circumstances adds a lot to the overall value. It’s not necessary to have a hammock for each type of activity you’ll be doing.

That’s the great part about camping hammocks since they are incredibly versatile and can be used for multiple uses from relaxing around your yard…to multi-day backpacking trips in the mountains…to trotting around the globe on long international trips.

Camping hammocks are made for the outdoors making them great at withstanding abuse and the elements, and of course you can also hang them indoors and enjoy them during the winter months at home. The bottom line is that whether it serves as a bed for sleeping or just a place to chill-out, having a versatile hammock adds value to your gear choice.

Hammock Straps

Without a good set of hammock straps, even the best hammock with worthless. For the optimal setup you’ll want to make sure you have a set of high quality tree straps for hanging your hammock in a wide array of situations.

several hammock models, such as the Serac Classic Camping Hammock with Suspension System are sold as a hammock and tree strap bundle which is great for anyone new to hammocking. More commonly though, you will find hammocks and straps are sold separately. Most brands make both and it’s a good idea, but not essential, to buy them from the same brand to ensure compatibility.

The bottom line is that having a good set of hammock straps means it will be easier to hang your hammock in a wide array of situations.


Any outdoor survival gear brand that offers a solid manufactures warranty shows that they stand behind their products. It’s always a good idea to compare manufacturer’s warranty when buying outdoor gear that you want to last for years.

In this buyer’s guide we’ve only included well regarded brands that are known to make the best hammocks available today.

Most outdoor hammock brands offer at least a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, which seems to be the industry standard. I would shy away from any products offering less. Serac offers one of the best warranties out there, with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on their Serac Classic Camping Hammock and Serac Sequoia XL Wide Double Hammock.


If you plan on carrying your hammock long distances, you’ll want to look for a hiking hammock or backpacking hammock that is specifically designed for these activities.

For users who value lightweight and compact gear, be sure to compare the packed size to ensure you purchase an easily portable hammock that you won’t have to sweat to find room for in your pack.

The good news is that in general, hammocks don’t take up much space when they are packed into their storage bag and can even be packed smaller when using a compression sack.

Most models we’ve included in our best hammock reviews fall into this category and weigh close to 1 lb and pack down to the size of a softball.

Other Camping Hammock Gear to Consider

Depending on what climate, weather, and overall conditions you’ll be sleeping in, camping hammocks can be outfitted with accessories to ensure you stay dry and comfortable.

There is a lot of hammock gear on the market to choose from and you’ll want to make sure you choose products compatible with the size of your hammock. It often makes sense to purchase gear that is manufactured by the same brand to insure proper fit and compatibility.

Here is a quick review of different types of hammock gear you can outfit your camping hammock with:

Hammock Straps.Most camping hammocks on the market today are sold separately and you’ll likely need to purchase a quality pair of hammock straps. There are tons of great products available and you can choose one that fits your needs the best.

You’ll want to make sure you get hammock straps that are easy to hang and durable.

Hammock Tarp or Rain Fly. If you plan on camping in wet conditions a hammock tarp or rain fly is a must have. Weather is unpredictable and you’ll want one of these to insure you stay dry during the night if a rainstorm rolls through.

There are various sizes and types of hammock tarps on the market to consider when shopping.

Hammock Underquilt. With a hammock underquilt you can use your camping hammock in the chilliest winter temperatures year-round. High quality models are made with Primaloft® or down insulation and have a DWR water resistant nano coating to stay dry. With a hammock underquilt you can stay warm even in the cold conditions down to 30 – 40°F. They can also be packed small into a stuff sack for easy travel.

Some of the best models on the market are the Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) Ember 2 Under Quilt and the Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) Vulcan Underquilt.

Hammock Bug Net. Having a hammock bug net is a lifesaver in buggy and mosquito prone environments. You’ll be glad you have one if there are lots of flying insects and they will help you get sound sleep by keeping pests away.

Consider adding one to your gear setup if you plan on sleeping near water bodies or traveling with a hammock to tropical countries. Check out our guide to help you choose the best hammock bug net.

Hammock Bags & Compression Sacks. A bag specially designed to store your hammock can be a great addition and makes staying organized much easier. Many have separate pockets for all your gear including your hammock, straps, and more.

If packing efficiently is important compression sacks are great for way to pack your hammock super small for transporting. Similar to a sleeping bag compression sack you can put your hammock in one and compress it down to an ultra small size. This is ideal for backpackers and travelers limited on space, and makes for the most portable hammock.

Hammock Pillows. A hammock pillow that is specially designed to fit into the curve of your hammock is perfect for a comfortable and solid night’s sleep. There are several options on the market and you may also want to consider a crossover camping pillow that can be versatile for both uses.

Hammock Pads. For ultra comfort, you can add a hammock pad to your gear setup. These are similar to camping pads but include wings that curve around the side of your hammock. The special design helps you stay comfortable while curled up in your hammock and prevents it from slipping around while sleeping.

There’s no doubt that if you want the most cozy hammock, adding a hammock pad can help add a bit more cush and offers insulation in colder camping conditions. Our favorites are the Klymit Hammock V and the Eagles Nest Outfitters – AirLoft Hammock Mattress.

Gear Slings. A gear sling is a great way to get your backpack and additional gear off the ground and accessible while you’re hanging in your hammock. The ENO Underbelly Gear Sling simply stores your gear underneath your hammock and within easy reach.

Drip Strips. Again, if you are planning on using your hammock in wet and rainy conditions you’ll want to pair hammock drip strips with a rain tarp to keep water from running down your straps and into your hammock.

A small investment, but well worth it! Take a look at ENO Drip Strips which are compatible is almost all camping hammocks.

Hammock Stands. A hammock stand is perfect for at home use or car camping when you just want the quickest and simplest way possible to hang your hammock. You can get portable hammock stand model that can easily be packed away and, you can even get a 3 person hammock stand.

Sleeping Bags. You can pair any high quality sleeping bag with your camping hammock. The most important factors are that it keeps you warm and is light and packable. Hammock underquilts are essentially hammock specific sleeping bags, however you can easily crossover a camping bag with use in your hammock.

Some of our favorites are the Mountain Hardwear HyperLamina Spark 35 and the Nemo Salsa Down Sleeping Bag (Long) 30F/-1C for colder weather and the Ledge Sports Scorpion +45 for a low-cost warm temperature bag.


The Bottom Line

We’re a huge fan of camping hammocks and once you discover how comfortable and fun they can be you’ll never think twice about packing yours on your next trip! We think they are the perfect piece of gear to have in your collection when you head off on outdoor adventures.

Aside from being lightweight and durable they have huge advantages over camping tents by allowing you to sleep off the ground. This means not having to worry about a level spot to sleep in rocky terrain and also getting away from potential bugs or pests.

That said, at times there are also obvious drawbacks of using a camping hammock. You’ll be limited to using a hammock where there are trees or something to secure the hammock straps to (i.e. below treeline).

Today’s hammocks are easy to hang and only take a few minutes in comparison to some tents that require a complex setup, not to mention inflating a sleeping pad and rain fly. Plus, unlike tents, a hammock can double as a comfortable sitting place when just relaxing around camp.

All-in-all, camping hammocks are incredibly popular among day hikers and campers alike because they offer a lightweight and comfortable place to sit and even spend the night during outdoor adventures.

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